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Narrative Weapon Guide (ARs, Carbines, PDWs)

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  • Narrative Weapon Guide (ARs, Carbines, PDWs)

    Narrative Form Weapon Guide

    Table of Contents
    1. Introduction and General Comments: Part 1
    2. Individual Weapon Breakdowns: Part 2
    3. Final Notes, Glossary: Part 3


    I know when I started playing this game, it was difficult for me to get even basic information without being buried in numbers. This made it harder to understand. I think for most people, having a weapon guide for this game that takes all that data and summarizes and categorizes it.

    This guide will focus on three classes of weapons: Assault Rifles, Carbines and PDWs. These weapons can be compared on a 1 to 1 basis, whereas other weapon classes have unique characteristics that make comparisons more difficult. The Sniper Rifle has high magnification scopes and zero ADS-Not Moving spread, LMGs have huge magazines, DMRs are only semi-automatic fire, and Shotguns work on a different model altogether.

    This not coincidentally also fits more with my playstyle. If I'm at very long range, I'm more likely to figure out a way to close the gap than I am to try to trade shots.

    Generally speaking, the game is DESIGNED to be something like this:

    Now whether this is actually in practice how it works is another question. But I think at a glance this is helpful. If you know you'll be fighting within 8 meters, use a PDW or Shotgun. If you know your distance will be longer, or you want more versatility, choose a Carbine or an Assault Rifle. One of the reasons that Assault Rifles are so broadly used is that they give arguably the most versatility in the game.

    Next to the three featured weapon classes you'll see their first shot spread. This is the spread you get if you're standing still and using your ADS (scope/RDS). You can see how distance quickly makes PDWs unattractive, while Assault Rifles remain accurate.

    Broadly speaking, differences between an Assault Rifle and a Carbine or a Carbine and a PDW or whatever are more important than the differences between individual Carbines or PDWs. You should alter your play style to accommodate the type of weapon you're using.

    General Comments on Weapon Classes

    The general question you'll have is whether to use X over a Carbine. Assault Rifle over Carbine? PDW over Carbine? Generally speaking, you should pick your kit based on the situation and role you want to play, not because of the weapon. For example, engineers in Locker tend to help their team less than if they went Carbine Assault, Support or even Recon. Yes, they gain a small boost in close quarters fighting, but other than destroying the Charlie flag, there is no kit based reason to go Engineer.

    After you select the kit you want to play, THEN pick your weapon.

    Assault Rifles
    Assault Rifles are pretty much ALWAYS better than Carbines for two things. First, firing while STILL while scoped in. Let me repeat that. You must be still, and you must be scoped in. If you are scoped in but moving or if you are hip firing but stationary (or god forbid hip firing while moving), you are better off with a Carbine. A few assault rifles have the same moving ADS spread as Carbines, but frankly these seem to be the less popular ARs (AUG A3, FAMAS, QBZ-95-1).

    This is hugely important. While we will all get into situations where we hip fire or move while scoped in, you lose your advantage of using an Assault Rifle while doing these things. That doesn't mean it's the wrong decision at any given time to do either or both of these things, but it does mean that you should try to put yourself in situations where you are able to stop, quick scope and kill.

    While the grip you use should depends a lot on the map, individual weapon and the barrel you are using, I would highly consider an Ergo or Vertical Grip for Assault Rifles. This bonus is higher than any of the other attachment bonuses (50% vs. 33% and 15%), and you almost certainly move (and need to move) more than you might think. You also tend to need the other bonuses less with a base model AR.

    Second, Assault Rifles have a higher minimum damage than comparable Carbines (though the ACE 52 CQB has a higher min damage than all but the SCAR-H for Assault Rifles) that tends to fall off at farther distances.

    Assault Rifles usually have better Muzzle velocity than similar types of Carbines. For example, the SCAR-H has a higher muzzle velocity than the ACE 52 CQB, albeit only marginally so.


    Carbines largely sit in the middle of Assault Rifles and PDWs. They're better than Assault Rifles but worse than PDWs in some classes (hip firing, spread while moving) and worse than Assault Rifles and better than PDWs in others (ADS spread, max distance).


