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Are periods of extreamly high pings normal?

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  • Are periods of extreamly high pings normal?

    I think this is an ISP issue but wanted to check here first.

    Is it normal to get periods where the ping column in the server browser (including history and favorites) are just "-"? I thought at first it was related to somebody else in the house watching a netflix video or something else. It might be that but I just did a test where in the router I kicked off every connection except the computer I play on. Even then I was getting the "-" symbole in the ping column. Even on servers that I had play earlier with around 50 ms. This will last for a couple of hours, typically in the early evening, then around 9-10pm everything will go back to normal.

    It is probably my silly 3mbs DSL connection but wanted to make sure before I switched to cox cable (and I detest cox even more that AT&T but that is my only other choice)
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    Re: Are periods of extreamly high pings normal?

    The battlelog service is not a reliable indication of ping.

    When it shows up, it seems to be good. When it shows up ;)


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      Re: Are periods of extreamly high pings normal?

      In the most recent server patches R9 and R10 I've noticed a recent increase of lag spikes at times. It won't happen all the time but on occasion suddenly there will be a rubber banding effect a few times over a 5 minute period and then it will disappear again for a few rounds. No idea what is causing it or if it's local, ISP or server originated but it happens. Very annoying when you are flying when it happens!
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