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  • Sniper: A Treatise

    EDIT: I just realized someone made something very similar to this already in the guide section. Which means I also posted it in the wrong place! How embarrassing. TLM's guide is very good. I didn't even realize it was there. Sorry about that. Delete this if you want.

    The sniper is an amazing creature. It is often the most hated, loved, misunderstood, ineffective and effective weapon on a battlefield all at the same time. Most of the people who elect to take on the role of sniper, usually do so with the intent of sitting somewhere and getting a grand total of 10 kills while the rest of the team goes about doing whatever it is they are doing. Usually, you can find 12 year olds from COD 'playing sniper' in BF4 only find it is extremely difficult to do so effectively. This leads to the question, 'what makes a sniper effective?' The creature that is the sniper is, inherently, a 'lone wolf'. This is where the misconception of the sniper begins. That singular title leads many who choose to be a sniper to also choose to be a loner. It is extremely frustrating to see and even more so when that loner is a part of your squad. This essay is meant to address the sniper directly and to tell how to play it effectively and as part of the team.

    ***NOTE: This is not meant to be a Recon guide; this is to specifically address snipers and not 'spec ops' or DMR's. This is also primarily targeted towards 'hardcore' players. Please remember, this is in the end my OPINION. Also, as a sniper, PLEASE USE A HEADSET AND MIC. This essay can, I believe, be applied to nearly any FPS where a sniper is a viable class to play.

    Snipers have long been heralded as a sort of 'grim reaper' in movies, television and video games. They are loners who live by the motto 'One shot, one kill' and are seen sneaking around, sometimes with a spotter(the spotter usually being the more experienced of the two). The way they have been portrayed has led to many a kid wanting to be one and act like one in video games. It is often the most sought after position to obtain in an FPS and usually the most hated. Most people view snipers as an annoyance at best; never accepting them as an effective weapon or as part of the team. This, however, is not so. Getting killed by one of these 'annoyances', especially multiple times, can often make players extremely aggravated. This, in turn, affects their gameplay. That is only one, and an extremely small, aspect of being a sniper. Killing other players is actually a 'side-effect' of being a sniper. It is NOT a real sniper's main objective.

    What is a Sniper? A sniper is a SUPPORT UNIT. They are there to directly support their squad and team with information on enemy troop movements, targeting of enemy vehicles, spotting, etc. The sniper is not a lone wolf who sits and kills people at his leisure. It must always be done with the support of the squad in mind. POSITION AND COMMUNICATION ARE KEY FOR THE TRUE SNIPER.

    To learn to play effectively, we must first look at the system of the sniper. Snipers have certain weapons and gadgets at their disposal. Some of these are useful, others are not. The main weapon of the sniper is, of course, the sniper rifle. This is often the most powerful weapon in an FPS other than explosive weapons. It is also notoriously difficult to use well and more difficult still to master. In Battlefield 4, we have at the moment a total of 13 snipers rifles to use. The rifle of choice is ENTIRELY up to the individual. For myself, I almost always use the SRR-61. More importantly than the rifle you choose to use, are the attachments. These include of course the almighty scope. I am of the opinion that the scope of choice for an EFFECTIVE TEAM-ORIENTED SNIPER is a 4X scope. This is known as a 'medium range' scope. Why this scope? BECAUSE A SNIPER HAS NO REASON TO BE AT A DISTANCE WHERE A SCOPE OF THIS POWER WILL NOT BE EFFECTIVE. I used to exclusively use an 8X long range scope. I found it to be quite ineffective in squad play. I decided to switch to a 6X scope but still found it ineffective. After using the 4X, I found that it was still incredibly easy to dispatch enemies even at 300 meters. Another reason the 4X scope is the scope of choice for me, is that it DOES NOT GIVE OFF GLINT. This already helps us immensely for position(which will be discussed in a bit). Canted Iron sights are the next attachment of choice. They allow a sniper to quickly and efficiently dispatch enemies at close range should the need arise. The barrel should be equipped with muzzle break. Flash hider isn't entirely effective because 'bullet trail' is always visible. Muzzle break keeps the weapon more stable and allows us to effectively fire follow-up shots with greater accuracy. For auxiliary, the straight-pull is a no-brainer. Straight-pull will allow us to make follow-up shots without having to get off of our scope.