    PDWs are almost always better than Carbines at one primary thing: hip firing. Many PDWs are better than Carbines at shooting while scoped in and moving. If you use a PDW, your main advantage over a carbine is your mobility. Use it.

    Unlike Carbines, which can at least attempt medium range engagements, PDWs are designed to do their fighting up close. The damage drop off is precipitous on many PDWs, reaching the minimum 15.4 damage at only 40 meters (for others the distance is slightly longer but the minimum damage is as low as 11.2!). If you're not close up, you need lots of bullets... and those bullets aren't very likely to hit because your spread is so high.

    Finally, PDWs tend to have very low muzzle velocity. If you play on a server with a mini-map or want to stay off the big map, a suppressor on a PDW is a great choice as the low muzzle velocity isn't an issue at all, and the higher hip spread is largely okay because its compensated by the PDW's natural low hip fire spread.

    Just because PDWs excel at hip firing, moving, and so forth doesn't mean that's always the best thing to do. You're still more accurate if you stand still and aim down the sights. It's just that your penalty for moving or hip firing is less than it is with an Assault Rifle or Carbine.

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    Re: Narrative Weapon Guide (ARs, Carbines, PDWs)

    Weapon Guide

    I am organizing this weapon guide as much as possible by “families” of weapons. These are weapons that share characteristics.

    Great Overall Weapons

    The ACE 23 Family: Jacks of All Trades

    This family is basically the weapons that are designed to be fairly easy to use, good-but-not-great at almost everything. These weapons are what I'd suggest a new player play with.

    ACE 23

    The ACE 23 Assault Rifle is a fairly fast AR (770 rounds per minute) with moderate vertical, left and right recoil. Its spread is Assault Rifle average.


    The M416 and the ACE 23 are virtually the same gun with a few minor differences. The M416 has an ever so slightly lower rate of fire (750). In exchange, it gets a much faster reload time (0.7 seconds faster when empty, 0.25 seconds faster when not empty). It has the exact same side-to-side recoil overall, but instead of being nearly even, it has more recoil to the right. This theoretically should make it easier to control the recoil. It has very slightly less vertical recoil than the ACE 23.

    I don't think you can really go wrong between the ACE 23 and the M416, but if I personally go for the M416. The slightly lower rate of fire is more than made up for with faster reload times and a better recoil for me.

    ACE 21 Carbine

    The ACE 21 is the ACE 23 carbine version. Don't let the heavy hitting ACE 52 fool you. Everything about this gun is the same as the ACE 21 except for the normal Carbine categories: it has lower muzzle velocity, has a lower minimum damage, and has better moving and hip fire spread. It also has a capacity for 5 more bullets.

    Damage Per Second Weapons

    These are the weapons that are designed to drop an opponent in the minimum amount of time. They come in two basic flavors: high damage, low RoF vs. average damage, high RoF.

    The SCAR-H Family: High Damage, Low RoF

    This family of weapons all have higher than normal damage, but have a low rate of fire. They also have worst-in-class vertical recoils. If you like taking people down in fewer bullets, these are the weapons for you. In Hardcore Mode, these weapons only require TWO chest shots or one headshot to kill at close range.

    SCAR-H Assault Rifle

    On TG (at 85% health), it 3 shot kills up to 30 meters. On normal servers, it 3 shot kills up to 8m. With a head shot, you can drop a person at full health in 0.096 seconds. This weapon is tough to control after a shot or two due to recoil, though. It has worst in class vertical recoil.

    And because of the low rate of fire, every shot you take has to count. At distance, one or two shot bursts are your only option. Each additional shot increases spread by the second most of any Assault Rifle. This is made even more difficult because the SCAR-H has a slow spread decrease recovery. In other words, it will take longer for the spread to return to the first shot spread.

    ACE 52 CQB Carbine

    Though it shares a name with the ACE Assault Rifle, this weapon is basically a small SCAR-H. Its range isn't as high, but it still 3 shot kills up to 24 meters. It has a slightly higher rate of fire than the SCAR-H. Its recoil is slightly less than the SCAR-H, but it still has worst in class vertical recoil.

