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  • [GUIDE] The Choices of your Kits


    This is my guide that I am writing to assist you with your decision on kit selections based on the situation that you are in. As we all know there are only 4 classes to choose from. Assault/Medic, Support, Engineer, and Recon. This guide only focuses on the primary weapons for each classes, this means no PDWs, Shotguns, Explosive weapons, or Pistols and extended mag are optional. Think of this guide as a tree because I am going to break down each class into 3 sub-classes to show you how affective they are. Please read with consideration and any comment, criticism or any edits you may find in the the following guide will be looked at and very well appreciated. I would like to add videos in the future and if you would like to assist please message me! Thank you for your time.

    There are four main classes, Assault/Medic, Support, Engineer, and Recon, but there are also 3 sub-classes within them which are all the same. Those three sub-classes consist of Point-man, Marksman, and Suppressive. Each of the 3 sub-classes I have found a particular weapon that makes its effective from separate load-outs that all 3 kits can share as well as a few weapons that do not help in certain roles. Point-man utilizes quick action sights, quick and accurate shots with little to no time to set up and good close range accuracy but not as effective at long ranged targets, essentially they are the tip of the spear for any squad. Marksman is your standard ranged unit who can make accurate shots over medium to long ranges to effectively engage targets to either injure, mane, or eliminate targets with ease to help the movement of a squad or to assist to help take down ranged targets as a squad advances. Finally the Suppressive is any individual who is able to help cover anyone at any range to help other squad member move safely or help keeps a target suppressed under cover or focused on them so that their fellow squad-mates can flank from another position with little to no conflict.

    Assault/Medic is your standard infantry class which spans from multiple roles such as forward infantry units to clear buildings, blow down small walls and help keep momentum of a squad or team by assisting others with health packs, reviving, and during serious suppression they can utilize smoke grenades from the M320 or GP-30. From this guide the Assault/Medic kit can effectively use all 3 sub-classes without any issues.

    The Point-man in this kit is rather easy. Since all of the weapons in this kit are balanced for multiple occasions I did not see any reason to rule out any weapon. When utilizing this sub-class, it would be effective to use a fore grip, flash suppressor or laser sight/flash light with any sight that is under the 3.4x and not to surpass that. It would not be effect to use a suppressor unless you are being covert due to the fact that being a point-man you may or may not utilize hip fire more that often and those two in combination may affect your hip fire accuracy heavily as well as the heavy barrel due to that fact that most engagement will be done rather close than distance shooting.
    Recommended: Any Weapon, Any Sight under 3.4x, Fore grip, Flash Suppressor, Laser Sight, Flash Light
    Not Recommended: Suppressor, Heavy Barrel, Bi-pod, anything past 3.4x

    Once again this is rather easy. The Assault Rifles are rather accurate when using the correct load out and the user fires their weapon with controlled shots rather than cyclic fire. When using this sub-class, try to adjust your scope for range. Although recently I have found the rifle scope (6x) to be rather handy there are others that help just as effective. Certain weapons also play heavily in this role due to caliber size but some are just more accurate under increased rates of fire. A good load out would be bi-pod, heavy barrel, and 4x to 6x scopes, using a 3.4x is also suggested but this is all for the feel of certain players, but oddly enough the suppressor is also good attachment because at ranges last thing you want to do is pop up on the radar and that squad you are engaging sees your mark. Less effective attachments would be the the fore-grip, laser sight, flash light.
    Recommended: Any Weapon with G3 being at the top of the list, Any sight above 3.4x, Bi-pod, Heavy Barrel, Suppressor
    Not Recommended: Cyclic Fire, Any sight below 3.4x, fore grip, laser sight, flash light.

    With this sub-class your some what unbound on limitations for the Assault/Medic class but there are some restrictions on just how effective you want to be. Primarily you want to have you enemy down or keep them busy with hit and run tactics till you or your squad-mates get closer. The G3, AN-94, M16A4 and KH2002 do not fairly go well with this due to the fact that you want to either have fully automatic weapons and higher capacity magazines. For attachments its good to have a bi-pod if you are more or less defending a location that depends on your life and you find it hard to move from that location or you have higher ground. If you are assaulting a location is it preferred to use a fore grip to say mobile and although you are necessarily trying to be 100% accurate, you don't want to shoot into dead space but at least in the proximity of your target, more or less you want things that 1) help you shoot somewhat accurate such as sights or scopes and 2) something to attract the enemy easier but blind them if you can such as a laser sight, flash light, or Rifle Scope to give off a glint. Even though you have low capacity magazines compared to the Support kit, you can still keep someones head down with accurate fire onto their location.
    Recommended: M16A3, AK74M M416, AEK-971 Any Sight/Scope, Laser Sight, Flash Light, Heavy Barrel, Flash Suppressor, Fore grip, Flash light, Bi-pod
    Not Recommended: G3, AN-94, M16A4 and KH2002, Suppressors