    Another gadget a sniper cannot be without is the RADIO BEACON. The radio beacon can truly be a 'beacon of hope' for a squad. Placed strategically, it can wreak havoc on enemy flags. It is an ESSENTIAL addition to a sniper's arsenal. The other essential is the PLD. The PLD is, basically, an infrared binocular. It can also be used to target enemy vehicles for your squad mates and teammates. A sniper MAY switch it out on occasion for C4 EXPLOSIVES in the event that the map isn't 'PLD friendly'. Grenades are at the individuals discretion as is side-arm. For field upgrade, I always choose OFFENSIVE. Why? It gives us extra speed and ammunition which can come in handy if you're away from a 'support class'. These are the gadgets and weapons of the sniper. But these weapons DO NOT make an effective sniper. That requires something more.

    We have looked at the weapon and layout of the sniper. Now we will see how to put them to effective use.

    One of the main questions is 'what should a sniper be doing in his squad?' A sniper is NOT a close-quarters combatant. To engage in close-quarters completely destroys the effectiveness of the sniper. How can he be effective without being in close-quarters? Let's take a look:

    -OVERWATCH: What does it mean? Basically, a position from where you can directly support your squad with information on the enemy and even engaging in support of your squad. I recently played a round in 'Sunken Dragon'. I was immediately able to get on top of a mid-height building near 'Charlie'. It is situated in-between 'Charlie' and 'Delta'. It gave me a fantastic view onto the roof of 'Delta', a perfect view of the entirety of 'Charlie', a great long-range view of 'Bravo', a view of the long bridge from 'Alpha' to 'Charlie' and a very effective 360 degree view of the sky to mark targets for my squad. This position allowed me to defend 'Charlie' and 'Delta' almost single-handedly. How? I was able to effectively provide enemy troop movement information to my squad, spot enemies and target vehicles. I also, as a result of good position, finished the round with one of the top scores. Another good example of this is 'Zavod 311'. In Zavod, a sniper can be incredibly effective. Not on the buildings of 'Charlie' and 'Delta' though as most would think. If a squad with a sniper focuses on 'Alpha' and Bravo', the sniper can efficiently call out most troop movement for them and target vehicles in the open fields. He just stays on the 'Alpha' flank and maintains his overwatch of 'Bravo' from there. It also allows him to quickly move to 'Alpha' should the need arise. These are two examples of 'Overwatch'.

    Overwatch is the first and foremost objective of an effective sniper. Establishing an overwatch position allows you to call out targets for your squad via your mic as well as using the keyboard. It also allows you to target vehicles while remaining relatively safe. This is where the PLD comes in handy. Having a PLD allows you to spot even the most well hidden enemies and vehicles. A sniper's job is not always to kill. More important than trying to snipe a sprinting enemy from 150 meters is SPOTTING THAT ENEMY FOR YOUR SQUAD. It keeps you safe and hidden, but lets your squad know who's coming and from where. A GOOD SNIPER SHOULD HAVE A LOT OF SPOTTING RIBBONS. If you don't, you aren't being a team-player. Simple as that.

    When establishing overwatch, keeping hidden is important. It is always best to stick around an area where you have something behind you. Your silhouette can be your downfall. Overwatch position can be established ANYWHERE. It can be in a building, train, etc. These positions can all be of use if you know how to be effective within them. I DON'T RECOMMEND LAYING DOWN TOO OFTEN. A sniper on his stomach is not very mobile. Snipers in FPS's MUST BE MOBILE. You may lay down of course, but don't make it a habit. The only time I recommend laying down is if you're absolutely positive your position is secure.


    -RADIO BEACON PLACEMENT: A good sniper always has a radio beacon. Why? It provides his squad with a safe way of getting immediately back into the fight. Beacon placement can vary. I sometimes run into a flag area with my squad, place a beacon, then run out to overwatch. PLEASE BE AWARE, RADIO BEACONS ARE NOT YOUR PERSONAL TELEPORTATION SERVICE. IT IS INTENDED FOR SQUAD USE. Of course a true sniper would not place a beacon, even for himself, in a place 1000 meters away from the fight. Actually, a beacon near your overwatch position can sometimes be very effective because it allows your squad to regroup safely. Please remember, tell your squad that you're placing a beacon and even inquire with your SL where he wants it. They will appreciate it.

    -COUNTER SNIPING: Counter sniping is the act of eliminating enemy snipers. In TG servers, this is not something that is done too often because of the sniper limit, but a sniper must always be aware of other sharpshooters trying to fire on his squad. These snipers can be found with a sharp eye or the PLD. Once found, SPOT THEM FIRST. Then, while targeting to fire, inform your squad through your mic that you are firing on a sniper and inform them of the snipers position. This applies to any enemy. ALL MUST BE SPOTTED. *****NOTE: PLEASE DO NOT GET INTO ROUND LONG SNIPER DUELS. YOU HELP NO ONE.