    Personally, this is my choice in this family. The recoil of these weapons makes them very difficult for me to use at range, so I'd rather have a weapon that's better closer up.


    Like its bigger brothers, this kills in 3 bullets up close. The fall off in damage of this weapon is considerable, however. It also has a slower rate of fire than the ACE 52. A silenced UMP-45 in close quarters fighting is a powerful thing, but I don't know that it offers enough to suggest using it over the ACE 52 CQB.

    The AEK-971 Family: High ROF, Average Damage

    This family kills people quickly not by doing more damage per bullet but by increasing the fire rate. These weapons still tend to have high recoil and thus aren't that well suited to their class' long range.


    The FAMAS has the fastest time to kill in the game. Theoretically. But its recoil is so high, and its spread is so much, it's hard to make heads or tails of the gun. It has best in class hip firing (along with the AUG and QBZ) and has a carbine-like ADS-Moving spread. What that means is that it could theoretically be the star of close quarters combat for an assault rifle. But its recoil is worst-in-class in ALL directions: up, left and right. It also has worst-in-class spread increase: the more bullets you shoot, the wilder the bullets will become. Even at close quarters, you're going to miss a ton of shots just due to the spread and recoil.

    To make matters worse, it has worst-in-class reload time when the magazine is empty. Because you fire at 1000 rounds per minute, you'll exhaust your weapon's ammo incredibly quickly, requiring almost FOUR SECONDS of reload time. It does have a burst fire mode, but that reduces the power of having a bullet hose.

    I can't imagine this weapon being useful, honestly. No matter what attachments you put on it, you're probably going to find better options elsewhere.


    The AEK has a slower ROF than the FAMAS, but its rate of fire is still very high – 900 rounds per minute. This is still a weapon that's best used for medium to short range for an assault rifle. The recoil is fairly stiff, but it only really pulls to the right, meaning that if your recoil control is good, you should be able to compensate for it.

    The AEK's spread increase is fairly poor, meaning that the longer the range, the more you're going to need to go with shorter and shorter bursts. This somewhat counteracts the high rate of fire advantage, but the accuracy is still decent enough.

    The AEK has become my favorite weapon. It suits my own play style well: it allows me to engage at distance in a pinch, but it holds up against most PDWs and Carbines in close quarters. The hip fire on this weapon is average for an Assault Rifle, so the more you can stay still and scope in, even at close range, the better off you are.

    The AEK also has a very high reload time, which is problematic. 3.6 seconds to reload an empty gun. It still takes 2.3 seconds to reload a gun with bullets left, but that 1.3 second difference is huge. This weapon makes early reloads worthwhile.

    ACW-R Carbine

    The ACW-R has a high rate of fire at 880. In return, it has a very high recoil in all directions – much like a mini-FAMAS. It is otherwise a fairly average Carbine.

    MTAR-21 Carbine

    This is a China Rising Carbine, and I don't have the full statistics. It fires at an AEK-like 900. Battlelog gives it a higher Hip Fire rating than the ACW-R, but a lower Accuracy rating. I've played a lot with the MTAR and like it a lot in very close quarters.

    CZ-3A1 PDW

    This PDW puts out a FAMAS-like 1000 rounds per minute. It has huge side-to-side recoil, which can be a problem, and high spread increase per shot. But it has the PDW average hip fire and ADS spread, which makes it a more attractive close quarters weapon than the FAMAS. This is a weapon that screams out for a Compensator.

    Specialty Weapons

    These are weapons that are focused on giving you an advantage in one particular category or set of categories. Niche weapons, they need to be played in a certain way or they will be outplayed by other weapons.

    The PDW-R Family: Hip Fire, Movement Kings

    These weapons are generally average for their class with one crucial difference: they are better than average at hip firing. Because hip firing is most important at close range, I tend to think that Carbines and PDWs are better suited for this particular perk.

