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  • Hip Fire or Sights

    To many this will probably seem like a dumb question but it is always something I struggle with.

    If you're running about trying to cap a flag with your squad and an enemy appears in front of you, what distances do you just spray and pray from the hip and when do you aim down the sights.

    I always find myself in the habit that if someone jumps in front of me, first response is to aim down the sights which 9/10 times makes me lose the fight. Simple answer to this is to hipfire, right.

    But if you're at one corner of a building and the enemy is say somewhere between 5-10m out from you. Should you go for hip fire or aim down the sights for more accurate fire? (This is assuming you have an appropriate level of zoom like 1x or 2x. Not trying to use a 4x scope close quarters)

    In other words, I'm trying to actually learn how to shoot people close range. What's the right way to do it?
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    Re: Hip Fire or Sights

    The way I do it, is if they pop up on me like that I will hip fire first and hope to either suppress them or hit them a few times. After a quick burst I bring up the sights to dial in. Works good for me


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      Re: Hip Fire or Sights

      It's relative for me. If we're so close to where we can basically reach out and poke each other in the eye with our muzzles, I panic and just let loose from the hip. And usually that happens after somebody comes around a corner and surprises me.

      Most times, I ADS and I set up my weapons for close quarters and long range together - which is usually either a close range optic with a magnifier, or a long range optic with canted sights. When I know I'm gonna be encountering enemies at close range (such as when I'm capping a flag, clearing a building or a room), I use my close range optics. Also, close range optics ADS way faster than a 4x.

      Another thing I do in close quarters situations (as well as most of the time) is that I ADS around corners. If I'm on the move and I come up to a corner, I stop sprinting, pull up those sights and "cut the pie" around the corner - or at least peek to make sure I know I'm clear before charging around it and getting shot in the face. I also find myself ADS'ing while moving in real tight quarters sometimes. If I'm trailing somebody and they go running up the stairs......I whip up the sights and creep up the stairs so that if they're waiting for me up at the top, I'm already prepared. Don't be afraid to corner peek either. I think some people underestimate the power of that feature.

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        Re: Hip Fire or Sights

        Rarely ever not ADS if im shooting with the deviation especially when moving.




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