    The support is your primary ammo supplier who also excels at suppressing enemies into cover, dropping supporting fire via direct with Machine guns or indirect with mortars, as well as smoke from their mortar launchers that help squad-mates move with ease. The support is the number one class who is able to effectively destroy vehicles up close with C4, and defend a location with a series of traps spanning from C4ing choke points or placing claymores in alleys, back doors or even direct routes.

    A Support kit rolling as a Point-man can be rather dangerous for the user and the enemy in-front of the barrel due to the wild spread of accuracy when hip firing a MG. Preferred weapons in the Supports arsenal is would be weapons that can be reloaded rather fast such as the magazine styled weapons rather than belt fed due to faster reload times. A good load-out for this would be with a fore grip, and any sight below 3.4x, essentially the same as the Assault/Medic except you really don't need the flash suppressor due to the volume of rounds you will put down at a close range but it is an option. It is not advised to use a suppressor, heavy barrel, flash suppressor, or bi-pod when rolling as point-man. Even though your firing cyclic on a constant basis, be sure you control your shots.
    Recommended: M27, RPK-74M, QBB-95, and MG36 with Fore-grip, Laser Sight, Flash Light, and any sight under 3.4x
    Not Recommended: Any Belt fed MG, Flash Suppressor, Heavy Barrel, Suppressor, Bi-pod, and any sight above 3.4x

    Running Marksman on a Support kits is rather difficult but possible, as long as you are able to keep a rather slow rate of fire you shots can be rather accurate, although your more of a target rather than the other 3 kits. When attempting to be a marksman you need to use a heavy hitting weapon such as the M60 or 240B. When using a heavy hitting MG it is necessary to have a decent scope from 3.4x up to the Rifle Scope, bi-pod, and a heavy barrel to maintain the damage up to far ranges. Using a fore-grip, flash suppressor, or suppressor is NOT advised because they will only kill or accuracy and amount of damage over range. This role is best used when only defending a location.
    Recommended: High Caliber MGs, Heavy Barrel, Bi-pod, Sights over 3.4x
    Not Recommended: Laser Sight, Flashlight, Suppressor, Fore grip, Sights under 3.4x

    With this sub-class your showing the true potential of the support class. There is no limitations on what your load out is just as long as you can provide accurate suppressive fire onto enemy forces to provide. This is seriously the end of this description, just don't use a suppressor.
    Recommended: Everything except suppressor
    Not Recommend: Suppressor

    The engineer is your vehicle specialist who's primary roles is anti vehicle and vehicle repairs. They are positional the backbone for team armor to stay alive during combat using their blowtorch or EOD bot, which can also arm/disarm MCOM station. They are also very well equipped to tear down walls or building with SMAW or RPG rocket launchers as well as a Javelin that also disable vehicles with or without the assistance of a Laser Painter and mines that can stop or direct the route of vehicles. As for air asset, engineers are equipped with a SA-18 IGLA or FIM-92 STINGER.

    All of the primary weapons for the engineer are ment for close range combat, therefore the point-man role should fit them perfectly. When setting up your load-out it should be primarily for hip fire therefore the best accessories for this kit would be using the laser sight, flash light and any sight under 3.4x, the Fore grip is optional but not advised if hip fire is your play style. Anything that would lessens your hip fire accuracy or is not needed at close ranges such as the bi-pod, heavy barrel, flash suppressor, or suppressor to include any sight over 3.4x is not advised. You want to keep this quick and clean but do compensate for the SCAR-H due to the very small magazine.
    Recommended: Any Weapon, Laser Sight, Flash Light, and any sight below 3.4x. (Fore grip is optional but leaning no)
    Not Recommended: Heavy Barrel, Flash Suppressor, Suppressor, Bi-pod