    -FIRE SUPPORT: An effective sniper must, of course, be able to fire and eliminate the enemy. Please notice, however, that this is quite low on the list here. Why? Because most of the time, enemies are on the move. It is not easy to eliminate an enemy who is sprinting. To fire on them, YOU MUST BE SURE YOU CAN HIT THEM. I, of course, am guilty of firing on people when a kill shot is near impossible. We are all human. But we must always remember that our position is the most important asset a sniper has. The better our position, the better it is for the squad as a whole. To give it away by firing on an enemy 300 meters away sprinting left to right is, for lack of a better word, idiotic. We must hold back on such shots however enticing they may be.

    So then what constitutes a 'smart shot'? A smart shot is one on a stationary enemy, a slow moving enemy at mid-range and on an enemy who is a direct threat on the squad or on yourself.

    Stationary: A stationary enemy is pretty straightforward. You must not get excited as you may misfire. Just take your time, and fire as close to the head as possible. Once you've fired, zoom out and scan to make sure no one is on to you. The PLD will be very effective at that stage.

    Slow moving: Slow moving enemies can still be a difficult shot. Keeping calm is essential here and just waiting for the opportunity for an effective shot. The best shots are those where the enemy is moving directly towards or away from you. PLEASE BE AWARE, SHOOTING AN ENEMY MOVING TOWARDS YOU CAN GIVE YOU AWAY. HE MAY RESPAWN AND COME AFTER YOU.

    Direct threat: When engaging a direct threat on the squad you must support with direct fire. Even if he is moving erratically and you don't hit him, the simple 'snap' of your bullet will put him off balance and possibly allow the squad to fire and eliminate the enemy. REMEMBER TO TELL YOUR SQUAD VIA MIC THAT YOU'RE ENGAGING THE ENEMY AT 'X' LOCATION. They may be fired upon without knowing where the enemy is. COMMUNICATION IS VITAL. As for direct threats on yourself, fire back as best as possible while relocating. Inform the the squad of the position of the assailant while falling back and firing.

    It is important to remember these shots and situations. A CALM APPROACH WITH COMMUNICATION TO YOUR SQUAD IS ALWAYS BEST.

    -SQUAD LEADER: A sniper can be an extremely affective squad leader. Spotting for the squad and acting as a spawn beacon himself, the sniper can hang back in overwatch over objectives and tell the squad where the enemies are coming from. It also allows for easy spawning for the squad. I have played SL many times as a sniper and I have found that you can be highly effective. As an SL, simply follow the guidelines of overwatch and proceed. It's very simple.

    These skills are ESSENTIAL to an effective sniper. Overwatch is always first. You are not a lone wolf. You are not a head hunter. You are not a movie sniper. You are a SUPPORT UNIT. Nothing more. Snipers, when played correctly, can completely change a battle. INFORMATION IS A SNIPER'S DEADLIEST WEAPON. If your squad knows where enemies are and where they're coming from, they can eliminate them.


    -Try not to be further than 200 meters away from your squad objective or your squad. You won't be effective should a direct threat fire support situation arise.

    -The 4X scope is best as it removes glint, gives good zoom in the 'truly effective sniper range' and keeps you honest from engaging people from too far away. A 6X scope MAY be acceptable but it's up to you.

    -LEARN THE MAPS. Find the common sniper/sharpshooter spots and general camping spots and keep an eye on them.

    -Communicate clearly and concisely with your squad. Don't mumble and try to get to the point.

    -Be confident. In everything. Even if you're K/D is awful, stay confident with your squad in voicing the enemy movements and don't act flustered.

    -PLD MUST BE USED. It gives your squad mates targets and gives you a way of seeing enemies clearly for the squad as well.

    -C4 can be effective if a tank is near a spawn beacon. Quickly spawn with the C4 and parachute over the tank. Drop the C4 and blow it up. Even if you get killed by someone afterwards, your death doesn't matter if it got rid of a tank or AA in the process.

    -Learn to Zero targets without a range finder. If you want, set your zero to 200 meters all the time. It's an easy 'cheat' because if you're under 200 meters from a target, just aim for the chest and bullet will hit a bit higher.


    -Experiment with the different rifles to find the one that best suits you. There really is no right answer. I use the SRR-61 and have been looking at the FYJS as well.

