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US/RU Final Strategy: Karkand

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  • [SCRIM] US/RU Final Strategy: Karkand


    For Karkand the plan is to breakdown the map into 3 lanes of attack and defense. The first lane which we will call L1 will be to the East of A flag, continuing up into D, and finally goes down to E. L2 will be the center lane going straight into A, B, C then turns to hit E from C. L3 will start at the West side of E and follows the water. L3 stops when at the B water area at the end of the wall.

    8 squads:
    1 squad with MBT
    1 squad with LAV
    1 CO
    5 Inf. squads

    Squad Layout:
    Inf squads: A, B, E, F, H
    MBT: C
    LAV: D
    CO: G

    Lane Squad Layout:
    L1 - A, B
    L2 - E, F
    L3 - H

    These lanes are for both attack and defense.


    The main plan for attack is to take flags: A, B, and D then push into C and E. If we can secure both C and E then we lock the water side down. L1 to D, L2 to A then B, L3 helps L2 by water side and then defends A and B by B water wall. After we have these three flags then we push for C and E. This plan has two stages. A, B and D is the first stage. Surrounding and taking C and E is the second. The CO may move your squad to a different lane if the situation calls for it so make sure you are aware of not only your lane but what the other lanes involve.

    As defense our goal is to never lose G and F while making sure we hold D. We will react to where they attack on the map. Stick to your respective lanes. For defense if we lose A and B then L3 will focus defense on F primary and G secondary. All other lanes will move similar to the attack plan and will attempt to push the enemy back. If we lose C then L1 will defend closer to D while L2 tries to retake C. If we have both D and C then L2 will pressure B and L1 can move farther North to defend D from A and B.


    C will assist L2 with taking A flag then move up do D flag with L1. I want to post the MBT up at D flag to stop jeeps from running into the flag and use D as our main base.
    D will work with L2 in the beginning and then fill in where a tank is needed as the CO sees fit.
    C will move to guard the eastern part of the map making sure that they don't get into D while working around B and A in the beginning.
    D will move around B flag in the begging and will act as a fast reaction team. If we start losing a back flag the LAV will immediately respond. If we lose a significant amount of flags then the LAV will act as water defense protecting F and G.


    The plan is simple but can become complex because we can't predict which flags we will take or lose. The main focus is to take and never lose A,B, and D as attackers. As defenders we should never lose D,F, and G. The battle will depend on how effective each team attacks and defends their assigned lane so make sure you know the bets places. Remember when defending a flag it is best to be in font of the flag and in most cases pressuring the flag enemies flag as a means of defense. For Ex. defending D as US it is best to be about half way between D and E/C.

    Remember that jeeps can be used to break behind the enemy's lines. Each lane will have two squads meaning that one could take the defensive while the other one uses a jeep to take a flag farther back while the defending focused squad cleans up behind the attacked focused squad. For tank and jeep defense we want to make sure that we mine the roads heavily as defenders and as attackers. This is to maintain each lane's front lines. It is recommend that each inf. runs one engineer with mines and RPGs and mines the nearest lane choke point that is not already mined.

    After we take B flag F squad will look for an opportunity to sneak into G and or F either by foot or using B jeep. If there is no opportunity then continue to C with the other squad in L2. L2's assault on C will also be assisted by L1 when they move down towards E/C direction. Once we take C then Foxtrot squad will move to take F by use of jeep and smoke while the other squad in L2, Echo squad, will put it's focus towards E flag. Again once we have A, B and D then we launch our second attack to E and C.

    In both attack and defense F squad will constantly look for opportunities to flank the enemy's position by means of jeep or on foot and take a rear flag when needed. Foxtrot is our behind enemy lines squad. F squad is also in charge of taking F/G back in the event that we lose one or both as defenders along with the D/LAV squad.

    The CO squad will be on mortar duty and will fill in where needed if our defense is stretched thin or if a squad sees an opportunity to move up they will fill in where needed. Ex: since L3 is mainly defending the entire time and as a good view into F flag they may see an opportunity to move and take F. If the CO clears it then the CO squad will be move to B water wall in order to fill in defense for A and B. Other than that mortaring enemy's position and tanks will be the squads main role while the CO uses a MAV to spot and gather information.

    If anyone sees anything I could have overlooked or wishes to point something out please speak up.

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    Re: US/RU Final Strategy: Karkand

    Plan looks good, I will try to look for an overview map to make it more graphical for people.

    Few thoughts:
    1.) Was stressed in HardWind's strategy but we need to make sure we mine roads.
    2.) Is there a squad going to be in charge of mining the river and bridge in case the enemy APC makes it thru our defense?

    Hardwind..looks like our squads will be in charge of L1 and attacking D. My squad will run all smokes to try to limit enemy fire from L2


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      Re: US/RU Final Strategy: Karkand

      Can you clarify which are L1, L2 and L3, cheers. I have included a map to point out my confusion.
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        Re: US/RU Final Strategy: Karkand

        As for Defense, May I suggest posting the tank near the E flag (Train), this will be a good way to stop any attempts on our back flags and it can also respond rather quick to any other place on the map other than the A flag.
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          Re: US/RU Final Strategy: Karkand

          Here is a video to clarify the lanes.

          Good point Dirtboy. LAV will be the tank that stays back to catch anyone sneaking past the defense. If they take D then the MBT will sit on E bridge to guard E from attacks and to stop jeeps from getting past. At the start the attacking team has no jeeps so out tanks need to go where their tanks go so they can't just roll right past our first layer of defense.


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            Re: US/RU Final Strategy: Karkand

            Awesome video HardWind it explains things perfectly!




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