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  • Considering returning, questions inside

    Greetings all! Haven't been around in basically forever; I hope everyone is doing well.

    Lately I've been feeling like getting back into the shooter/tactical genre, so it's either CS:GO or BF4 as my primary options, both of which I've largely missed the boat on. I rather miss the community and play of TG, so I'm leaning in that direction. A few questions, though:

    1. I saw from Oz's post that people say the server is still fairly active, but how much of it is TG vs. non-TG players during prime time?
    2. What pack do I need to buy? Looks like Premium Edition to get all the map packs?
    3. Any buggy/balance issues to consider that I might have to deal with?
    4. Anything I should know about the server/gameplay?
    5. Is it too late to join in; that is, should I be waiting for something else to come out? I see that Hardline is a few months away, though it looks like there isn't a huge interest here.

    The last BF that I remember playing I think was BF:BC2 (I actually can't remember if I played BF3 or not), but really I never played any of them as much as I did BF2, which imo was the best as far as setting and teamwork. So I'm just curious how everything compares to understand the chances this has of keeping my interest. :)

    I appreciate any input you guys can provide!

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    Re: Considering returning, questions inside

    1. Very balanced usually. You'll see 8-10 TG'ers per side sometimes. It's very nice.

    2. Premium without a doubt.

    3. Not too much. DMR's can sometimes be a problem(not my opinion but it is the opinion of some)

    4. Just read the rules and have fun basically. It's a great server. GET A MIC!!!!

    5. Not too late at all. I'm fairly new as well. Don't worry about it. This is a very accommodating group and the admins are great too.

    For BF2 comparisons and whatnot I'll give that to someone else because I never really played anything other than BF4. Have fun!
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      Re: Considering returning, questions inside

      My input and expanding on Anon's points

      1. The BF4 server is pretty active every single night in the evening hours until who knows when. There's usually a good number of tagged TG players on both sides and it makes for some good fights. We also have quite a few non-tagged regulars who frequent the playground - so to speak - almost every night as well, whom which are also hip to our ways. All in all, there's been some great rounds on numerous nights - some rounds being absolute nail biters with one team winning by a hair.

      2. Premium is the way to go in order to have all the map packs. We run all the map packs with the vanilla maps on the server - some more than others. We'll change up the rotation every so often, and sometimes on the fly (if numbers drop, admin pushes the magic button to switch to a smaller map better suited for the numbers). The short and skinny? Yea, you'll need all the map packs, so best to grab Premium. With the game being this late in it's life - you can score Premium for a cheap price, I'm sure. Plus you save a little money in the long run, instead of buying each DLC separately

      3. As with any game, BF4 has it's flaws. Fortunately it's been cleaned up quite a bit over the course of time via patches, because the game was a mess at launch. There's still a few little things here and there, as far as bugs, but we deal with it and can still function.

      4. Server and gameplay: Like Anon said - read the rules and have some fun. But to expand on the rules and notable facts that should be known about the server.......

      Rules and guidelines for the BF4 server can be found HERE

      A couple other rules and facts that should be mentioned as well:

      - No engaging from or into UNCAPS/Main bases.

      - No spamming RPGs/rockets/AT weapons against infantry in the open. If your enemy is behind cover, he's fair game to have his cover blown apart and eat a rocket. Sometimes, you have your rocket launcher out to engage armor, turn a corner and get spooked by a bad guy and let one fly in panic. That happens. If you're running around spamming a rocket launcher as a primary weapon against infantry for easy kills - that's a no-no.

      - Camping enemy spawn beacons/radio beacons is frowned upon. Destroy it or move on if you come across one. Don't sit there and wait for them to spawn on it so you can get an easy kill. Sometimes an enemy will spawn in on the beacon while you're in the process of destroying it and you end up getting the kill too. That happens. But don't camp them.

      - There is a sniper rifle limit implemented on the server which allows 3 sniper rifles per team. In order to secure a sniper rifle slot, you gotta get a kill with one. You lose your slot if you get a kill with any other weapon that is not in your kit. (i.e. gunner seat in a tank, gun emplacement, picking up a kit off a dead body and using their primary weapon if it's anything other than a sniper rifle). If all the slots are full and you pop somebody with a sniper rifle, the server kills you. It's a script. You can still play recon with any of the other primary weapon in the recon class (DMRs, Carbines, PDWs/SMGs, Shotguns). But if you want to be a recon with a long rifle, you gotta secure a slot. The limit is an effort to deter lone wolfing and deter the situation of having half the team full of snipers camping in left field to farm kills instead of playing the objective. To check to see if a slot is available, you gotta type this command in the chat window, without the quotations - "/!snipers". The slots reset at the beginning of each round. So if you had a slot in the previous round, you gotta secure one again for the following round.