    The PDW-R has an okay Rate of Fire of 750, a not-great side-to-side recoil, and a terrible ADS-Not Moving Spread. What it DOES give you is very low spread when moving and ADS and in any situation where you are hip firing. This is the gun for those who never ever stand still. I mean it. You should avoid putting yourself in a position where you stand still and look down your scope. The advantage for doing so to you is small, but because so many other guns give a large advantage to standing still and scoping in, your opponent likely has you beat.

    One thing to note is that this gun, like a few other PDWs, automatically has an ergo grip on it. So you can't further increase your hip fire and moving abilities.

    P-90 PDW
    The P90 is an interesting gun. It has a best-in-class 51 rounds per magazine (shared with the JS2). It has a best-in-class 900 rounds per minute, which you might think would put it in the AEK Family. However, it does only 21 damage maximum. Due to this, it actually has one of the worst time to kills in the game even at close range. Only the SAR-21 and the TYPE-95B-1 have worse time to kills EVEN at 8m. And when you get farther out, it only becomes worse.

    The P-90 does feature good hip fire statistics. But really, why would you use this gun? The large number of bullets is nice, but doesn't make up for everything else. Unlike the SAR-21, it still features considerable recoil. It isn't very accurate at range so you can't even argue that it's the long range PDW option. It's just bad.

    AUG A3 Assault Rifle

    The AUG A3 is a mediocre gun to the last. It does have the best hip fire and ADS-Moving of any Assault Rifle, but it has a worse ADS-not moving. It has a slow rate of fire of only 700 rounds per minute. It has a fairly large side-to-side recoil, but not a heavy vertical one. That does make it a good candidate for a heavy barrel, and when that is added to the gun, it makes it somewhat more appealing. If you want an assault rifle that is good for hip firing, I guess this is your gun. But if you're looking for a hip fire gun, why not go with a Carbine?

    A-91 Carbine
    A better choice than the AUG A3 is the A-91. It has a poor ADS-Not moving spread, but makes up for it by having a better than average moving and hip firing spread. It also has a good rate of fire at 800 rounds per minute. If you add an Ergo grip to it, you can actually make the ADS-Moving lower than the PDW-R's. The side-to-side recoil on this is terrible, so you're never going to use this at range. But if you like to constantly move, this isn't a bad option.

    M16A4 Family: Burst Fire Only

    The two weapons in this family, the M16A4 and its Carbine sister the M4, do not have full automatic fire available. They are permanently set at burst fire (or single shot if you wish). The major advantage of shooting in burst fire on any gun is that it pushes the first shot recoil multiplier to the second shot. Most guns have roughly double the recoil on the first shot that they do on subsequent ones. At high fire rates, this can be hard to control and it means that especially at distance it can be a challenge to land multiple shots where you intend.

    I am not a big fan of burst fire, but I know those who are. For those, these weapons are natural fits. They have high fire rates at 800 rounds per minute.

    Choosing between the two is simple: if you are Assault, pick the M16A4. If you are another class, obviously pick the M4. The M16A4 is just the superior weapon in virtually all circumstances. The M4 technically has better moving and hip fire spreads as a Carbine, but if you're using burst fire, I just don't feel like this is enough of an advantage as it doesn't really fit in with the advantage of having a burst fire weapon. Those who like to shoot in burst fire can correct me, however.

    The SAR 21 Family: No Recoil Control Necessary

    These Weapons are for those that simply can't be bothered with recoil control. Your scope or dot will barely move when you fire each shot. These guns would be great for the console, where recoil control is more difficult.

    SAR 21
    Look at an accuracy plot and you'll come away believing the SAR 21 is the best gun in the game. Best-in-class Vertical recoil of 0.18 (compare that to the SCAR-H's 0.5!). Good side-to-side recoil. Best-in-class spread increase. This is a gun you can fire on full automatic at distances you wouldn't dream of doing with another gun.

    But of course this gun has some major drawbacks. The main one is that it has an incredibly slow rate of fire, only 600 rounds per minute. In any sort of close quarters fighting, you're going to lose. That said, you can choose a couple of ways to approach this gun. You could add a heavy barrel to it and maybe even a 3.4x scope, FLIR (2x) or magnifier sight hoping to use it as a long distance weapon. The recoil by doing so will STILL be lower than every assault rifle but the AUG and QBZ. Or you could try to add a suppressor, figuring that you'll never win head-to-head fights, but you can try to sneak around and find great angles.

