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[ANNOUNCEMENT] BF4 - Server Rules

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  • [ANNOUNCEMENT] BF4 - Server Rules

    Battlefield 4
    Server Rules

    These server rules were created to achieve the community goals, as laid out in the TacticalGamer Primer. The primer is REQUIRED READING for all community members, as its principles supersede any set of individual server-rules.

    We strive for an environment with maturity, sportsmanship, and mutual respect between gamers. Our servers support an immersive, realistic style of gameplay; where the focus of play is not solely on winning, but rather on winning through the use of real-world combat-tactics and teamwork.

    Some rules, such as no suicide-tactics, are in place to prohibit actions that would detract from the immersive experience. Other rules are to encourage balanced and fair play; for while some tactics may be very effective (camping a UCB runway, e.g.), those same tactics can ruin the enjoyment for many players on the server.

    1) Teamwork is required
    - All players must join a squad and follow SL orders
    - SLs must follow CO orders and make squad-leading a top priority

    2) Audio is required
    - Players MUST be able to hear VOIP. Use of a microphone is strongly encouraged.

    3) Suicide Tactics are strictly prohibited
    - Any action that does not place a high value on one's life is strictly forbidden.

    4) Jumping to avoid fire is strictly prohibited
    - Jumping is ONLY allowed to navigate obstacles.

    5) Do not initiate conflict with enemy in their main-base
    - Players and vehicles must be established outside their main base before being targeted.

    6) Vehicles must be used realistically, according to their intended design.
    - An F-22 is NOT a disposable troop-transport, and FAVs are not mobile car-bombs.


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    Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] BF4 - Server Rules

    BF4 Squad Member Standard Operating Procedures

    We all will be working to make these SOPs second nature when we play.

    All players are responsible to coordinate and make reports to admin team to support compliance with server rules and maintain our play style.

    1. Stay with the squad unless directed by the squad leader.
    i. Do not "Lone wolf" or "Rambo"
    ii. Do not jump into vehicle assets and take off

    2. Communicate with your squad.
    i. Be on VOIP -
    ii. Use the affirmative and negative as well as squad chat if you don't have a mic'

    3. Make Contact reports.

    4. Squad leaders will request kits and please modify them as requested.

    5. Follow orders and ask for them when they are not given, offer suggestions to the squad leader if you feel it is appropriate.

    Credits: Al Lunn


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      Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] BF4 - Server Rules

      BF4 Squad Leader Standard Operating Procedures.

      All players are responsible to coordinate and make reports to admin team to support compliance with server rules and maintain our play style.

      The responsibility of the squad leader is to lead to the best of their capabilities. Our players expect their squad leaders to order them around and control the pace of the game. What is important is that squad leaders at TG take their job seriously. The squad is theirs to command, and they should act accordingly.

      If you are a squad leader, you are required to do the following:

      1. Use VOIP with a mic
      a. Perform a mic check with your squad and verify comms with each squad member
      b. If you do not have comms with a squad member, and can not get the squad member to stay with the squad and follow orders request a kick from an admin

      2. Give orders and update your squad every few minutes on what your objective is.

      3. Control the actions of your squad.
      a. Some examples:
      i. Give an order to someone that just died to come in as support and lay suppressive fire on an entrenched position.
      ii. Order a squad mate to spawn engy and engage a specific vehicle.
      iii. Order a squad to retreat, hold ground or move forward.
      iv. Order your squad to move cover to cover from to point A to point B.
      v. Order a specific player to stay on point.
      vi. Order a specific player to play recon, overwatch the squad and keep a spawn point active.

      4. Organize squad kit loadout
      a. For example:
      i. Give Order: Pick whatever kit you want, we will work around it.
      ii. Get volunteers for kit and role.
      1. I need someone to go support
      2. I need an engy to deal with tanks.

      iii. Order specific players to play specific kits in a specific way.

      5. Use in game attack and defend commands Keeping these orders current helps other squads plan their actions.

      6. Coordinate your squad’s actions with other squads through team speak or the commander

      Credits: Al Lunn


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        Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] BF4 - Server Rules

        How to make a Contact Report?
        A contact report is a standardized procedure for reporting [over radio] encounters with enemy forces. The standard is based on NATO SOP, and is optimized to minimize extraneous radio traffic - so everyone listening on the radio net quickly understands the nature and scope of the enemy threat.

        Why have a Contact Report?
        Everyone has heard this type of over VoIP:

        "uhhh.... bunch of bad guys over to the left!"
        "Guy by the building!"
        "I just ran out by the containers and saw some guys coming along the water. I wasn't able to kill any of them since I'm stuck with this damn engie SMG. Last round we did the same thing - swam around to where the helo spawns and hung out there, it was awesome. They didn't flush us out for like 5 minutes!"

        Without a standard, it's easy for there to be too little or too much information. The whole point of a contact report is to convey the most important information in the most efficient way.

        Contact Report Format:
        You don't have to talk like a robot or air-traffic controller when making a contact report; as long as it includes the following information, you should communicate using your natural way of speaking
        1. Where are the enemy?
        2. What is their estimated strength, type and armament.
        3. What appears to be their intentions and/or direction of travel.

        As you can see in the following examples, aside from the word "Contact" starting each broadcast, the content of the report is the only thing standardized:

        "CONTACTS! behind the container to the west! At least three infantry headed towards the helipad!"

        "CONTACTS on A! Two guys!

        After a bit of practice using this technique, it becomes almost second nature and makes it much easier to communicate enemy threats, improving the overall SA (situational awareness) of the entire team / squad. We strongly encourage all players on our servers to utilize this standard methodology for making Contact Reports.

        Credits: Al Lunn




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