      There are "pickup weapons" scattered around on the maps in certain spots. They're usually found on a wood plank or crate and you can pick them up and use them. Some of those pickup weapons are .50 caliber sniper rifles (AMR-2 or M82A3 rifles in different variants). It's usually only one rifle, or sometimes 2. Those don't count against the sniper rifle limit. These rifles - as well as the other pickup weapons - have limited ammo and you can't replenish the ammo for those weapons through ammo boxes. Once you burn through all the ammo for it, that's it and you can't use it anymore. They usually respawn after some time. But boy, are those .50 cal rifles deadly! (Anti-material rifles. They do damage to light skin vehicles like choppers, buggies, MRAP trucks, etc and decimate infantry as well) The other pickup weapons are usually a couple different rocket launchers, a grenade launcher and a USAS auto shotgun with frag rounds.

      - There's an automatic kick system for teamkills. There's no punish or forgive function. It's usually 5 teamkills in a round and then you get kicked. In light of that point - yes, we do play hardcore mode. Friendly Fire is ON and accidents do happen. If it's intentional, then that's a different story........

      - There is a language filter script in place for the in-game chat. Maturity and respect is required. The filter kills you for your first language infraction. Repeated offenses usually result in an auto kick. Or an automatic ban if you say something really bad (homophobic or racial slurs). As Rockford likes to say - "Swear at your cat, not in the chat". If the script doesn't catch it, the admins will.

      - To get an admin's attention in order to report a problem player in game, type this in the in-game chat, without quotations - "!admin reporting (insert player name) for (insert issue)". Or speak up in Teamspeak. There's usually an admin or few in channel.


      - The gameplay among us is pretty good and we do our best to play the TG way within the limitations of BF4. Every squad leader has different tactics and strategies, but as a whole, we all play under the TG way and style. Alot of teamwork, strategy, and cohesion. The game itself is vastly different from BF2, as far as some features. Squad leaders can't mark waypoints on the map anymore (boooo!), SL to CO comms are no longer bound to a separate VOIP key. The CO can bounce in and out of squad VOIP channels at his/her will and that's really the only way to communicate via VOIP with the CO. You can get the CO's attention and request communication through the commo-rose and hope that he'll pop into your VOIP channel. We have some TG folks who are pretty good CO's. Some maps are vastly large, some are a bit smaller. A good mix though. The game is little faster paced than BF2. Just some things worth mentioning.....

      5. It's not too late. BF4 is still going strong here at TG. We're on the final map pack (Final Stand), but there's rumors of new DLC coming.

      Hope all this helps and hope to see ya out there!
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        Re: Considering returning, questions inside

        Now that is a name I wasn't expecting to see. Tarpan, just remember, LMGs can actually kill people, you can zero certain weapons, skid loaders aren't toys, and commanders play on tablets.


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          Re: Considering returning, questions inside

          Tarpan!...good to see you.

          Bf4 will be going strong at TG for at least another 6 months to a year. Plenty of TG goodness on the server just about every night. Not like the old days but still good. If none of the squads have a slot I start a squad and lead it TG style and usually get at least another TGer or two on board.

          Most of the pubbie servers are a mess but I've found a handful that feature teamwork and orders. Not as much as TG of course. The ranking system is kind of fun but runs counter to the TG ethos but it is what it is so I have fun with it since there is no alternative. There is a commander and decent squad voip (BF3 had neither) and that plu the other goodness is enough to have TG quality in the gameplay. Of course not every minute of every round but you get it.

          Get it and get on the server. You'll be glad you did.
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            Re: Considering returning, questions inside

            Tarpan! OMG...come back...please!

            [MENTION=99692]AnonBot[/MENTION] and [MENTION=52165]FullMetalDrummer[/MENTION] have got it covered as far as your concerns go it seems. Nice job stepping up to answer his questions guys! Kudos points (if I can give anymore - guess I can't give Anon anymore kudos cookies).

            Premium is definitely the way to go. As for it being too late, not at all. Hardline might be coming out, but it seems the general TG interest isn't really in it and BF4 will probably hold us until the next real Battlefield title releases.
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