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An Open Challenge from TeamPlayerGaming

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  • An Open Challenge from TeamPlayerGaming

    Greetings and Salutations TG from your old friends over at TPG.

    Some of you may remember us from the TG vs. TPG (formerly TexasTeamPlayers (TTP) ) 2142 and PR scrims from all-to-long ago. Some may not. For those who don't, we are a community that focuses on teamplay, and strives to get people working together.

    I come in peace. (please don't shoot).:)

    We would like to challenge your community in a friendly match (best of three maps has been the tradition) of BF4. We can work-out the details later....time, place, maps, settings ect. , but would just like to gauge interest at this time. I am pretty sure we could field a full 32 man roster, but we can also work that out according to the interest you guys have. We are doing the same on our end.

    For those who missed the 2142 and PR scrims.......They are really a fun time. It really adds some excitement to don your communities jerseys and hit the field as a team. In fact, I'm pretty sure you guys mopped the floor with us, but I know our people really had a good time, and would like to do it again.

    I'm not sure who I need to talk to over here to see if we can get this organized, so I hope this is an appropriate place to put this. I'll watch this thread to gauge the interest level and hopefully we can get some frag on.

    Thank You all for your time.



    I was going to provide link to our challenge thread, but wasn't allowed. It is in Our BF Series Forum at for those who would like to check it out.



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