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MOH:Warfighter what it did right

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  • [VIDEO] MOH:Warfighter what it did right

    Interesting video from LevelCap where he looks at some of the good features that MOH:Warfighter has/had that perhaps could be carried over to other FPS like the BF series.

    I have to say I personally enjoyed Warfighter overall despite it's many flaws and agree there are a number of interesting things it does that I wish other developers would at least look at implementing/iterating on.

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    Re: MOH:Warfighter what it did right

    I still love MoH. It saddens me that the franchise is dead now thanks to EA/Dice. It is my favorite FPS series ever.


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      Re: MOH:Warfighter what it did right

      We've had quite a few great games as a squad in Warfighter. Probably the most consistent when it came down to playing together with 13th/18th guys, unlike BF3/BF4. Definitely miss the gunplay present in MOHW. Wish my BF4 guns were as purty and offered such good feedback when I use them.

      The buddy system...ugh. It works okay-ish given MOHW focused on squad play primarily rather than large-scale battlefields.
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