    Ultimately, I think the slow rate of fire is too costly to make this the weapon of choice for those with decent recoil control. But if your failing is that you have trouble with kick, this is a good weapon choice.

    QBZ and Type-95B-1
    The QBZ Assault Rifle and the Type-95B-1 Carbine are cut from the same cloth. They have higher vertical recoil than the SAR, but slightly lower side-to-side recoil. They offer an advantage over normal when hip firing. Their rate of fire is marginally faster than the SAR's (650).

    AK-12 Family

    The AK-12 does have some recoil, especially vertical recoil, but it's not very much compared to the other assault rifles, and it's largely up and down recoil. It has a higher rate of fire than the SAR (680). It shoots even faster on burst fire mode (750). This is the basic assault weapon for a reason. It's easy to control, not complicated to learn, and other guns you unlock later are much better.

    AKU-21 Carbine

    Want a weapon with a low kick for close up fighting? The AKU-12 is your buddy. Like the AK-12, its vertical recoil is slightly higher than the SAR, but it doesn't recoil at ALL to the left. Otherwise, these weapons have the general differences between ARs and Carbines between them. Personally, the lack of recoil is really less of a selling point at close range.

    Weapons Not Covered

    I have ignored quite a few weapons available. Mostly, they just didn't fit in with any sort of narrative I'm telling here. I've mentioned weapons I'd consider playing with. There may be things I've missed about, say, the CZ-805 that makes it a weapon I'd consider, but right now I just can't tell a story about why you'd want to choose that weapon. This is especially true with the PDWs, where I feel that certain PDWs are just so much better than others.


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      Re: Narrative Weapon Guide (ARs, Carbines, PDWs)

      A Few Other Notes

      A Brief Note on Accuracy

      Accuracy (i.e. bullet hits what you hope it to hit) in the game is a combination of three factors: user side input (Aim), random variation by the game engine (Spread), and enemy input (Suppression). A user's ability to put the center of their screen where they want to shoot for each bullet is their aim. This is where a player has a chance of increasing the chance their shot will hit. But even perfect aim won't make a bullet hit every time if the spread is too high.

      You can do things to change the spread of a weapon: aim down your sights and don't move. Use burst or single fire. But ultimately unless you use a sniper rifle, at a certain distance you will always have a chance of the bullet missing even if you aimed perfectly.

      Crouching and Prone Don't Help Spread

      This isn't exactly true. If you are hip firing, crouching or going prone without a bipod help tighten the spread. But it is a common misconception. You aren't improving your aim if you crouch and aim down the scope. That doesn't mean you shouldn't do it – you're a smaller target after all – but don't crouch just because you think you're becoming more accurate.


      Recoil is an especially important consideration that affects the Aim portion of the above. Theoretically, it is possible for someone to all but negate recoil (particularly vertical recoil), especially with certain guns. Realistically, we all struggle with high recoil. Put a heavy barrel on a SCAR-H and you're going to struggle.

      Recoil occurs in three directions: up, left and right. While Up is the one most of us are familiar with correcting, the left and right recoil is of equal importance. A gun that recoils strongly to the right is actually easier to compensate than one that recoils the same distance but in both left and right directions. For example, it is easier to control the side-to-side recoil on the AEK, which recoils to the right far more than to the left, than the AUG A3, which recoils similarly to both sides.

      Last, just so that you know: on automatic fire, the first shot you fire will recoil more than other shots. This recoil will be anywhere from 1.5 more than normal to 3.3 more with most weapons near double as much. The Angled Grip counteracts this first shot recoil.

      Truthfully, the game itself teaches recoil control. Play for long enough with a weapon, and you will start to control as much as your ability allows. Personally, I would try to avoid Muzzle Breaks and Compensators on weapons until you're sure you are going to be unable to handle recoil. The trade-off of these two attachments is heavy, and if you can train yourself to compensate for the recoil, you'll be better off.

