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Shedding some light and some good news

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  • [ANNOUNCEMENT] Shedding some light and some good news

    Hey all, Damonte here again.

    There's been a lot of angst and unhappiness with the situation regarding the 56th IHS and their ban from TG. Yes, we're going to talk about it. I'd like to take the time to set the record straight as to what happened, why... and share some good news.

    First, I'd like to set the record straight. TG isn't against amicable separations. Individuals and even groups of individuals are welcome to come (like the 6th Marine Division) and go (like the 56th, or the majority of the E1st Euro Division) when they so choose. When individuals or groups have departed in the past under good terms, there was a good deal of heads up and communication involved, typically well ahead of any action taken outside the community. When groups have left with no heads up or warning, it has historically included the spreading of dissent, recruiting and the conducting of malicious actions. Again, we've typically had no warning or heads up.

    The actions that were taken against the 56th and others were deemed the best based on the information at the time and in the context of how compared to what was seen during previous events that have occurred at TG. From the perspective of the site administration it was an effort to head off a potential problem.

    Now then, despite some pretty heavy and unfair accusations to the contrary the administration isn't against admitting they were mistaken. Conversations after the fact with the departed individuals (yes, we were talking to them!) have made it clear that there were no malicious intentions and there was just a lack of communication (in both directions) that could have prevented all this from happening.

    Now for the good news!

    As a result of all this, the bans that were placed against the 56th and associated individuals have been reversed. The information available changed and so the resultant action changed as well. There's no hostility or ill feelings against any of them. They are welcome to continue to participate with this community if they so choose. It is understandable if this is not their wish considering recent events.

    I know there as been a lot of shock, frustration and question regarding these events... and even more frustration regarding our silence. We weren't really wanting to say much until we were either able to resolve it as we have (which is awesome!) or find out there was no chance of resolution. Yeah, we may not have handled this situation perfectly but we do ask for your indulgence given that we are all human here. It sometimes feels as though we're expected to be much more.

    So there you have it. I hope this clears up a lot of air. I hope we can turn our focus back to playing together, playing well, and having fun.
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    Re: Shedding some light and some good news

    A discussion thread has been created here:

    "Everytime I read your posts I do it with Morgan Freeman's voice in my head as if he is narrating your life" - Aimed




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