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FullMetalDrummer's Guide to SLAMtastic Carnage

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  • FullMetalDrummer's Guide to SLAMtastic Carnage

    SLAM charges.....we're all familiar with them by now. Little bundles of devious joy, in which aid in the destruction of your armored enemies. In the right hands, they are extremely deadly and can bring terror to anything with wheels.

    So here's my very first contribution to TG's tactics and tips section regarding these devious little devices and more-so, my mildly entertaining take on ways to effectively use them. Some of it is blatant, tactical common sense. some of it's common knowledge, and the rest of it is from my point of view.

    Any smart driver will spot mines easily. Especially if he's running thermal or IRNV optics. So be a little more sneaky on how you place them. Rather than stringing them across the road in a line....look for spots where you can hide them. Craters, bushes along side the road, underneath rubble or near/behind objects that have fallen onto the road from the environment. (fallen lightposts, trees, etc). If there are no such examples....simply string them along the side of the road/path in a line. Remember, SLAMs have a limited trip radius. I believe it's 3 meters now after they nerfed the radius. So make sure they're not too far off the path. And remember, it takes 3 SLAMs to take out an armored vehicle.

    Here's where we get really creative by using the environment to your advantage even further. Cars, buses, light posts, support beams.......all of these I have found to be great places to set traps. And when some unlucky soul comes barreling through them, I can't help but diabolically giggle at the vehicular carnage I've created.

    See that car on that bridge? No doubt that a piece of armor will come into close proximity of it when he rolls by. Rather than placing the mines on the pavement where he can see them; stick 3 of em to the car. You'll have an instant car-bomb and your victim will never see it coming. What about that bus? That works too. Those light posts or power line poles along that path? Slather those suckers with explosive goodness. Those columns in that narrow entry way? Perfect. Any place where you anticipate a good chance of a vehicle passing through, is a good place to set a trap. Which brings me to my next point. (Remember this environmental advantage stuff. You will see this material again)

    Creatively devise chokepoints to stop up enemy armor advance or to protect a flag you're holding. Again, creativity is key, as well as strategic thinking. Anticipate where they're gonna be coming from. Mine those entrances or paths. Use the environment as an advantage. Cover any potential flank/path/route that they can punch through, if possible. And most importantly, give your squad and teammates a heads up as to where you've left surprises. All it takes is for a friendly to obliviously bumble through your trap and blow your plans sky high. (pun intended).

    Another key that falls into the anticipating your enemy's movement category is a little more relative, but it works. If you're being chased by armor, try to lead them into a SLAM trap. Perhaps even coordinate with your squad to devise a plan to lead the armor into said-SLAM trap. Or....track the tank's movements and try to figure out his pattern if he's hanging around the area and place mines accordingly. Or drop them from above onto or in front of passing vehicles underneath you. Last ditch in some cases, but it works.

    You can only set so many traps in the same spot before somebody gets wise to your mischief. In most cases, you can keep setting the same trap and most will be none the wiser. But some....not so much. After you blow the same player to smithereens a handful of times in a row as they roll up, they'll start to get smart and try to find an alternate route. So what do you do? You put MOAR!!! mines down in another anticipated spot. Again....sealing up potential flanks/paths. Mine the road and then mine the empty field next to it. This is why I run the Anti-Tank squad upgrade that gives me the More Deployed Explosives perk. MOAR MINES! So I can throw down mines on the obvious path and still have some for the less obvious path. And if either trap doesn't get him....well, strap in and get your rockets ready. It also helps if you have another engineer or two in your squad running mines to cover other potential breach points.

    So we all know that you can wreak havoc against land vehicles with SLAMs in several different ways. But how do we deal with watercraft?

    The most obvious way that I'm sure we all know, is to mine shallow water ways. Simply toss them into shallow water and wait for a lucky contestant. Remember all that anticipated movement/known traffic area stuff too.

