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Best & Worst flags of BF4?

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  • Best & Worst flags of BF4?

    The area around each flag is like a little map unto itself . What are your most and least favorite flags to fight over? (BTW: I'm sure not everyone remembers which flags are which, so give a little description to jog our memories ;))

    My personal favorite has got to be the Echo flag on Flood Zone. This is the flag closest to the Chinese main, with the 'hobbit hole bridge' and short hills all around it. I just love the terrain and cover - makes for some incredible, sustained infantry battles. I also really like that there are multiple ways to attack it; whether it's from the highway side or by flanking around across the river.

    Worst? Maybe C on Dawnbreaker? Between the snipers, armor, long sight-lines everywhere, and central location, that flag doesn't carry a very high life expectancy.

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    Re: Best & Worst flags of BF4?

    Best: A & B on Golmund. I've had some great combined arms experience trying to take/hold those flags.
    Best too: A on Floodzone. I love fighting over that parking structure.

    Worst: B & C on Floodzone. I can never see anyone and always have a bad round if I'm on those flags.


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      Re: Best & Worst flags of BF4?

      A and B on Golmud are great, yes. I hate C and D on Zavod though. That is where the two big factory buildings are. B on Zavod is pretty cool on the other hand. I wish there was more environment like that. Some simple 2 storied houses in a cluster. That's why I would much prefer a sub-urban map over the current city maps.


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        Re: Best & Worst flags of BF4?

        Best: E on Rogue Transmission. Close quarters combat in the construction buildings while at the same time have good area's to snipe from. As well as being able to watch over D/C decently.

        Worst: B/C on Floodzone. The place just becomes an absolute massacre if you don't get good positioning on certain rooftops.
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          Re: Best & Worst flags of BF4?

          Worst flag to defend is that Island flag (Charlie?) on Lancang Dam. Along with crusing boat attacks, snipers always seem to find me over there. Carnage Island id say.

          Like: B on Golmud....
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            Re: Best & Worst flags of BF4?


            - A, B, and C on Flood Zone. The massive concentration of stingers on those rooftops makes for a really stressful dance from cover to cover, but the payoff is great if you can catch a squad out in the open. A is particularly fun.
            - F on Zavod 311. There are so many hiding spots in this area, combined with the threat of the enemy AA if you're on the team that spawns by A (I forget which is which) and the LAV below. Makes for some really entertaining games of cat-and-mouse.
            - C and D on Paracel Storm. This one's just a guilty pleasure. Both flags are a massacre for scout choppers, but the AA is still close enough on B that you can't get away with it too easily (like you can over at E).
            - C on Rogue Transmission. I'm probably just subconsciously favoring this one because it's the only flag that can't be shelled by the gunship, but I also really like how there are no safe directions here - you have to constantly be watching every direction for incoming threats.


            - E on Rogue Transmission. Armor is completely useless at this flag, and I always cringe when I see both friendly MBTs wasting their time trying to pick off a couple of infantry hidden on the 2nd floor of the indestructible buildings here.
            - C on Siege of Shanghai (before collapse). I will never understand everyone's fascination with this point. It's way too open and plain for any sort of engaging infantry combat, and it's way too easy to mop up with a good transport chopper team.
            - C and D on Zavod 311. Even on foot, it feels like both of these points are just an absolute mess, and there's almost no way to handle them strategically. You kind of just have to throw bodies at them and hope to come out on top.
            - A on Rogue Transmission. This flag is way, way, *way* too close to the UCB. It's not fun to defend, and it's not fun to attack.


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              Re: Best & Worst flags of BF4?

              Flags I enjoy for structure/diversity:

              A/B: Gomud Railway -Multi level structures across 2 close flags. (probably my favorites)
              B/D: Lancang Dam -Many ways to attack either side and get to different levels in the structures with the giant outflow from the dam between them.
              E: Dawnbreaker -Another large building with multiple entrances that is usually contested.
              C/E: Rogue Transmission -lots of diverse cover, approaches and buildings.
              A: Flood zone -in the spirit of our rash of back capping you know it will most likely draw a crowd across multiple levels where you can touch the flag radius.

              Not so much...

              C: Dawnbreaker: very open to ground, armor and snipers. You need multi-level support here. Infantry only usually does not end well.


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                Re: Best & Worst flags of BF4?

                I'm going to answer because it's interesting, but the problem with the question is that it's hard to know how much emphasis to put on the fact that certain flags take forever to get to and some are quick hits from others. For example, I enjoy all but Charlie flag on Dawnbreaker, but I'm not a big fan of the approach into any of the flags but Bravo from the center.

