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    Does the group ever get together for squad/team training? Many years ago, when I belonged to a different group, we would meet in a server and discuss tactics, etc... Of course, we were a simple squad, so it was much easier to manage. Do you guys meet up to do something similar?

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    Re: BF4 training

    The short answer is 'nothing currently'.
    If there was an expressed interest we might see some training classes from TGU (Tactical Gamer University) but there hasn't been many asking as far as I can tell.
    You might also check out the Tactics Tips and Guides Subforum; there's some good write ups in there kit wise.


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      Re: BF4 training

      Hey welcome to TG USMC. I had the pleasure of causing your demise one or two times last night.

      Some of the in house groups I believe drill together. I'm thinking the 3rd but there may be others. By in house I mean those who are TG supporting members who have formed internal squads amongst like minded players.

      It's a great idea. Back in BF2 my own in house squad, 1st Mechanized Infantry Platoon, drilled once a week learning and operating under defined SOP's. All of us learned each position so that whenever we joined we could come in and operate without a hitch. We operated with two man fire teams, Alpha and Bravo. Each fire team had a 1, 2 & 3 position and each position was assigned a static role with a defined load out. It was a great system that worked because we almost always played as a squad together. it doesn't work well today because we have so many guests joining and leaving there is no consistency in the roles.

      Anyways...There is a squad named the TG Irregulars. Members of the Irregulars are not required to be supporting members. Many Irregulars eventually do become supporting members and move onto other more tightly organized squads.

      **its own supporting membership is lapesd at the be rectified in the near future.

      See you on the battlefield.
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        Re: BF4 training

        Late reply, thanks for the info. I'll check out the "irregulars".


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          Re: BF4 training

          The Irregulars is a good group if you're looking to take a step toward In-House Squads. A good group to join if you like being able to jump in game and have some familiar faces to play with. Another plus is that joining the irregulars isn't necessarily a huge commitment. You can certainly get involved, but generally there aren't required meetups/things of that nature. I was formerly an Irregular and I can say I enjoyed playing with all of the guys there.

          For specific squad practice, it is getting harder to find groups that do this together. At the 3rd we used to have weekly practice sessions for about half an hour to work together then we would use what we practiced on an open server (usually TG). However as of late, this has slowed down and is more of a rarity for us.

          By all means though, I'm sure that if you put word out there, you could find a group who would want to get together and practice various things. It wouldn't necessarily be the same group of guys that you would be squadding up with on the server, but practice with a concentrated group is still useful.
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