    -Keep sensitivity low. It lets you be more precise. Please note however, that this comes down to personal preference. Generally however, lower is better for sniping.

    -Don't get into prolonged sniper battles. It's selfish and does nothing to help the team.

    -When using the PLD, inform the squad that you are attempting to target 'X' vehicle. This will alert them and allow them to take out their anti-vehicle weapon to fire as soon as you acquire. Remember: If you're targeting a vehicle and you know it's going to kill you, stay targeting it as long as possible for your squad to fire. Don't bother running if you know it's going to kill you. Another second on target might be the difference between a missile destroying it or not.

    -Don't get frustrated when you can't hit anything. It happens to everyone. Just calm down and relax.

    -Don't get frustrated when one person kills you a bunch of times. You are not a head hunter. Keep with the squad and support them.


    All in all, the sniper can truly be the most effective weapon in a squad. The information they relay can be essential to a squad playing well. That being said, the sniper is not for everyone. Try to remember that as a 'true sniper' you'll be doing a lot of:

    Talking to the squad
    Placing radio beacons
    PLD targeting

    Some shooting will of course be involved, but the squad must come first. Never forget that. For those of you that have to deal with 'movie snipers' in your squads, try to talk them into being part of the team and being effective. If not, report them obviously. But don't forget when you see those crosshairs in your squad list, it just might be someone who knows what he's doing and will be instrumental to your squad's success.

    I hope that this treatise sheds some light on what I believe to be an effective sniper and I hope it can teach something to someone. I hope to see you all on the battlefield, and I hope to be your squad's sniper soon.

    EDIT: I just realized someone made something very similar to this already in the guide section. Which means I put it in the wrong place! How embarrassing. TLM's guide is very good. I didn't even realize it was there. Sorry about that. Delete this if you want.

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    Re: Sniper: A Treatise

    Well first welcome to the forums AnonBot. Although you are correct there is a pretty in depth guide already, it's good to see players like yourself putting this amount of thought and larger teamwork view to the recon kit; especially the limited sniper rifles.

    I agree becons are one of the must have items for any recon/sniper and increases the life span of squads when assaulting/defending flags. I would be interested in how the MAV does/doesn't fit into how you fill the sniper role; you didn't mention it. As far as spotting targets and intelligence gathering for the team it excels, on vehicle light maps I find it especially useful.


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      Re: Sniper: A Treatise

      Thanks for the welcome!

      The reason I don't use the MAV so much is because of the radio beacon and the PLD. Radio beacon is essential in my opinion for obvious reasons. The squad gets a place to respawn and engage in the attack again. As for the PLD, I use it a lot to spot and relay that info the team. I'm always on the mic telling the squad where enemies are. Especially if they're on the move where I can't hit them with the rifle. I like it too because if I spot someone like another sniper or stationary target, I can quickly switch to the rifle and take them out if possible. I'll probably do some experimenting with the MAV again, but for me, this layout has worked very very well. I get a lot of radio beacon ribbons and spotting ribbons if I make sure to keep in good position and strategically place the beacon. The squads I'm in do pretty well usually with this layout.

      I guess it comes down to preference. I swear by the PLD because it gives me a lot of freedom to be mobile while spotting. My only issue with the MAV is mobility. You have to stay in one spot. With the PLD I can still spot but quickly switch to an offensive role.
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        Re: Sniper: A Treatise

        Welcome to the forums! And your first post was informative, well laid out, and insightful....THE END IS NIGH!

        Seriously though, good read. I'm a big advocate of the PLD especially when dealing with Snipers on the other team. Makes them REAAAAL easy to find haha. Although running recon with a MAV and a couple guys with lock on armor weapons is a great tactic. Me and a few of the guys managed to lock down armor on a map with just one squad and an ammo bag.

        I think the main thing to take away is fluidity. If you are going the recon route be ready to change your kit on the fly as the battlefield is very dynamic. If you only want to use C4 and snipe away then you are in for a very bad night. Also as a sniper fan myself I can say that you when in the role you should never focus on KDR. EVER! If you want to go 50-2 and be sup3rl33tsn1p3z then this isn't the server or community to try it in. Always focus on what would have the most practical application within the squad. If that requires constant spotting and not firing a shot, well grab the coffee and hover over the Q.


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          Re: Sniper: A Treatise

          Awesome write up. Thanks, and welcome to TG!


