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  • [email protected] Joining server

    OK, about a month ago there was a storm that knocked out my internet for a minute and when it came back my rig would no longer connect. Tried many things to get connected even system restore and nothing worked. Finally went out and bought a network card and now I have connection. Everything works except bf4. This is what I have tried.
    1. repairing the game.
    2. allowing exceptions in firewall.
    3. different browsers.
    4. going into bios and turning off my onboard LAN which makes my system not start at all, ( curious ).
    5. various setting in battlelog.
    6. pulling my hair out.
    7. yelling and cursing at it.
    8. sweet talk.
    Nothing I have tried is working, just thought I would post here in hopes one of you brilliant people might think of something I have not. Thank you.

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    Re: [email protected] Joining server

    Maybe try reinstalling PunkBuster?

    You might want to give us some more info. Since you can get into Battlelog, do the servers show up and what happens when you try to enter a server?


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      Re: [email protected] Joining server

      Sounds frustrating, I had issues with battlelog similar to this a while back and although I forget exactly what I did to resolve the issue some things I tried:
      Check box that the battlelog plugin is always allowed to run under chrome://plugins/
      The files in the bf4 folder BF4WebHelper/BF4X86WebHelper set those under compatibly to run as administrator and Run this program in compatibility mode (windows 8) if needed.


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        Re: [email protected] Joining server

        Echoing what Squinty said, find (BF4WebHelper.exe) in your install directory. Run it as admin. I read somewhere someone deleted it, and it also solved the issue, but if you do, just in case, back a copy of it somewhere because I have no idea what it does.


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          Re: [email protected] Joining server

          Thanks lots guys! Running the Bf4Webhelper as admin got me in game :) Not sure why, I have never needed to do that before. Always something so simple that causes so much head ache. You guys rock!


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            Re: [email protected] Joining server

            If you are running Chrome, it is necessary to use BF4WebHelper.exe as Chrome (and other major browsers) are phasing our NPAPI plugins. These plugins rely on outdated and insecure ways to interact with browsers and other software.
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