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Another night of GGs

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  • Another night of GGs

    So last night I squaded up with some pubbies & besiege (and later we had some other TGers jump in with us).

    It was rough at first because our squad leader wasn't using comms much, just gave orders, besiege picked up the slack there and helped move us along.

    My favorite map of the night was gulf of oman, it was hellish but there was a spectacular battle for one of the beach flags where we were in the middle of the storm and I was using the recon kit with PLD to spot enemies & call out positions.

    I played like total butt on that map but I felt really good about the communications on that map.

    The ONLY issues I had last night were some pretty harsh random lag spikes and the lack of communication from SL & Commander at times.

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    Re: Another night of GGs

    I think we played together. It was probably me as SL lol. I don't have a mic at the moment so all I can do is give orders. I usually prefer to be part of the squad as opposed to the leader until I get a mic. Had a good time with you though. I remember you were sniping with me on that oil field level lol.




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