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    So I'm thinking about getting a new monitor and looking for suggestions. Any particular brand really good these days? Is 5ms or under good enough? I'm looking at going 1600x900 so I can keep stuff turned up and probably going 20" or 21.5" because of space limitations.

    Does LED offer any major advantages over LCD besides power consumption? Any particular spec I need to focus on (contrast, brightness, etc.) from a gaming perspective besides ms?

    Hoping I might find a Cyber Monday deal tomorrow.


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    Re: Monitor Suggestions

    LED dislays also won't lose its brightness as fast as the CCL displays. But it's probably not a particular worry for you, since at some point you might want to upgrade to a large or higher resolution display.


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      Re: Monitor Suggestions

      I saw a ton of good deals over the past few days, but just now saw this thread.
      I have to say, you should really look at a 24", which can be found for around $200 on sale.
      Even if not, go for at least a 1080p since they are becoming standard, and really consider paying a bit more for something over 1080p, like x1200. You get extra inches in the vertical space, which means less scrolling, and just feels bigger.

      5ms is fine. And I'm sure you would be happy with LED or LCD (led is just an lcd with backlight made of LEDs).


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