      A Digression Into Damage Per Second and Time to Kill

      Damage per second (or the related stat “Time to Kill”) are often discussed with weapons.

      First a definition. Damage Per Second is for any distance how much damage a weapon puts out multiplied by its rate of fire (or rather RoF/60). For example, theoretically a SCAR-H can put out 351 damage per second at close range, the FAMAS 416.6 and the SAR-21 puts out 250. Time To Kill is a related statistic, which is essentially the number of bullets it takes to kill a player minus one multiplied by how long it takes to fire a single bullet.

      These are important stats because it shows how powerful your weapon could theoretically be at various distances. The problem is that at many distances it's simply impossible to have the spread be tight enough to make these stats less useful. At point blank range, DPS/TTK is important. The farther away you are (and the bigger your spread), the less important this becomes and the more important other factors are.

      Damage Multipliers
      For the three types of weapons discussed here, just know this:
      1. Damage to stomach and legs does only 93% of normal damage.
      2. Damage to the chest when the enemy is wearing armor also only does 93% damage.
      3. Headshots do double damage.


      ADS Looking down your sights, whether it is an iron sight, RDS (red dot system), or scope.

      Burst Firing Either only holding down the mouse for long enough for a few bullets to come out OR using the built in Burst Fire mode. The burst fire mode decreases recoil.

      Spread The random variation that will occur when a bullet is fired. All weapons except sniper weapons have higher spread the more bullets in a row you shoot. The longer you wait to shoot the next bullet, the lower the spread will be until it reduces down to the minimum spread. Using your ADS, moving and attachments will increase or decrease your spread.

      Rate of Fire The number of bullets that will come out of your gun in a minute.

      Recoil Recoil is how much the gun “jumps” when you fire it. It can jump up, left or right. Compensating for that jump is called Recoil Control. Attachments can alter the recoil on a weapon.

      Weapon Class The overall weapon categories: assault rifle, carbine, LMG, etc.

      Weapon Family A very general grouping of types of weapons that share some crucial characteristics. These families are “cross class”

      Statistics are compiled from and battlelog. They are subject to change with new patches.


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        Re: Narrative Weapon Guide (ARs, Carbines, PDWs)

        Incidentally, I don't claim to be an expert at this game or even all that good. Though I've improved from averaging around .5 KDA to around 1.5, I am no expert. But in order for me to figure out the weapons, I had to go through a version of what I posted. It may or may not be useful. I am interested to hear people argue for or against certain weapons. I have very little personal knowledge of PDWs and even less with burst fire weapons. So help me out!


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          Re: Narrative Weapon Guide (ARs, Carbines, PDWs)

          Another commonality is that bullpup weapons in each class all gain hipfire and ADS-moving accuracy bonuses while tending to suffer slightly in muzzle velocity and possibly ADS-standing accuracy. A bullpup assault rifle is about as good firing ADS'd on the move as a carbine generally speaking. Assault rifles also tend to be better specialized than carbines or more generalized than carbines. That is, a close-quarters bullet hose specialized AR is going to be more bullet-hosey than the bullet-hose carbine, while the generalized ARs are going to be just slightly better in most ways than the generalist carbines. If you can take an AR, you probably should.

          Another note: burst mode on weapons moves the first shot recoil multiplier to the last round in the burst, instead of the first. This makes an angled grip essentially useless on burst weapons or weapons in burst mode, as it is mitigating recoil you're going to correct for between bursts anyhow.
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          I can ADS using more than a 2x without significant stutter! This was a good patch.


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            Re: Narrative Weapon Guide (ARs, Carbines, PDWs)

            That was one of the greatest tutorials I have ever read! When you say wearing body armor, do certain classes not wear body armor?


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              Re: Narrative Weapon Guide (ARs, Carbines, PDWs)

              I think the only kit that gives you armor is the Defensive one, which is available to everyone from the start.


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                Re: Narrative Weapon Guide (ARs, Carbines, PDWs)

                Going to try to fill in a couple of the gaps on weapons that weren't covered.