                I'll rate based on how likely I am to enjoy myself on that flag

                From Most Favorite to Least Favorite. I'd say I actively "Like" the first 25 of these flags. I'm pretty "meh" about 26-40, and I actively dislike the final 9 flags.

                1. Zavod, Charlie (the C,D,E triangle is the most fun in the game for me. Charlie is my favorite because there are fewer annoying levels for campers to get on to defend the flag and I don't feel like I have no idea what I'm dying from)
                2. Paracel, Bravo (gosh I love this flag and the fights between it and Alpha. Brush fighting at its finest with a heavy mixture of close quarters building clearing.
                3. Zavod, Delta (Also fun, just a little annoying sometimes with so many angles to defend the flag from)
                4. Flood Zone, Alpha (this flag is a lot of fun with all its stairwells up. I also like that night vision is useful here)
                5. Zavod, Echo (the train cars can be annoying, but it's a quick hit from either Charlie or Delta)
                6. Lancang Dam, Delta (awesome building fighting, but the approach is often not much fun, especially from Echo)
                7. Zavod, Bravo (a little farther and harder to approach than Echo from C&D)
                8. Paracel, Alpha (a flag whose proximity to Bravo makes it fun. The actual flag itself isn't that much fun to fight over, though, and the annoying as heck Boats [who can cap the flag!] decrease fun)
                9. Locker, Bravo (I find the Alpha. Bravo side significantly more interesting than the Delta, Echo side)
                10. Locker, Delta
                11. Zavod, Alpha (a fun little flag... if it weren't so far from all the others)
                12. Lancang Dam, Bravo (has some fun building fighting. The approach to and from Delta is an interesting and varied experience)
                13. Hainan Resort, Charlie (As Yogi Berra once said, "Nobody goes there anymore. It's too crowded." A fun flag but it's like a light to a moth because it is so much more fun than any of the other flags [plus COs always want their Cruise Missiles])
                14. Paracel, Charlie (Both Charlie and Delta on Paracel are fun for the same reasons that Bravo is fun [brush fighting/building clearing], but because they don't have another flag close to it, these flags don't really get the same play as A&B)
                15. Paracel, Delta (see Charlie)
                16. Flood Zone, Charlie (the tops aren't much fun, but unlike Bravo, there are so many windy ways up and down and through that it's a fun place to approach)
                17. Locker, Charlie post-explosion (a fun flag once it's been exploded as it can now be directly approached from four directions instead of just three)
                18. Dawnbreaker, Bravo (I like the building approach to this flag)
                19. Dawnbreaker, Echo (This flag involves some excellent flag defending, much like Lancang's Delta, but because of its close proximity to a UCB, you either end up not taking it much or having it be pretty hard to approach)
                20. Locker, Alpha
                21. Locker, Echo
                22. Flood Zone, Bravo (some fun stairwell fights, but the tops are just rough. and the roofs really dominate any defense or attack on Bravo.)
                23. Flood Zone, Echo (just kind of far, though it does have a little Paracel-esque brush fighting to it, the armor gets annoying)
                24. Golmud, Bravo (Bravo and Alpha are somewhat interesting to fight over, but because so many people are necessarily engineer on this map, the building destruction sure is annoying)
                25. Golmud, Alpha
                26. Zavod, Foxtrot (worst flag on the map for me. Defending it results in spending minutes trying to clear out an attacking squad because they've hidden on the tower or in the woods or have a beacon down somewhere.)
                27. Rogue Transmission, Delta (some building fighting)
                28. Dawnbreaker, Delta (I enjoy the way this flag can be approached from the back)
                29. Lancang Dam, Charlie (I shouldn't like Charlie as much as I do. Which isn't that much)
                30. Locker, Charlie pre-explosion (the cap radius for this flag is just too small and with large numbers the flag just too hard to approach. The flag also has a terribly small cap radius, which means sneaking in is really tough to do)
                31. Hainan Resort, Alpha (some building fighting)
                32. Lancang Dam, Echo (some interesting building fighting, but it inevitably devolves into tanks destroying the buildings)
                33. Hainan Resort, Delta (kind of fun to fight in the blown out shell of a boat)
                34. Hainan Resort, Echo
                35. Hainan Resort, Bravo
                36. Rogue Transmission, Charlie (kind of interesting with multiple approach angles, but too much open ground and too easy to get destroyed by armor)
                37. Dawnbreaker, Alpha (a not-bad flag that doesn't get a lot of play and has a flag radius that just feels too large)
                38. Golmud, Charlie (Primary good thing about this flag: it's "close" to Alpha and Bravo... in Golmud's terms)
                39. Rogue Transmission, Delta (it's fairly central on the map which makes it see a fair amount of action. And for whatever reason, people LOVE to get into the hills above it, which can make it fun to defend)
                40. Lancang Dam, Alpha
                41. Paracel, Echo (a flag so remote that any attempt to attack it will be spotted from far away. Fun of defending is entirely dependent on other people attacking and not just ignoring you. You end up stuck out there)
                42. Dawnbreaker, Charlie (this flag sucks to approach and capture and then it sucks to hold in a traditional way)
                43. Golmud, Foxtrot (If the approach into this flag didn't suck so much, and if the roof DIDN'T CAP THE FLAG, this might be a somewhat fun flag)
                44. Rogue Transmission, Bravo
                45. Flood Zone, Delta (dull. really dull. and far away)
                46. Rogue Transmission, Alpha (far away, significantly harder to get to bypass other flags to get to, ends up resulting in entire squads wasting half their round in the hills)
                47. Golmud, Delta (Interesting in theory. Baffling in execution. I cap the flag of a train by standing 30 meters under it? If I spawn on this flag I'm stuck in the middle of nowhere?)
                48. Golmud, Golf (God I hate this map.)
                49. Golmud, Alpha (Yuck)


