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A few questions please.

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  • A few questions please.

    Good day all,

    BF4 was awesome in the campaign game but since the beginning of the week , I have given in average one hour of my rest time to the online world of multiplayer community...simply amazing! My last online multiplayer game was BF2142 and was six years ago. With the advent of GPU and CPU and LCD BF4 took me to another much higher dimension drastically, without warm up, nor even preparation...again simply amazing. So, to cut it short , I am facing a few unanswered questions , that, not because I did not find any publication about them but because I am not sure and I do not like to stay in the uncertainty. I will appreciate to read , please , some feedback about those. The color of the

    Player of the squad I am in are appearing in green or in blue?
    Am I automatically assigned to a squad when I join in but then if there is nobody online will I be assigned straight away as SL?
    Big question, how do I speak (voice) to my squad?
    The battle pack experience bonus; are they valid for one cession or for ever?
    I am premium member and still got lot of battle pack, can they be all opened or shall be opened wisely?
    Finally the Tactical Gamer tag , "|TG|" to be set in tag of the soldier profile?

    Ok , in advance than you very much and hope to see you online..


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    Re: A few questions please.

    Hello and welcome to TG jsharo73!
    Yes, your squadmembers names appear in green on your screen.
    If you are first to join on the server you´re assigned the SL spot in the squad.
    To speak, the default button is "left alt" on your keyboard, this can be assigned to whatever button you like in options.
    The battlepaks are forever. You can open them all at once, there isn´t a specific order that's better.
    If you have read and understand the TG Primer you can add the tags in the soldier profile, no need to put in the pipes, just TG will do.

    Hope to see you online as well.


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      Re: A few questions please.

      To clarify the Battlepack Bonus XP things, you keep them forever and you will most likely have more of them than you can use, so always have one active.

      They are all 1 hour long and the time only ticks down when you're alive and playing. If you die, the timer stops until you respawn. If you leave the game, the timer stops until you join a server and spawn.


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        Re: A few questions please.

        For best results with the XP boosts, save them (especially the 100% and 200%) for the double XP weekends if you want to try to rank up quickly. If you do that and play fairly well, you can shoot through a rank or two per round.

        Also the battlepacks tend to be random, so the items you receive in them you may not even be able to use. The most useful battlepacks are the weapon battlepacks that you start receiving after getting something like 210 kills with a weapon. Then every 50 kills (I think that's what it is) you get unlocks specifically for that weapon.

        And to clarify with battlepacks if you unlock paint, it is for your weapons. If you happen to unlock paint in a weapon-specific battlepack, this paint can still be used on any weapon you use, should you choose. The camouflage you can unlock is team-specific, so if you unlock camo and can't seem to find it for your soldier, it is probably camo for another country.
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