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Thanks for Sunday password night

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  • Thanks for Sunday password night

    Many thanks to all that made the Sunday Password night a big hit for me as the "Guest of Honor"!

    The Zombie mode was very entertaining, though Propaganda map was a terrible first choice. Pearl map was more to my liking since there was so many places to hide. I believe my decision to use the recon decoy device was a wise one as it put my position on the map off to the side of where I was hiding. I think it automatically placed my on your map without me shooting or being spotted. And of course the icing on the cake was knifing Rockford first at the bottom of the stairs going up to Echo flag.

    I noticed that there were a lot of "Protestors" standing in the middle of the intersection. Lobbed a couple of canisters of smoke amongst them to separate them out and sure enough they scurried out like the roaches they were. You cant mass shoot zombies if you cant see them!

    Anyway, thanks from this old man for the fun.

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    Re: Thanks for Sunday password night

    Lol I had a blast as always.

    I can't believe I got knifed by an OLD zombie. Had a great time Gunney and all.

    Death to Gunney!!!!!!


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      Re: Thanks for Sunday password night

      Ol' Gunney! ;) Thanks for coming out guys!

      Cursed Namebot got me there in the end with the torch through the smoke. Surprised I didn't hear him saying "brains, brains, brains!" over TS. XD
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        Re: Thanks for Sunday password night

        Always a good time :) Our next Zombie mode I think zombies should have smoke, incendiary and flash with the last three remaining non zombies going full auto or shot gun maybe. Now if we could just find a way to turn the lights off. MUhhahahah!


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          Re: Thanks for Sunday password night

          Thanks for setting up Nard. Was fun

          Here is a video on the zombie server side mod that some servers are running. Video goes over the rules and settings in the video (essentially first zombie only takes 2% bullet damage and as zombie population grows, damage increases).




          TeamSpeak 3 Server


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