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    Finally in the home stretch of getting the dogtags for all the weapons to know what each one is really like whether I like them or not. A lot of these weapons i brushed off after just getting the unlocks done with. Revisiting them and under the new patches some surprised me and some that I had remembered to be solid now seemed meh

    The Scar-H is still my favorite along with the L85 despite its nerf to ROF and long reload times. AR's that suprised me were the SAR-21, FAMAS, and AK-12 each has there roles on certain maps and are by no means jack of all trades but forcing myself to use the FAMAS to 500 on open maps as well as the tight ones really made me appreciate how I needed to use it.

    As for the Carbines it's still hard not to just use the AK 5c or ACE 52 since they really ARE jack of all trades besting some AR's in overall performance:/ The MTAR now nerfed in range is situational, and the rest just seem like filler. An example would be AKU-12 and A-91 seem to be the same gun technically but balanced one for hipfire and the other for ADS with just different skins.

    Along with the rest of the classes of weapons Im working to get tags for there seems to be this play between one weapon being arbitrarily hipfire and another the same setup but leaning toward ADS in specs. I have enjoyed the journey so far and many ive been in squads with have heard me openly curse some of these weapons and their weaknesses compared to the standard "this is the gun u use and no other". *Side note nearly half a dozen dont even have dogtags on battlelog because DICE loves not having QA of any kind till ppl threaten to dump the franchise.

    Well M16 and M4 left to finish off then off to the PDWs and LMGs before doing the DMRs and Shotguns. Sniper and Pistols last.

    C U on the battlefield and happy hunting



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