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    This a general discussion I want to have about this map. After fighting on it, and watching both the TG and FIST video's of the scrim, I think this map maybe a bit lopsided to the US. RU flags of focus( the ones they can get to before the US) are C,D and E. D is a deathtrap twelve ways to sunday. C is like shooting fish in a barrel. E is about the best defensive position on the map for RU and it's constantly a target for the US rapid advance.

    What sort of tactics can we use to help balance this map?

    1. Capping A or B should be a priority for RU. This will force the US to stall out on it's advance to other flags if they always have to go back to A or B to recap it. The reason is, RU can not rely on D for one of it's flags. Although, if B is capped, D becomes less deadly, as it is now only being assaulted from 1-2 sides.

    2. Force tanks off road and into the open. Mine roads, areas of retreat, and areas where the tank can go "hull down". Even if that is out between flags. Do not give the tanks the ability to stand off flag and shell the it. Forcing them in the open allows for better utilization of SOFLAM's and Air Support. This take Team organization, not just Squad organization.

    3. If RU can capture A and B, this can help cut off armor assets from the US. But if they have C and/or D, it becomes a two front war for RU. If RU can get A, B and E, defend and bleed.

    Anyhow, please add thoughts, ideas. But, let's keep it focused on topic of tactics.



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