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  • Idea for server seeding server script

    Hello everyone!

    I had an idea floating around in my head about an interesting way help seed the server. Often times when an admin is on they will change the game mode so we are not playing huge maps with few players. This can be difficult to get setup when playing at an odd time and not many people are on, also late at night when the server is starting to die down.

    The idea I had was to make something like a map voting system but instead it would control the map mode types. This system would only be able to be used by supporting members. I feel this would help it from being abused as the supporting members generally will have the best interest for the server in mind.

    This could be started by something along the lines of a !gamemode rush in the server chat. If 50% of the supporting members typed this command then the next map game mode would be set to rush. An additional command for initiating a map change could be added if 100% of the supporting members typed in the command.

    At the end of a round where a map mode was changed the mode could be continued by a !gamemode continue command. If continues were stated then the gamemode would return to normal conquest.

    What do you think?

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    Re: Idea for server seeding server script

    I can get on board with that. However, there may be times where there are very few supporting members on, so I'm not sure how that would work out in that case. There could be an instance where there are no supporting members around and it's all pubs and non-supporting member TG folks. Sometimes there's an admin in-game when numbers are low and they'll adjust the map accordingly, (Usually when it's late at night and us night owls are still playing while everyone else has logged off for the night.) But sometimes that isn't possible or there's nobody around, so in that case, this would be a viable option.

    All in all, it's not a bad idea. I have seen something like this on other servers where there will be a map vote for both map and game mode. It says in the chat Vote Next Map and it'll give you choices, like 1 - Dawnbreaker (R) - for rush, 2 - Dawnbreaker (CQ) - conquest or whatever.

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      Re: Idea for server seeding server script

      Awesome Idea, Mike. I'm not familiar with the custom commands for servers, but I wonder how possible this is?

      To even simplify it, maybe there is a way to do a simple "!seed start" command that lowers the map size and sets on rush - or something. We seem to like that for getting things rolling.




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