    There are very few weapons that can actually support this role due to the low damage that the carbines do over range. The only weapon that can pull this sub-class off effectively is the SCAR-H due to the caliber of the round, the few weapons that can be utilized are the M4, M4A1, SCAR-H, SG553 and the G36C. When using this sub-class it is recommended to use a bi-pod, heavy barrel and not use anything that exceed the PSO-1 (4x) or the ACOG (4x) due to the fact that the carbines rounds are not that effective at ranged targets except for the SCAR but you are able to use sights up to the 6x and 7x, just don't expect to be able to use your weapon effectively. Weapons that cannot use the bi-pod such as the AKS-74U, G53, A-91, and the QBZ-95B would not be effective in this role nor will using a laser sight, flash light, flash suppressor, fore grip or suppressor help you.
    Recommended: M4, M4A1, SCAR-H, SG553, G36C with a bi-pod, heavy barrel and 3.4x or 4x sight
    Not Recommended: AKS-74U, G53, A-91, QBZ-95B, laser sight, flash light, flash suppressor, fore grip or suppressor or any sight below 3.4x or above 4x

    You should avoid using this role as a engineer. Your weapons are not matched for ranged targets but you can still be effective if your targets are rather close but you are able to keep your momentum while moving with your squad. Even though any weapon with any load out is usable with this sub-class it is best just to spray hip fire onto your target and immediately take cover, let your squad mates who have better weapons engage the target or suppress your enemy while your squad mates reload or flank the enemy.
    Recommended: Avoid using this sub-class
    Not Recommended: Using this sub-class (Sorry to be so blunt)

    The Recon is the teams eyes in the sky as well as their 1st line of defense when it comes to using their T-UGS or MAV to detect incoming threats. They are ranged powerhouses equipped with bolt and semi-automatic sniper rifles that can reach out and destroy targets with the safety of range but are easily detected with their scope glint. When used in a squad they can set up a Radio beacon behind enemy lines that becomes a spawn for squad-mates to quickly re-engage into combat and SOFLAM that is able to paint air and ground targets for Guided Rocket/Shells.

    Although frowned upon, this role is more effective than people think and when people are eliminated by a recon using sights rather than a scope and up close range I raise the question "What's the difference between a sniper with Iron sights and a Shotgun with slug rounds?" To stay on track the recon as a point-man is rather dangerous especially if your using bolt action rifle due to the fact that if you miss the first shot, 9 times out of 10 your done. You should never use this sub-class while assaulting a location which is the opposite for every other class. When defending with this class you are able to be low-key and drop your target with ease to help you maintain your defensive posture. Best load out for this is any semi-automatic sniper, fore-grip, suppressor, laser sight/flash light and any sight below 3.4x and at all times attempt to avoid using blot action snipers and a bi-pod due to the fact that you want to be able to move quickly.
    Recommended: MK11 MOD 0, SVD, M39, SKS, QBU-88 with Suppressor, Fore grip, any sight under 3.4x
    Not Recommended: SV98, M40A5, M98B, L96, bi-pod any sight above a 3.4x

    This is the primary role that fits this kit. Any weapon you use will be effective as well as any sight from the 3.4x up to the Ballistic (12x), when using this sub-class be sure to use a bi-pod, and avoid at all cost using a laser sight or flashlight and the fore grip. It is best to keep your secondary out and scout for targets before pulling your primary out and engaging them to keep your location hidden for as long as possible.
    Recommended: Any Weapon, Bi-pod or Straight Pull Bolt, Any scope above 3.4x
    Not Recommended: Laser Sight, Flash light, Fore grip, and any sight below 3.4x

    Its rather easy to pull this sub-class off due to the superior suppression power of all of the sniper rifles. Of course when you are engaging a target with the recon you are more or less going to eliminate it, but when that target is hard to hit or you just want to draw attention away from your squad mates. It is best to use the semi-automatic snipers but the bolt actions with straight pull bolt provide just as much suppression but when attempting to be suppressive a higher rate of fire is much more suggested. It is best not to use a bi-pod due to the fact that you want to be mobile and quickly move after each shot so that the enemy doesn't quickly get a bead on your location. The sight you use is questionable upon range, when attacking you want to have a sight below 3.4x but when defending it is suggested to have anything above 3.4x up to Ballistic (12x).
    Recommend: Any Semi-automatic sniper or Bolt action with a straight pull bolt, Sights are depending on readiness posture.
    Not Recommend: Bi-pod

    Well this concludes my guide to kits. Thank you for reading.
    Working on Weapon breakdown in the near future.
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    Re: The Choices of your Kits

    Awesome post, E. It'd be cool if you'd add your take on the non-kit weapons and how they can play into these roles. Especially in the case of Recon Point-man.


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      Re: The Choices of your Kits

      I've been toying with a DMR type of setup with the assault class and it's been great. Scope, bipod, and the suppressor work well. Gonna try out with the hb instead of the suppressor tonight.




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