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In one ear and out the other! *Gif*

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  • In one ear and out the other! *Gif*

    Just, wow!

    One of those "Only in Battlefield" moments, for sure.

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    Re: In one ear and out the other! *Gif*

    Probably lag on player/server side. That vehicle isn't where it was visually, so the rocket actually didn't impact anything. I see this often when I rocket players with high ping driving around. Sometimes there's a noticeable stutter moment afterwards that tells me that I missed due to high latency and other times, I'm the one who's got the high ping.
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      Re: In one ear and out the other! *Gif*

      The best is shooting at aircraft with a high latency difference. You can't miss.
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        Re: In one ear and out the other! *Gif*

        I've shot both tank rounds and rpg's through the middle of the transport chopper before now. Latency or not, I saw them go through.

        It's like...

        "Got him!"...



        "did I just see that?" ...

        "that was epic!"...

        "reload dammit!!!"

        All in a fraction of a second.
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          Re: In one ear and out the other! *Gif*

          I remember in 2142 with the gunship guided rockets, you would have to hit enemy gunships little back behind their tail to get a hit
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