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  • The Tactical Swarm

    Too early to say much about this, but I was thinking about how having a commander will change the game in terms of force ratios. Without a CO defense, even by a small squad, of a singular flag can go a long way to contributing to a win for the team.

    With the benefit of a CO and the discipline of TG SLs, we will probably see the rise of the 'tactical swarm' -- a group of two or three (or more) squads working in close proximity and coordinated by the CO with the intent to overwhelm a flag. Nothing new, I suppose, but it will be curious to see how we balance the need to defend and the imperative to attack, and combine squads in such scenarios to gain greater force ratios.

    I suspect that certain flags on each map will lend themselves to easy defense by a TG (tactical) squad, thus freeing the rest of the CO's assets to be deployed in more aggressive attack postures.

    Overreach will be an issue. We will need to identify which three of five flags are prime territories for holding within each map.

    Get enough to bleed the enemy, and then coordinate a solid defense while sending as much forward to keep the enemy off balance.

    But I am getting ahead of the game here . . .

    Can't. Wait.



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