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240 Bravo and Other Common/Overused Weapons Experiences

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  • 240 Bravo and Other Common/Overused Weapons Experiences

    So I was on the server last night (well into the early morning hours) with Melee, digitalcassette, Gator Skywalker, tgblood, D4NDROID, and (surprisingly) new players (read: pubbies) with microphones actually talking with us! Somewhere around halfway through the first Operation Locker round, I felt as if people were overusing the same weapons (M16A4, M416, PKP, SKS, etc) and was growing increasingly frustrated at having been killed multiple times by seemingly the same person, even though they were all by different people using the same weapons. So I thought to myself: "Maybe it's time I whip out the ol' favorite...the M240B. The single most OP LMG in the game (my opinion here) and show them who's boss."

    Now I normally will not take out the 240B since I feel it is a bit too overused, a bit OP (actually is more accurate than what its stats might say), and because of suppression...well, I could pretty much guarantee that I'll gun down my first and second targets with ease or roll through a Russian roulette corridor and mow down bad guys without breaking much of a sweat.

    So I whip it out and start going on a killing spree. Gator and a few others starting voicing concerns and complaints about my inability to die while using the 240B. Of course I knew this to be the case. The minute I start firing, the opponent (read: Gator (mostly)) becomes instantly suppressed. And because he is suppressed, his ability to gun me down becomes insignificant and from his point of view, bullets will be seen passing through me doing no damage whatsoever (not even registering a hit). We discussed my 240B usage at length between the rounds and I was explaining to Gator, it's because of the suppression effects in BF4 and that I've been in his shoes and see rounds fly through a target, not register a hit, and thus doing no damage to the person. (There's also the added accuracy debuff, I believe, due to being suppressed.)

    So that brings up some questions I wonder about players here at TG and their experiences:

    1) Do you find there are some (or perhaps only a few) weapons that are too overused and perhaps needs some more balancing? If so, which ones and why?

    2) How do you mix things up and break the monotony of commonly used/overused weapons?

    3) Do you tend to only play with a few choice weapons or do you go through your war chest at least every so often and give other weapons a try?

    4) How do you feel about the inclusion of suppression? Do you feel it adds to the combat gameplay or subtract from it?
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    Re: 240 Bravo and Other Common/Overused Weapons Experiences

    They all seem fine to me. I'm sure cases could be made for some being more useful more of the time than others and those others niche rolls not coming into play often. But to me your approach to an engagement and the choices you make as a player during it determine so much more the outcome that the weapon balance is fine.

    As far as suppression goes, it plays a much smaller role than it did in BF3. So given that point of view it seems like it is at acceptable values to me.
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      Re: 240 Bravo and Other Common/Overused Weapons Experiences

      To run through the questions you posed, I don't think there are too many overused guns in game. I feel like there is definitely a lot of common ground in weapons people favor, but that doesn't make them overused. Though in terms of things I do actually think are over used- DMRs particularly the SKS. I have been starting to bang around with DMRs as of late because they fit my play style well: Medium-long range off a flag with slow, well aimed, semi-auto fire. I was messing around with the SKS earlier by myself and I feel like it should have either a slower firing rate or more recoil. You can place a full magazine of rounds down range ( <50m) all within a decent cluster.

      If you go through my list of top weapons, you can see how I play. I have 3 weapons (G36c, SG553, M416) with 550+ kills, the others have between 60-150. Those are just what I feel most comfortable using and what I have the most experience with, so I just keep using them.

      Suppression I find quite annoying at times, but it does make the gameplay more intense I think. If someone is unloading MG fire onto someone, said person shouldn't be able to just shoot straight in front of them like it's nothing. Just one of those things you have to get used to.
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        Re: 240 Bravo and Other Common/Overused Weapons Experiences

        I have my pool of choice weapons that I always use and have grown comfortable with, but I swap between them every so often, or when the situation dictates. Or if I just feeling like revisiting something. Kind of a "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" thing. I've been running the ACE 52 carbine with my engineer kit for a while now. Before that, the ACW was my main carbine. I ran the M4 for a bit as well. Sometimes, I'll change it up with the attachments. I used to run heavy barrel and go loud with the ACE 52 and ACW. Nowadays, I've been running suppressors on them both. I've found that a suppressor stabilizes the ACE 52 a little more. Unless it's just placebo.

        On the other side of the coin, I don't think I've ever touched a shotgun in this game. Just a matter of it doesn't really suit my play style. I've dabbled with other weapons, but I always come back to my choice weapons.

        Overused weapons.....I think it's more a matter of common ground and in some cases, using certain weapons in situations where it's seems kind of ridiculous and "spammy". Like folks who run around on a map like Locker with an M98B bolt action or something, because it's a guaranteed one hit kill in close quarters, in most cases. Unless you light him up first with a volley of fire. Stuff like that - using weapons that get easy kills in situations where you can exploit their capabilities and power to get those easy kills. It's all a bit relative though. While a DMR or bolt action will win against an AR or carbine in some cases at longer range (if you're a crack shot), the AR or carbine will win at close range because of ROF. Or use an MG to keep that DMR/bolt action suppressed from a distance while somebody else can get closer to take him out.

        Suppression adds to the intensity and makes ya think. Like Flario said, (paraphrasing) if somebody is unloading heavy volume of automatic fire on you, you shouldn't be able to just pop up and shoot straight. That MG on the hill has got you suppressed? Figure out a way around him. Smoke and flank, hit him from another angle, outsmart him so you can destroy him.

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          Re: 240 Bravo and Other Common/Overused Weapons Experiences

          DMR's in general. But probably the single most overused gun in the game right now is the AWS - the weapon with no weaknesses!
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            Re: 240 Bravo and Other Common/Overused Weapons Experiences

            AWS is overrated IMO.

            I still feel that gun balance can't be fairly assessed with the Hardcore, 60%, health settings.
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              Re: 240 Bravo and Other Common/Overused Weapons Experiences

              I intentionally use what I dont have a dogtag for (500+ kills) to keep learning. IMHO this is the best way to see how the games ballistics work overall. Going thru each weapon that isn't "OP" and hating it till surprisingly at around 500 you get used to the ins and outs of the weapon. Running the same old kits over and over gets boring for myself but others may like the consistency of knowing what they are going into each round. I really wasn't a fan of the Scar-H or Sar-21 but they have grown on me as a result.


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                Re: 240 Bravo and Other Common/Overused Weapons Experiences

                I seem to always get killed by a variety of weapons. I still think they DMR's just have a distinctive sound and that's what makes people react the way they do to them. Also, if a good squad with particular weapons is in a good place or at least a contested place it can make it seem like it's the weapons more than just the squad. I tend to find that it's the squad and it's location that cause me to die repeatedly more so than the weapon.

                Outside of a DLC launch releasing a new weapon, I don't see any particular weapon or group used more than another, at least based on my in game deaths. I personally hate getting killed by PDW's, but I don't think they are overpowered or overused and of the deaths I actually pay attention to, it seems to always be a PDW (and even worse, Dredge with a PDW). I pay attention to those deaths more because I'm usually saying "BS!" because LMG > All, IMHO.

                I too use the 240B when I've had enough deaths and want to rampage, but I actually think I just play differently with it and it suits my playing style better than the other weapons. I personally have a tendency to be more methodical with it and thus leading to a higher K/D. When I break out the AWS which is a better all purpose weapon I tend to run n gun more since the weapon supports that more than the 240B, again IMO.
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