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  • Yellow Snow

    Hi guys. I get a strange yellow outline of the road on the one map that has snow in the mountains.

    I've re-installed my Geforce driver after deleting the first one.
    I've tried the Repair option for BF3.
    I've uninstalled Battlefield game and then re-installed it. Took 4 hours!
    I've restored the defaults in the Nvidia control panel.

    It is not hardware related. I have a second drive with same operating system and same game. It looks fine on it.

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    Re: Yellow Snow

    Does it appear from behind ya? You might wanna change your bag before hittin' the field. Lol.

    Looked it up, though, and this thread suggests rolling back in drivers.

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      Re: Yellow Snow

      Thanks, Scratch! I did look that thread up and seems there is a Windows 7 update that cause this. Undate KB2670838 is the bad boy. To uninstall if you have it, click on start button, enter into run window "Windows Update". From there look around for the update and uninstall it.

      For those other players that heard me complain about the mouse problem I was having, where scrolling left and right quickly with the mouse and seeing the screen freeze up for a sec or two, replacing the mouse did the trick!

      Also, getting a SSD drive so I can download the maps faster is on the way!




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