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            Re: Sniper: A Treatise

            Thanks Dredge and Corp! Yeah I was bored at home and felt like writing about snipers in BF4 without even bothering to check if someone else had done it already hahaha. Oh well the more the merrier I always say. Thanks for the welcome!

            Dredge yeah I agree 100% about fluidity. It's all about adapting. Even if adapting means choosing another class! I had to last night because sniping wasn't going to work for the squad's plan for the round so I went with Support in that instance. I definitely agree you need to adapt to the changing situation especially in regards to C4. Sometimes I'll spawn just one time the entire round with C4 just because of a tank who's killing everyone, or I may use C4 the whole round if the map and situation calls for it. Too many 'snipers' are so one-dimensional and focus only on killing and their ratio, that they give other snipers a bad name. It's unfortunate because it makes the entire class look rather weak which it certainly is not!

            As for your last bit, yes I have sometimes finished a round with less than stellar stats, but that's only because I spend most of it relaying information to my squad. I love to do it personally. It's really all about an individuals personality. Some enjoy running in, killing everyone, close-combat tactics with their squad, blowing people up, getting a good ratio and being an overall bad-ass. A LOT of the guys here on TG do this and are indeed bad-asses! But for me, I love providing support from afar. It's how I've always been. Honestly though, sometimes in my role of sniper for a squad, I even get more kills than my squadmates while supporting them! That's always nice! haha.
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              Re: Sniper: A Treatise

              Just be careful ;) Many night I have felt the burning hatred from some TGers as I pop them in the face when they think they are hidden by the flag. Oh many a night I sat and giggled to the stream of "Dredge is sniping again" and my favorite "Aww. dammit Dredge" classics.


              KnyghtMare ~You could always tell the person holding the gun to your head you would like to play on a different server...


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                Re: Sniper: A Treatise

                Thanks for the great write up AnonBot, refreshing to see someone addressing the sniper role from an appropriate teamwork perspective as so, so many who pick up a long rifle do not, hence we limit the kit on the server. Unfortunately the HC damage model and the 'mystique' of the lone sniper attract so many individuals who quite frankly would be equally happy and perhaps better off playing a single player game or select levels from a Call of Duty campaign.

                [MENTION=36547]Dredge[/MENTION], to be honest they probably just want you to come down off the roof for a minute and cap a flag lol.

                In all seriousness though, in view of the engagement ranges that you mention, which are quite short, do you not consider that the 'Reconnaisance' role of the 'Sniper' could equally, if not more effectively be carried out by a Recon carrying a carbine with suitable attachments. I know from personal experience that the AK5C is extremely accurate at beyond the 200m range you mention at one point and has the added bonus of a 30 round mag and fully automatic fire. In addition it's obviously far more suited for personal defense and, if the situation dictates, ensures the Recon can move in with the squad, effectively.

                As regards roles and weapon platforms that is a key factor for me, whether it's my own gear or that of a member of my squad, plain old effectiveness. The engagement ranges in BF4 are relatively short compared to most games I play/have played and in taking your comments into consideration for me at least the application of the sniper rifle becomes limited. It's strengths are range and damage. If we accept that when using it in its designed role, long range target interdiction you are most likely not with your squad, then it becomes less and less useful as a squad support weapon. Alternatively if you push in closer, to better support your squad, then you run into the inherent limitations of the platform, rof and magazine capacity. You're losing the stand off distance that protects the sniper and mitigates those specific weaknesses.

                Personally, once you close into the flag and adopt a support position off the shoulder of your squad I think you can do the job better with either a DMR, LMG, AR or Carbine (in that order). Each of those platforms provides a far greater ROF (including fully automatic of course), far greater magazine capacity/overall load and because of that the ability to both engage multiple targets and/or suppress to facilitate the movement of your squad. If I was assaulting whilst I appreciate the 'one shot kill' potential of the sniper rifle I would generally far rather I was being covered by someone good with any of the above platforms. They can defend themselves for longer (in view of the small maps) and potentially bolster the assault if required. Still, we all have our preferences, regardless, a great write up, good reading content is always appreciated. Thanks for taking the time to pull this together and share it.


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                  Re: Sniper: A Treatise

                  You bring up good points Wicks.

                  This honestly comes down to personal preference. The recon role you mention, if adopted by anyone using anything other than a sniper rifle, should then be adopted using an LMG. Some LMG'S can be ridiculously effective from 200+ meters. The whole point of the recon class is of course to have the PLD and radio beacon. So then why not use a carbine?

