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  • Kicked for no reason...

    Listen if your going to abuse power than don't kick people for no reason grow up.... say some thing but to kick with no cause is a joke. I was in a all TG squad.. all you had to do if you wanted my spot is ask instead of being a ****ing prick.

    I looked for a proper place to put this and lord knows I like your server but man why be a god damn douche...

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    Re: Kicked for no reason...

    Sure u weren't auto-kicked for members? It happens... He'll I don't think a admin kicked you unless you really screwed up, I know I've tried to get people kicked because they kept killing me... ME. The Magnum.... And they wouldn't even do it then. ;)
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      Re: Kicked for no reason...

      yeah man, you got auto kicked for a paying member. way to throw a tantrum, good job.


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        Re: Kicked for no reason...

        I've been kicked mid-round running with a good squad. Just gotta re-join and pick up playing. Not a big deal
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          Re: Kicked for no reason...

          If there is no reason stated IE: (bunnyhopping....TK's....bad language.) You were auto picked to drop for a paying member like Magnum said. Its just something that happens.

          We liked you guys kicking our butts tonight and welcome you back so don't get to mad over a auto server setting. Come back and play and even join use on Team Speak.


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            Re: Kicked for no reason...

            Don't worry about it. Just rejoin and hopefully you'll get 1st place in the premium priority queue and get back on the server relatively fast. Or if you like our server, love the community, cherish our members, values, and style of play, become a Supporting Member. Then you'll get a reserved slot on the BF4 server and no wait time. :)
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              Re: Kicked for no reason...

              I too have thrown a tantrum here....a long long time ago when I joined, I was only 15 then I guess....
              It was also for this magical auto-kick for supporting member :)
              I believe it kicks the person who has been on the server for the longest, regardless of score (I heard that sometime this week)

              The admins here are the best around and are very fair, no one gets kicked for unjust reasoning
              |TG-Irr| di1lweed1212


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                Re: Kicked for no reason...

                Sounds like a supporting member kick. In the future you can just jump right back in with no issue. Also, please keep future posts clean and mature. No need for name calling or foul language.


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                  Re: Kicked for no reason...

                  First off, I want to welcome you to Tactical Gamer. I for one enjoy having new players that hand me my @$$ if I am not playing the way I should be.. Lucky Style, the way of the 5th (lol inside joke)

                  I think that everyone .. well many of us, have been kicked from TG servers at one time or another. I was kicked in the first 10 minutes of being on a TG server for jihad jeep. I came back, changed my ways, and have been here since. I was also kicked many times to make room, before becoming a Supporting Member(SM).

                  The worst part of the script that kicks for SM, it always picks the player who has been on the server the longest, and usually the one who is actually helping their squad. Instead of the lonewolf, or chat troll, or numerous other players who could have been dropped.

                  For the future, if you need to get hold of an admin, Teamspeak is usually the fastest. There is also a CAA(Contact an Admin) section to most game forum sections. Where you can post threads, where admins of said game will respond to those threads out of sight from everyone else. The worst thing you could have done is start a "OMG WTF, which one of you @$$h013$ kicked me?" threads.

                  TG follows 3 basic principles, the Tactical Gamer Primer, of course each game a specific set of rules and agreements we play by. Unlike Fight Club, where the first 2 rules are not to talk about the club, our first 2 are about maturity and respect, and we require them of everyone, members and guests alike.

                  Of course some of us have our moments where we fail to abide the first 2 rules, I have lost my cool on occasion, so I am not going to get all preachy. In my time on this planet I have found if you want people to show you maturity and respect, you have to start by showing maturity and respect for those around you.

                  Again, Welcome to TG, and hope to see you back on the server.
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                    Re: Kicked for no reason...

                    Love how people rant and call the admins every name in the book....... Before an explanation.
                    Shows immaturity to be quite frank.
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                      Re: Kicked for no reason...


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