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Can I join your clan?

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  • Can I join your clan?

    Hey guys,I just got a new PC and I am sort of new to bf3 and 4,so I am looking for good squad m8ts to play with.
    You guys look like an organized and tactical bunch so I figure I will give it a shot.

    I am 20,from Bulgaria,have a ts and understandable english(although my accent is ****).
    I consider myself a team player,I like to move with the squad leader and I dont mind playing support roles.
    My BL name is same as the forum name here: TeamPlayer_Bruce

    Can I join you guys in TS?

    EDIT:Can some1 link me your platoon page on BL?

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    Re: Can I join your clan?

    Not really a clan per se Bruce. Your free to play here but I would suggest you read the TG Primer first. It kind of shows how we do things around here. Cheers !

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      Re: Can I join your clan?

      As said, read the Tactical Gamer Primer here . . If you agree with these ideals, you are in.

      The TG Platoon is pretty much open to anyone who plays by the rules of the server.. If you want in, "Apply" and I will accept you... I understand if you dont play on the server.

      I have been getting a lot of requests from players who have no record of even playing on the server. I was accepting everyone, then going back and removing those who wear other tags in game, dont ever play with us . . and continue to not join the server. Although I have been leaving those TG Euros who have no reason to play with us, since their ping, and time would not allow them to enjoy playing on the server.

      Recently I have not just accepted everyone, I leave them in the recruitment.. and check them later to see if they do join the server.. and just reject those who never play on the server according to Gametracker. AND since all of them are hiding their Battlefeed/Game Activity I cant see where they "are" playing, and I am not going to go hunting them down.
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        Re: Can I join your clan?

        Welcome! Always good to see new folk
        |TG-Irr| di1lweed1212


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          Re: Can I join your clan?

          Glad you found TG Bruce. I'll look for you in game and will be glad to squad up with you. I'm playing 2-3 times a week these days. Mostly in the U.S. prime time of 7-11 p.m. eastern.
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            Re: Can I join your clan?

            Welcome, glad you found us and look forward to seeing you on the server!


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              Re: Can I join your clan?

              I hope we see him on the server and maybe the forums, too. Hope we didn't scare him.




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