                The main reason for choosing the CZ-805 is how easy it is to control, relative to the other assault rifles. While it isn't the SAR, the 100rpm rate of fire increase typically makes up for the increased recoil in my experience. It's like an AK5C with a better minimum damage value. It feels like the CZ-805 wants to be a medium range rifle, but doesn't want to sacrifice close range survivability.

                I've really taken a liking to the L85A2 personally. Symthic doesn't have stats up for it yet, but I describe it as a good middle ground between the ACE 23 and the AEK-971. 800rpm, some vertical kick that's easily offset by an angled or folding grip. The reload times are definitely on the long side, but it shoots very straight and can more than hold its own in close range fights. I would probably lump it in with the PDW-R family, but it is definitely one of the better choices there in my opinion.

                "Over the din of battle could be heard Lancerís maniacal laughter and it spurned us on to stay the course, not to give up, and enjoy." - Grimmfist


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                  Re: Narrative Weapon Guide (ARs, Carbines, PDWs)

                  I've seen a number of people using the L85 with success, but because I haven't used it and don't have any stats for it, it's pretty difficult to write about.


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                    Re: Narrative Weapon Guide (ARs, Carbines, PDWs)

                    I wish we didn't have such restrictive editing privileges. Makes it nearly impossible to keep a guide up-to-date, much less make minor edits later.


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                      Re: Narrative Weapon Guide (ARs, Carbines, PDWs)

                      Originally posted by Zoraster View Post
                      I wish we didn't have such restrictive editing privileges. Makes it nearly impossible to keep a guide up-to-date, much less make minor edits later.
                      You've got my vote if the admins feel like giving you admin privileges to this subforum. You've contributed hell of a lot of interesting, thorough, and critically insightful articles here. It's a pleasure to read what you're writing.


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                        Re: Narrative Weapon Guide (ARs, Carbines, PDWs)

                        yeah that would help, but i guess I just wish that wasn't necessary. This was a complaint of mine even when I was an admin. For a site that really should encourage user-generated content (whether it be AARs, guides, technical help or anything else), the site isn't really set up to truly encourage it.


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                          Re: Narrative Weapon Guide (ARs, Carbines, PDWs)

                          Originally posted by Zoraster View Post
                          I've seen a number of people using the L85 with success, but because I haven't used it and don't have any stats for it, it's pretty difficult to write about.
                          L85 is currently my second-highest number of kills, behind the QBZ 95-1 (incidentally, the QBZ is much closer to the AUG than the SAR-21, in my opinion).

                          The L85 is an excellent mid-range rifle. Coming in at 800rpm, its controllable recoil is very comfortable despite the high rate of fire. I didn't notice any difference with and without the compensator, and I don't really notice the horizontal recoil, so without stats, I would say the horizontal recoil is both low and centered, like many of the bullpups. Its vertical recoil isn't noticeable at 1x/2x scope range. I honestly haven't felt the need to put the 3.4x on it, though I'll give it a go once I unlock a 3.4x that isn't the abominable M145 and see how the recoil treats me then. It has excellent moving ADS accuracy. The bullpup design, recoil pattern, and rate of fire make it ideal for equipping with an ergo grip, 2x sight, and flash hider (or normal barrel) and using long aimed bursts while moving.

                          I'd say its the bullpup version of the offspring of the AEK and ACE family. Don't use anything but an ergo grip on this: you want to play to your strength and fire on the move, and the vertical recoil is easily manageable at 2x ranges. If you like the AEK but struggle with the recoil, give the L85 a whirl.

                          edit: I should note that because we got the CR weapons early, its possible that they are tweaking all of them. As soon as CR officially goes live, the L85 may be significantly different.
                          I can ADS using more than a 2x without significant stutter! This was a good patch.


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                            Re: Narrative Weapon Guide (ARs, Carbines, PDWs)

                            Superb write up. If you'd like to see stats for weapons or compare one against another with various attachments, this is a very well done site:

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                              Re: Narrative Weapon Guide (ARs, Carbines, PDWs)


                              Originally posted by Zoraster View Post

                              Statistics are compiled from and battlelog. They are subject to change with new patches.




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