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BE Hardline sale - 40$

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  • BE Hardline sale - 40$

    For all of those who said they would buy it at 40$ Battlefield Hardline - PC: Video Games
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    Re: BE Hardline sale - 40$

    Amazon isn't the only one that is selling it for $40., Best Buy (the brick-n-mortar stores),, and several other e-tailers and retailers are also selling it at $40 a copy.

    I ended up getting a physical copy through and forgot to get it through Amazon. Oh well. On the plus side at least I'd have the physical disks in case of the apocalypse...
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      Re: BE Hardline sale - 40$

      I think they have changed the price an it is not a sale.
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        Re: BE Hardline sale - 40$

        Except at Origin's store, which is still selling it for $59 for standard edition. OTOH, Titan Fall deluxe is $13.32 on Origin

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