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Addressing Division in the Community

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  • Addressing Division in the Community

    Hello all. This is Damonte, your friendly neighborhood Site Administrator. While I often like to approach these posts with a bit of humor, the subject at hand is sensitive and touchy so I'll set the humor aside for the time being. The subject at hand, which has come up in questions many times recently, is divisiveness and how we plan to handle it here in the BF4 sub-community at TG.

    We are well aware that the BF4 sub-community is comprised of many individuals who have had their experiences at TG shaped by the various titles which drew them here and how these titles have been run in the past. As a result, many people have joined the BF4 sub-community here at TG with varying expectations. While this is understandable and even expected, what is not understandable and actually downright unacceptable is how some individuals have chosen to try to address these expectations.

    Let me be clear... BF4 is a new title at TG. It will not be like any previous title at TG. There are no PR players, or BF2142 players, or ArmA players in the BF4 sub-community. We are all BF4 players, members of the TG community. If you are bringing expectations that BF4 is going to be just like whatever previous title you participated in, you need to take a step back and adjust or even completely reset those expectations.

    So the question comes to the division that results from these differing expectations. How do we plan to handle it? We have tried to handle it through civil discourse. Unfortunately, for some here at TG that has not been enough. If, after considerable and lengthy effort, there is still no reconciliation regarding these expectations we will simply ask these individuals to depart. It isn't that they are not welcome, it is that their negative attitudes cannot continue to impact what is trying to be accomplished at TG.

    Some have already chosen to depart our community with the intention to form their own due to this lack of reconciliation. While normally that would not be an issue there is one thing that we cannot allow at TG. It is TG's long standing policy that external recruitment is not allowed in any way, shape or form. This includes the use of TG resources (forums, teamspeak, etc) to coordinate and establish an external community. Individuals or groups who are found recruiting as part of their departure will find their departure prematurely accelerated.

    We appreciate differences of opinion and personal preference. It is not our desire to turn anyone away who desires to play according to the tenants upon which TG was founded on. However, if you are unable to set those differences aside and participate in the community for the good of BF4 at TG then do not be surprised if you are asked to depart.

    This is how we will address unresolvable division at TG.

    Thank you for listening and game on!
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    re: Addressing Division in the Community

    Discussion thread here:

    "Everytime I read your posts I do it with Morgan Freeman's voice in my head as if he is narrating your life" - Aimed




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