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  • B4 Beta Fixes and Solutions

    Courtsey of TG-iWhiskey:

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    Issue: Getting Pulled Out Of Squad

    Solution: Disabled Friend Squad Join under gameplay tab in settings.

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    Issue: Infinite Loading Screen

    This is caused by PunkBuster's update system, which is currently failing to retrieve necessary files during the start up process. To fix this, you will need to manually update PunkBuster.

    You can get the required files at the official website (which is currently overloaded) or my personal dropbox.

    Dropbox Mirror:

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    Issue: The Game Keeps Crashing (Battlefield 4 Beta Has Stopped Working)

    Solution: Beta Drivers:

    Firstly, I highly recommend updating to the beta drivers. These aren't just an FPS increase. You can find some quick links in this thread -

    They are named:
    Radeon 13.10 Beta Drivers
    Geforce 331.40 Beta Drivers

    After downloading the driver, Install it and restart your computer. The drivers give performance increases so it's a good idea to do it even if you can get in the game.

    If this doesn't work. Don't give up. Try the next step!

    (If this causes the problem to get worse, revert. Older cards are reported as having issues with the new drivers. nVIDIA 660 is particularly bad for this.)

    Solution: Repair Installation

    For those of you that had net failure or origin crashed during installation, your game may be corrupted. This can easily be fixed by repairing the installation. To do this open up origin and right click the beta. Click repair installation and let it do it's thing. Make sure to close battlelog to ensure that it doesn't screw anything up.

    Solution: Config Changes

    This one is quite easy and helped me a lot when first getting into the game. Go to "C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\Documents\Battlefield 4" and open up the settings folder. Here you will see several files such as PROFSAVE/PROFSAVE_header/PROFSAVE_profile.

    Open PROFSAVE_profile with a text editor and change all the settings relating to graphics to a lower number. You can also turn off AA and other such settings to make sure it runs. You can turn these settings on again after getting in but this is just to make sure you get in first!

    Make sure that your resolution is correct in the config file as this is a common issue with people that have multiple monitors.

    Solution: Run as Administrator

    To make sure that the game has the correct permissions to run the application. Right click and Run as Administrator. This may prompt you to type in a password. This will make sure that any changes made to your computer will be allowed.

    Solution: Spectator Mode

    Some players have reported being able to enter Spectator Mode. This may help you to get into the game and reduce the graphical settings of the game to a better level. This won't work for everyone but it's a good idea to give it a go!

    Solution: Open in Windowed Mode

    When the application is launching to connect to a game press Alt-Enter. This will make the screen windowed and will make the application run faster as it will be on a smaller screen. This could stop errors related to memory running out and also wrong refresh rates and resolutions.

    Note: Long Loading Times

    When first loading the game it can take a long time to load. Don't worry this isn't a bug. This is just the game setting up all the files as it's your first time logging in. Leave it loading if it does this without crashing.

    Note: Firewall / Port Blocking

    Some people are having issues because they have ports which are blocked. This stops the game from connecting to the server. Make sure that you have to ports unblocked and your firewall is allowing internet access to the application.

    Note: Other Browsers

    If battlelog is not working for you then it may be necessary to use a different browser. I would suggest using Chrome as it's a lightweight and multithreaded browser. If this does not work for you, try Firefox.

    Note: 64 BIT OS

    The beta is only available to people using a 64x OS. This means that people using 32x will not be able to run the beta but will be able to play the full game. Make sure that you're on a 64x Machine before downloading the beta.

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    Issue: MSVCR100.dll and MSVCP100.dll Missing

    This is caused by the Microsoft Redistributable C++ Package not being installed correctly. You can install it manually from here:

    This will install the required DLL's too play the game.

    Issue: DirectX missing DLL/not found

    When installing the beta some people have had trouble with installing DirectX. This can be fixed by deleting/moving "DSETUP.dll, dsetup32.dll, DXSETUP" in the DX Redistributable folder which can be found in "C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\Battlefield 4 Beta\__Installer\directx\redist".

    The next step is to close and restart origin. This will cause it to repair the files and reinstall DirectX. Hopefully installing correctly and returning the files to the correct state.

    If this doesn't work then you can try moving the files back to the folder and manually running the DXSETUP file.

    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ___________________

    Issue: FPS Stutter/Low FPS

    Many people are having problems with FPS. I've looked around and noticed that many of these people have machines that are highly capable of running the game on ultra but are not even able to run it on Low. Here are some things that may help you:

    Firstly - Here is a helpful command to display your FPS on the game:
    Press ` (The key to the left of the 1).
    Type - "perfoverlay.drawfps 1"
    Press enter.
    Feel free to paste your FPS and computer specs so that we can compare!

    Solution: Running with Graphics Processor

    Make sure that your computer is running the game with your graphics card. I've seen several posts where their GPU load is 0% and their CPU load is 100%. This can be caused by your drivers malfunctioning or because your default graphics card is onboard.

    To run with a certain graphics card - Right click the application and run with graphics processor. Then select your best GPU. This may only work with Windows 7/8.

    With the nVIDIA control panel you can open the profile and change the graphics processor there too. This will ensure it's running with your main GPU.

    Solution: Adaptive VSYNC

    Open nVIDIA Control Panel. Click - Manage 3D Settings.

    Open the battlefield 4 Profile or change global settings.

