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4 rounds last night......

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  • [AAR] 4 rounds last night......

    Last night brought some great games. I was late joining for the IHS event so while the server was still rocking with alot of TGer's when I first loaded in I stayed in the squad of unknowns to see how things would progress.

    Communication was scarce to begin with but once I started talking to my SL, a nice chap named OldScho0l, others started to chime in as well. The first round on Dragon Pass ended well as we had started to really work well together. The next map was Gullin Peaks and it was one of the most fun rounds that I have played so far in BF4. Our SL was OldScho0l again TobiObitoTobi, Jerin_L, Miller_US and myself (Hil3illy) rounded out the squad. I have rarely experienced squad cohesion like this. Contacts were being called, movement directions, kits were being switched as needed without prompting. 5 guys moving in unison is near unstoppable :D it was great! Dawnbreaker followed the same pattern, movement and communication were superb once again although we did loose Jerin_L to another squad. The fights that we had with opposing squads were intense and fun. Rogue Transmission was next and we stayed together for this map as well. Once again we moved and worked well as a unit. I didn't realize it at the time but when I looked back over these 4 rounds this squad had recieved the Ace Squad in each of these rounds. It was a blast playing with these guys some intense play, great communication and solid movement. At this point I decided to swtich teams in order to help even sides up a bit.

    I played a few more rounds after this but these really stood out for me. I have had great rounds with my TG brethren and I wondered to myself why did these seem so different. While we expect great things from ourselves experiencing it from others seems almost surprising at first. I also believe that we talked more because we were not used to playing with each other and so felt more secure in movement while communicating our actions. This has made realize that maybe I don't talk enough while squading with those I do feel comfortable with. As a side note this was all with VOIP that worked perfectly for us.

    Before I left this squad I asked them to stop by the forums, so if you guys are reading this, Thanks for coming out!!

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    Re: 4 rounds last night......

    Nice Hillbilly I know I ran into your squad a few times last night and got chewed up hopefully we'll see those guys become regulars




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