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Firestorm: RU Strategy

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  • [SCRIM] Firestorm: RU Strategy

    What's our plan as RU?

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    re: Firestorm: RU Strategy

    You may want to specify for which map. :icon16:


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      Re: Firestorm: RU Strategy

      Just saw the Operation Firestorm map, didn't see it was a over 2 maps... whoops.


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        Re: Firestorm: RU Strategy

        If any team were to be down 3 flags to 2, I think RU has a more difficult time coming back than US. This difference feels even more substantial when RU doesn't have B.

        Like the US strategy, B is the key. All but 3 infantry squads should go to B. MAV recons will help a lot due to limited visibility and multiple routes on B.

        C flag should be uncontested initially. 1 squad for the initial capture should suffice. The biggest problem with C is the large cap radius. 1 infantry (most likely 1 squad) hiding anywhere in the pipes will occupy the defending squad with flushing out the rats. C defenders should be proactive and push up the defensive line, preventing this.

        Of all flags on both sides, Having E flag as RU is the most likely to have a squad bomb via jet. I'd bet money we're going to see and AF squad at E by the time the first jeep arrives. I think we're going to need 2 squads to capture E. It's unlikely they'll have more than 4 on E, so having 8 infantry on E should get the flag under RU control.

        While I think being RU is a disadvantage at this map, I think it also allows us to be more risky with greater payoff. I think once E is clearly in our favor, the second squad at E should move immediately to D. My guess is that they'll have a single squad at D - we have a good chance at capturing D. At worst, we'll harass it. I think we can even gamble and send 2 full jeeps to D to capture it. This should really take the pressure off of B. The routes to D are a lot harder to defend, so this should be the flag we continually harass to divert their attention.


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          Re: Firestorm: RU Strategy

          Breakdown of Resources:
          According to the map posted:
          4 MBT, 1 AA, 1 AC (attack chopper), 1 TC (transport chopper), 2 jets, 1 Buggy

          8 squads separated as such:
          1 air squad with 2 jets and 1 AC
          1 CO squad that will have one man in the AA (location of the AA should be constantly communicated to the air squad for support, A squad of 5 would be idle and might work better)

          The tanks can be tricky. We could run 2 squads with 2 tanks each. 4 squads 1 tank each. Or 3 squads: 1 squad has 2 tanks and the other two have 1 each.
          Personally I like the 3 squad plan. The two tank squad can focus on tanks while the mixed squad can focus on inf. support while attacking and defending flags.

          3 squads for dedicated inf.

          For each side there are 2 back flags meaning that the CO squad with the AA and 1 inf squad could be dedicated defense for those flags. This means that we can have 4 mobile squads broken down to 2 inf. and 2 tank/inf. with one tank hunter squad. (I use the term mobile as reference to defending and attacking in that they are not assigned one flag to defend the entire game although it may result in that which is fine) But this leaves us one TC that the 2 inf. squads can use to attack. I think we should have 1 of the inf. squads dedicated to using the TC to attack back flags and apply fast pressure to the roofs of B or any other flag if needed. That leaves us with 3 main on the ground/frontline squads. 2 (inf./tank) mixed squads and one inf.
          Now look how these squads can help and support each other:
          I think these three squads should go for B mainly. If B is taken then 1 mix squad can move forward in an attempt to push the enemy back even farther maybe even capturing a back flag. The other mixed squad stays on B to defend with the inf. squad. The inf. squad can move up to attack with the other mix squad depending on the situation. If we lose a back flag then one of the mixed squads can move to attack that flag with the inf. squad. Deciding which mixed squad depends on how far the other mixed squad has pushed the enemy back. That is something for the CO to decide. The tank hunter squad main concern is to disrupt the use of their tanks and can also be used to defend B allowing for the inf. squad to help one mixed squad attack a back flag in event of the situation just previously described. (or instead help with the back flag)

          Map planning:
          For 5 flags maps I think one of the best things to do is to count on holding at least 2 flags, then take and defend a 3rd while harassing a 4th. The overall goal is to have 2 good defend spots while constantly pressuring 2 different spots. Using the 2 defend spots as paths to attack 2 other points.

          Now for RU side:

          RU side I say we want to hold E and B. C is a very important flag but I am sure it will come under constant attacks because of its value. The problem with C is that it is very hard to clear if there are more than 2 enemy squads defending it. It offers tons of cover from armor that is inside the cap and can be easily attacked. We want to make sure we hold at least E or C in order to allow a path for our armor to move up and provide support. B flag is very important to RU side. A flag is difficult to get to and is hard to cap. D flag is also tricky to attack and take. I think what we want to do is have most defense at B while a few squads defend E and C. Then with the chopper and buggies begin to launch attacks to both D and A. The end game is to take and hold E, B and C and attacking D or A. I understand that B flag flips a lot which may be a problem. Under no circumstances should we lose both B and C. Then it becomes a blood bath.

          Now for initial plan and moves:

          Air-goes for their air then for their choppers then armor

          TC inf. squad- This squad takes the transport chopper and goes for the roof of B in the begging. If B is capped they should take off again if it is kept alive and go for A roof.

          1 tank squad- 4 men use their respective tanks and move up to start hunting. Some good attack paths are C and left of C or C and main road to provide crossfire and flanking of the enemies tanks.

          2 mixed squads- The mixed squads can use their tanks as transport in the begging since a tank has 3 seats allowing for the 4 man o spawn in once they reach a flag. 1 mixed goes for C while the other goes for B. If they don’t fast attack C then both should move to B.

          2 inf. squads- this is tricky but I have an overall plan. We can have one man from each inf. squad and one from the CO squad. The defending inf. squad and CO squad get dropped off at C to ensure cap of C. Then the CO or defending squad can use the buggy that spawns at C to move over to E. This will delay taking E but will help ensure the taking of C. The CO squad might want to put a man back in the stationary AA if the air becomes a problem.

          CO squad- see above. E should be the CO flag to defend The AA might want to move to E since that will be delayed. Ignoring the above plan for the CO the CO squad could hold spawn and use the AA to get to E and spawn on the one man that drives the AA. This will also help the buggy get going faster since only 2 squads need to use reach it instead of 3.
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