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                  Re: Best & Worst flags of BF4?

                  I really like two and three flag combinations, especially triangles. So C-D-E on Zavod 311 and A-B-C on Golmud. The entire point being the ability to defend and/or respond quickly to multiple flags with a single squad. I like mobile, QRF style play when I squad lead, so these three flag combinations are natural fits for that style.

                  Specific flags I enjoy are A and E on Dawnbreaker. Alpha can be attacked right off the start with a quad bike and a little stealth, then defended with ease due to lots of cover, a large capture zone, and a limited number of out of bounds exits where SLAMs/AT Mines can be placed. Echo is trickier to get to, but the first floor interior of the big building offers decent cover and the second floor is fairly easy to hold with the stairwells being perfect shelter from tank and AC130 shells. Paracel Storm A and B flags are great. Plenty of cover and hidey holes, plus game changing vehicles spawns in the form of a battle boat and a mobile AAA.

                  I hate Echo flag on Shanghai. It's an armor magnet, has little/no cover, lousy spawn locations, and definitely not time efficient roof access. Bravo flag on Rogue Transmission also fits here for identical reasons.

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                    Re: Best & Worst flags of BF4?

                    I don't find Charlie that close to Alpha and Bravo on Golmud, but otherwise I agree with your wholeheartedly.

                    Haven't had much experience sneaking around to Alpha on Dawnbreaker though.


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                      Re: Best & Worst flags of BF4?

                      Worst flag to defend is that Island flag (Charlie?) on Lancang Dam. Along with cruising boat attacks, snipers always seem to find me over there. Carnage Island id say.
                      Agreed... but also, the hardest control points are also the ones that usually let the commander call in gunships or cruise missiles. ;)
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                        Re: Best & Worst flags of BF4?

                        yeah, but it's pretty easy to overvalue those assets. Especially as CO... I know being CO is twice as fun when I have a cruise missile to play with, but in terms of the game, it's pretty hit or miss in terms of the difference it can make. Sure, if you've got an enemy squad camping up on those buildings above Charlie in Flood Zone it's powerful. Or if you have a piece of armor obliviously sniping. But if the CO is on the ball, it should be difficult to make a huge difference with it. Certainly not worth being a flag down.

                        Has anyone actually had luck having the gunship make a difference?


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                          Re: Best & Worst flags of BF4?

                          I got video to prove other wise... but I'm not arguing here, was just commenting on the flag post. ;)
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                            Re: Best & Worst flags of BF4?

                            Originally posted by Zoraster View Post

                            Has anyone actually had luck having the gunship make a difference?

                            Nah, gunship gets downed by attack jets in a single pass. Even by terrible pilots like me myself...


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                              Re: Best & Worst flags of BF4?

                              Originally posted by Zoraster View Post
                              Has anyone actually had luck having the gunship make a difference?
                              Gunship can be *extremely* effective, but you have to have total airspace control with an MAA or it'll go down in one or two passes from a single jet.

                              It's especially effective on Rogue Transmission, since it's a small, vehicle-heavy map with only one MAA and only one flag that can't be covered from the air (C).




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