                  A carbine, while having a large magazine, can run out of ammo quickly in the hands of someone not so experienced(myself included haha). It's also obviously not as powerful as the sniper rifle which is a minus. To be honest, it comes down to personal preference. I prefer the sniper rifle over the carbine, but I will adopt a DMR in certain situations because it gives the best of both worlds. A carbine would, in my opinion, be better served in a close combat role and certainly not in a reconnaissance role. You are correct that a sniper might have a problem moving in with a squad, but that's why I use a 4X scope max and canted iron sights. That's at least what works for me. For the carbine vs sniper rifle in a reconnaissance role debate, I think it's best to use what you're most comfortable with.

                  I disagree that it is only applicable for long range interdiction. I have fantastic success within 200 meters with the right attachments. Perhaps I have developed an unorthodox playing style. I do play support too though. It's a lot of fun.

                  I agree that those other platforms would provide more in certain situations, but it just comes down to personal preference I believe. As I said, perhaps I have an unorthodox style. I don't believe in simply using a sniper rifle all the time. I do switch if I need to, but I know what weapon I'm good with. While I may not cap a flag because I'm 30 meters away, those 30 meters show me where all the enemies are coming from. With the sniper, I can fire once instead of firing a bunch of rounds and becoming a beacon to other enemies(except for that blasted bullet trail!!!). Additionally, my position slightly away makes me a safe spawn beacon for the SL in addition to beacon I have already placed. Sometimes I don't bother firing, if it's a bad shot as I stated in my original post, if the shot may miss and give me away. For reconnaissance, position is most important.

                  I believe my analysis regarding 'Overwatch' is sound. However you decide to apply the principles of it(sniper, DMR, carbine, LMG, etc.) I think they can all be good if applied with Overwatch in mind. The problem with some of the others is that they fire so much that they may give you away. For me, if I'm assaulting a flag, I much prefer someone telling me how many enemies are coming and their location as opposed to another gun next to me. I've seen it happen where 1 person surprises 5 people and kills them all. Or 8 people converge on a squad from different directions. I prefer to have good Intel on their movements instead of another assault rifle next to me. That's the point of reconnaissance and Overwatch for me and, FOR ME PERSONALLY, it is best achieved with a sniper rifle with a 4X scope and canted iron sights OR depending on the situation a DMR! The DMR fires so quickly too that you have to be careful with firing too much. But anyway, all of this is really my opinion (I put a disclaimer!!!!) so I guess just take it with a grain of salt. Thanks Wicks!
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                    Re: Sniper: A Treatise

                    @AnonBot Just to round this out a little more, what field upgrade are you running when you fill the role described in the first post.


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                      Re: Sniper: A Treatise

                      For me Squinty, I like to run with 'Offensive'. I like having additional speed and ammunition especially for those times when I'm in Overwatch for an extended period. The ammunition allows me to stay effective from an offensive and counter-offensive perspective. The speed also helps me run when I have to haha. More grenades are always helpful too. If I ran in non-hardcore servers more then spec ops would be viable. For me offensive works best.
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                        Re: Sniper: A Treatise

                        Nice guide, Anon. Thanks! Do you mainly still stick to those personal choices, such as 4x and canted, or did you find something else, meanwhile? Just wondering...
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                          Re: Sniper: A Treatise

                          lol I forgot I wrote this. No now I use 6x and green laser. The laser helps with fast target acquisition for me. I guess the rest applies except for the PLD since it was nerfed really badly. Using FLIR can help mitigate that shortcoming in the recon kit because it allows you to easily spot targets for your team and call them out.
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                            Re: Sniper: A Treatise

                            Can you elaborate on how the laser helps with target acquisition?
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                              Re: Sniper: A Treatise

                              There are many times in a match where an enemy will pop out of nowhere from around a corner or what have you and I'll have to quickly scope in and take him out. The crosshairs work okay, but in that split second, having the laser makes it a bit easier to scope in and take a fast drag shot since all I have to do is get the big green dot on the person. It also helps a tiny tiny bit for the very rare hip shot when someone comes around a corner close range but that misses 75 percent of the time. One more thing it helps me with is keeping the gun level when walking around. I have the bad habit of not keeping my rifle at body or head level when walking around probably because I never played much normal mode where they give you a HUD showing where you are aiming. The laser helps mitigate that and reminds me where my rifle is aiming when I'm walking around and helps me keep it level with where enemies will probably be thus minimizing the need for much movement of the crosshairs to get on target once I'm scoped in.
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