    Scroll down too Vertical Sync and click the dropdown box and selected - Adaptive.

    Only some cards support this but it can make a huge difference.

    Solution: Drivers

    As mentioned above the drivers will increase your FPS a lot. They have fixes for things such as Ambient Occlusion.

    Don't care about quality? Just want it to work? FPS TWEAKS

    Turn all the settings to Low/Off while in game.
    On the left change resolution scale to 80% or less and then -

    Go to your settings folder which is located at - C:\Users\YourUserName\Documents\Battlefield 4\settings

    Open "PROFSAVE_profile" with your favourite text editor.

    GstRender_AnistropicFilter to 0
    GstRender.ShaderQuality to 0.2/0.5

    Windowed mode and smaller resolutions

    Currently we're in beta and there are many fixes to come. If your getting lag but still want to play the game, try running the game in a smaller window and resolution such as 1280x720.

    Please feel free to post any current issues or solutions you have found here. Thanks!


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    Re: B4 Beta Fixes and Solutions

    Issue: PunkBuster times out/I am autobanned/PunkBuster has encountered an unexpected error

    Solution: Make sure Origin, Punkbuster, and Battlefield 4 are installed on the same drive together and follow the instructions above for manually installing the update to punkbuster. Make sure your anti-virus and/or security software has marked PunkBuster, Origin, and bf4.exe as trusted applications.

    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ___________________

    Issue: I can't hear my squadmates/VoIP isn't working

    Solution: First, go into the in-game settings and turn the VoIP volume to the maximum the slider allows, and make sure the checkbox for lowing the in-game sound when VoIP is active is checked.

    Solution: Change the in-game sound mode to hi-fi or headphones. In-game VoIP uses the Central audio channel (for programmers or WINE users, this is the FXMXIS_CENTRALSUB2 channel), and this can be masked or lowered by certain sets of speakers and headphones.

    Solution: Make sure teamspeak is not set to lower the volume of other applications. This is in the Teamspeak settings as "attenuate when I speak", or the volume plugin.

    Solution: Make sure your primary output device is set as your communication device in windows. To do this, right click on the volume control panel at the bottom right of the desktop, go to Playback Devices, and disable any device that you are not currently using for playback. Set your primary playback device as the communication device in the right click menu.
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      Re: B4 Beta Fixes and Solutions

      Not so much a Beta issue. But I want to change my soldier name. To do that I have to change my Origin ID (Jesus, way to make it simple). However this link for the UK - - doesn't seem to work. When I change it it just asks me to log in again and again. A real pain. Any clue?


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        Re: B4 Beta Fixes and Solutions

        Im having the same issue.


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          Re: B4 Beta Fixes and Solutions

          To change your origin ID you can do it within the origin application. Go to your profile and edit it.

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            Re: B4 Beta Fixes and Solutions

            Excellent thread. Should be a sticky.


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              Re: B4 Beta Fixes and Solutions

              I don't have any issues with FPS. I had the PB update issue, but I solved it by following the instructions posted in Origin, which are the same set of instructions as above. It worked for me.

              If I set my graphics to Ultra, I get microfreezes on explosions, but otherwise run good. I have my settings set to auto, which puts everything at High. I don't remember the AA settings of it, tho. The game is beautiful, either way. I plan on customizing the graphics later, and I'm sure the settings can be set to higher than what Auto has set for me.

              With that being said, in case you're wondering, my setup is:

              i5-3570k NOT OC 3.4ghz quad core ivy bridge
              8 gigs of ddr 3 1600 mhz RAM (a trustworthy brand - can't remember off my head)
              Old crappy sata 3 HD that needs to be upgraded badly - think it's 7200 rpm, not sure
              ... and the crown on top of the system
              MSI GTX GeForce 650 Ti Boost Twin Frozr 3 2 gb gddr5 - this thing is a FREAKING BEAST
              Playing on my 42 in LG LCD TV with a track ball and Microsoft LifeChat 3000 (I think) headset

              All in all, it's an epic experience. I don't think I can set everything to mega super ultra combo on graphics settings, but I can get pretty close.

              Hope this helps for anyone thinking about upgrades. The 650 ti boost tf3 is a little better than the gtx 660, according to benchmarks, so if you're considering a new card or even SLI, I'd recommend either the 650 ti boost tf3 from MSI or a GTX 660 Ti Boost (pretty sure they have those) or better.

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                Re: B4 Beta Fixes and Solutions

                A track ball? Does anyone else use one instead of a mouse?
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                  Re: B4 Beta Fixes and Solutions

                  I have tried all the solutions and I still can not hear anyone in my squad, but sometimes I can hear someone speak for a second and then I can't hear them again.


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                    Re: B4 Beta Fixes and Solutions

                    Originally posted by xChillzz View Post
                    I have tried all the solutions and I still can not hear anyone in my squad, but sometimes I can hear someone speak for a second and then I can't hear them again.
                    This is most likely an issue with your default communication device being set to something other than your primary output device. First, make sure that your VoIP volume is set to 100%. If the problem persists, right click your sound manager at the bottom right of your taskbar, and select "Playback Devices". Disable any device that is not your primary output device to force Windows to use that device for it's default communication setup. If the problem persists, add me to Steam or Origin with the name "iWhiskey" or private message me on these forums and I will work with you to solve the issue.




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