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  • New Video Card...

    So in my never ending quest for the coveted "ultra" settings on BF3, I am looking to replace my Dual GeForce GTS 250 (SLI) video cards with a Radeon HD 6950.

    This to be precise. From what I have read, its an excellent card. And for the price, it looks pretty killer...specs wise.

    Now my question is this. Is it compatible with my current system?

    Processor: Intel Core i7 CPU @ 2.67 GHz (for some reason its showing me 8 processors)
    Ram: 6 GB
    OS: 64 bit Vista
    P/S: 750 W

    Can I run at "ultra" adding the new video card with the current hardware I have now?
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    Intel i7 is a quad core with 4 physical cores and 8 logical cores with hyperthreading enabled.

    The 6950 will get ultra settings minus MSAA. Either at 2XMSAA or off completely. Several people own 6950 at TG so they may be able to help you but just Google '6950 Bf3 ultra settings'. There's lots of useful info out there, toms hardware has a lot of great articles about the 6950.

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      Re: New Video Card...

      I own the first gen XFX version of that mine had dual bios and I could flash it to 6970 specs which I run it at :)

      By far the best card I have EVER owned. You will love it. Hit me up on ts when you get it dirt and I'll walk you through some performance tweaks.
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