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Party system and Avast.

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  • Party system and Avast.

    There are problems with the party system, popup requests for "join with party" not showing in game manager and having to refresh the page to see the party you created.

    If you are using Avast anti virus then I may have figured something out after seeing a thread about disabling your anti virus "Ehhh NO ! "

    Close the browser.

    Open avast and go to "real-time shields" and click on "web shield".

    Click on "stop", do not worry you will be turning it back on in just a moment.

    Leave Avast open and open the browser and go to battlelog.

    Create a party and it should show up straight away, even if you are on your own go and join a server "with party" and a popup should open.

    You can go back to Avast web shield and click on "start" and close Avast if you like.

    The popups for join as party and create party should now show up.

    Me and a couple of friends tried this tonight and the pop ups showed but we did not manage to get into a squad together, it was only after a round or two that some of us ended up in the same squad which I think was just by chance.

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    Re: Party system and Avast.

    OHHHHhhhhh. This explains it! I was wondering why party stuff didn't seem to work. There's no permanent fix for this, though, eh? I hope Avast updates something... (goes off to Avast's website to make a note)


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      Re: Party system and Avast.

      Yeah just a temp fix maybe, all pop up should work now including pop up requests when you drag people into your party.


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        Re: Party system and Avast.

        Well it seems they are working on it now.


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          Re: Party system and Avast.

          Well I turned off AdBlocker on my Browser for all Battlelog stuff so it's not that. I'll check my AVG and see if it has something that might be blocking popups...
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            Re: Party system and Avast.

            Originally posted by kilroy0097 View Post
            Well I turned off AdBlocker on my Browser for all Battlelog stuff so it's not that
            I also use addblock+ and have it disabled for battlelog, just in case. ;)


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              Re: Party system and Avast.

              Ok the solution I posted stopped working for me, so I went and put in 2 exclusions in the webshield expert settings.



              Now it is back working.


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                Re: Party system and Avast.

                i followed in on you but even with the exception it doesn't appear to work, completely disabling the shield seems to make it work however

                N.B. that is done using Chrome
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                  Re: Party system and Avast.

                  Yeah this issue was with the BETA, so I am guessing it is still an issue, the solution I posted worked most of the time, there were times when I would have to do the odd refresh here and there, it does not totally fix the problem unfortunately.

                  DICE knew about this during the BETA and their advice was to turn off your AV, great advice that! Sad to hear that they have not fixed it for release, especially seeing as it is a core feature of battlelog.
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                    Re: Party system and Avast.

                    THANK you for noticing this problem
                    I really don't want to turn off my AV everytime I want to play.
                    I already have to:
                    open a browser
                    open TS
                    open origin
                    disable my AV?



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                      Re: Party system and Avast.

                      No problem Doc, it may work if you just disable the web shield, but you do so at your own risk. ;) As I am sure hackers, spammers, ghosters etc are well aware that some people are disabling their AV to use battlelog.




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