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  • Kicked? Banned?

    So i join the server hop in a jet flying around and see a heli NOT ANYWHERE NEAR THE SPAWN BASE OF THE ENEMY and its shooting at me so i fire back not killing anyone and i get kicked. others tell me it said banned?

    Who does this kind of stuff? Do you even care about the servers popularity enough to kick for legit reasons? oh he was 500 feet from the uncap better BAN HIM FOR LIFE!!!! on this particular map you can fly over e and sometimes d and the auto aa fires at you. better ban the aa guns.....

    Never have i signed up to a forum just to try and get my ban revoked as i can join any of hundreds of other servers. But i Just had to tell someone of this behavior.

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    Re: Kicked? Banned?

    This is a better place for this.

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      Re: Kicked? Banned?

      i tried and tried and tried it just reloaded the main forum sorry

      feel free to move it


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        Re: Kicked? Banned?

        The link may be fixed. It takes me to the Contact an Admin section on the forum. Try it again and make a post. This area is visible only to the TG BF4 admin group. Introduce yourself, ask if there is a ban, (if any) and can it be lifted. You may have been kicked by the supporting member script. Dues paying members of Tacticalgamer benefit from reserved slots. Unfortunately there is no kick message so many have questions about the sudden kick.

        The community thrives on teamwork and communication. Few servers offer the teamwork and squad play typically found on the TG server. We have a large corps of regulars who have played the BF franchise together for years. TG hosts many active games in addition to the BF series. Many Tg'ers are excellent squad leaders. Game play is usually stellar when the server is full. It sucks you had the experience that led you to believe you were banned but that sounds extraordinarily heavy handed and not so typical of our excellent admin group. Post up in the CAA thread and join us again. I'd welcome you in my squad for a proper introduction to TG tactics and play.
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          Re: Kicked? Banned?

          It's been moved here:
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