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  • Super Low Mic Volume

    I am having a weird issue where my mic volume will drop to almost non-existent. I have disabled the Voice Control plugin, which fixed an issue I was having with game volume, but not this. The mic volume in TS is normal. The mic volume in the Win7 sound control panel is normal.

    I have recently switched to voice activation vs. keypress for TS, I'll try going back to keypress. When it is working, I can run test in TS and the levels are good and I start playing. Then it will just cut out, I'll go into the test capture are of TS and it will barely register on the scale.

    Only a restart seems to fix it.

    Last night I reinstalled a clean TS, and even installed updated drivers for my Corsair HS1s.

    Anyone else having this issue?

    (I am still getting disconnects every other round or more, but starting a thread on that is likely pointless).



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    Re: Super Low Mic Volume

    I'm gonna guess your mic has built in anti-noise control or whatever. So when you're not talking it adjusts the microphone to ignore certain sounds. Then you start talking and it's suddenly thinking that it's just background noise and it attempts to filter.


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      Re: Super Low Mic Volume

      I just had a problem with conflicting audio drivers causing some of these sorts of problems again for me. In my case it was the audio driver built into the intel video driver conflicting with my onboard realtek audio. ATI and NVIDIA also have the same sort of audio component built into their drivers by default. You could try uninstalling those components via the control panel. I don't think it was affecting my mic, so kind of a long shot.
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