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"coop cancelled" problems

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  • "coop cancelled" problems

    Dear TG community,

    My friend and I would like to play BF3 CO-OP. However, neither of us can join nor host. The error message both of us are getting is something along the lines "Co-op game was cancelled." Have any of you experienced similar problems? My friend and I can join a regular server just fine.

    I've read around other sites that refer to Avast antivirus impeding, however, neither of us have Avast. My friend runs McAfee and I currently only have Microsoft's Security. (I have added origin and BF3 as exceptions of my firewall with no results.) Both of us do not like the idea of disabling security functions just to be able to play cooperatively.

    Any help would greatly be appreciated! Thank you.


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    Re: "coop cancelled" problems

    Welcome to TG Chris. Someone may post an answer but you may be better off contacting EA support. I know that doesn't sound appealing or even promising but....

    Anyways...Join us in game and on TS. You'll get a very cooperative experience just through multi player. Some squads talk more (or less) than others but many TG'ers excel in dynamic squad leading using teamspeak for comms. In fact TG runs a mod on our TS server that places you and all your squaddies in a common TS channel. This had made a great difference in squad cohesion and overall gameplay...Feel free to join any squad I'm in. We'd be glad to have you.
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      Re: "coop cancelled" problems

      What web browser's are you and your friend using? I know I've had the best luck with coop when using Firefox.

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        Port Forwarding if a Router is used?

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          Re: "coop cancelled" problems

          I don't think I have no access to a router since I simply plug my Ethernet into the wall of my apartment. If there is a router, I am not familiar with playing around with the ports. I'm using Firefox to run the browser. Thanks all for now.




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