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  • BF2 and BF Vietnam Veteran Dog Tags

    I spent many many many many months playing both BF2 and BF Vietnam (and BF 1942 but that isn't a dog tag :( ) I used a different e-mail/account when I played BF2, and for BF Vietnam I don't think there even was accounts, I think you just installed the game with your CD key and that was it-you just typed your name in if you wanted one otherwise it gave you a generic name. I don't have either veteran statuses because I do not have either game linked to my origin account. Oddly enough, I have that BF play 4 free veteran dog tag, even though I did not even know that game existed until just now :P

    Does anyone have any idea how I can link the two old games to my origin account?

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    Re: BF2 and BF Vietnam Veteran Dog Tags

    Try That was where the account linking for BC2 was - you could link accounts, and if you had mroe than a certain number of BF games on (or linked to) your account, you got a couple of extra weapons in BC2.
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