    You can also utilize the environment to set traps for watercraft in deep water, in almost the same fashion as I do with land vehicles. (Remember when I said you would see that environmental advantage stuff again?) Mine the undersides of bridges, rocks that are in narrow water passages, support beams for boardwalks that boats can pass under. Or even - taking a cue from Melee, whom I learned this trick from - mining the edges of docks/piers. Again, give your team mates a heads up as to where the mines are.'s the fun one. It takes a bit of patience, movement monitoring, stealth and sometimes luck. Some of us have discovered that you can effectively dispose of a piece of armor with SLAMs in the same way you would with C4; sneaking up on it, sticking 3 charges to it and running away to let the vehicle's movement set off the charges. You might have an idea of where I'm going with this.

    Yes. You can do it with boats too., too, can virtually live out your dreams of being an amphibious UDT commando. The pistol is not the only thing in your inventory that can be deployed while you're neck deep in hostile waters. Grab your water wings, kids. We're going swimming.

    So as I said, patience, observation and stealth are key here. You've got an attack boat nearby and you're feeling a little devious. Watch his movement. Is he sitting still? How far out is he? Is he worth swimming to? Can you reach it in time before he moves? How fast is he moving? This works alot easier if the boat is sitting still, or moving slowly close by and/or distracted. (You can also pull this off with C4, I believe)

    Drop into the water, equip your SLAMs, and start swimming to the boat. Dive underwater to stay out of sight. Hum the Jaws theme. Just do it. Don't forget to surface for air. (On a side note, it's a bummer that there's no indicator to tell you when you're about to run out of breath and drown). Keep this up. Dive....resurface, dive. Get as close to the boat as you can, while underwater, so that when you do surface to do the deed, you'll be out of sight of it's gunners. Surface. Plant the charges on the side of the boat. Dive. Swim away and listen for the fireworks. Congratulations. You just wreaked more havoc on a boat than that shark ever did.

    This particular tactic may seem a bit reckless at times. It's more fun, than anything. But it's an effective way to take out a boat quietly and quickly without going blow for blow with it. And the sheer surprise factor is just priceless.

    Lastly, make sure you've got somebody (or somebodies) watching your six if you're running out to the road or into any open area to place mines. I can't tell you how many times I've ran out in the open to set traps, only to get shot. Have your squad cover you while you do it. Give em a heads up. "Hey, I'm going out to place mines. Give me some cover/overwatch". Sometimes you'll get unlucky and have a tank come barreling towards you just as you're about to drop some mines. And all you can do is stand there like a deer in the headlights and take that shell to the face like a man. It happens. But get some extra eyes on that A.O. to potentially take out hostiles who are trying to foil your plan.

    Tips, comments, opinions.....all welcome. Just my little contribution. Thank you all. And goodnight!

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    Re: FullMetalDrummer's Guide to SLAMtastic Carnage

    Really excellent guide, lots of cool tips and tricks, thank you.


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      Re: FullMetalDrummer's Guide to SLAMtastic Carnage

      Nice work Drummer. The Anti-Tank squad perk seems to be the only one that really makes any kind of difference other than Defense. Mechanic sometimes but those extra RPGs and Slams:D


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        Re: FullMetalDrummer's Guide to SLAMtastic Carnage

        Cratering the ground or using trees above the kill zone can also help with countering Armor with Thermal from easily spotting your Slams. Yes you can throw them above the route on branches in the trees:D


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          Re: FullMetalDrummer's Guide to SLAMtastic Carnage

          I almost exclusively use rpgs for anti-armour, but am going to have to test out the slams, using some of your tips. Thanks.


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            Re: FullMetalDrummer's Guide to SLAMtastic Carnage

            Nice write-up, Drummer. Thanks for the credit.

            To expand one of your points - If you can predict the direction of travel, place them on the side of an object opposite that of the approaching vehicle. It will be out of sight and trip as they pass. :-P
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              Re: FullMetalDrummer's Guide to SLAMtastic Carnage

              I have found that if there is no useful crater on the road to place your SLAMs, you can throw a grenade and make your own (works best on dirt roads, obviously).

              Also, I have found that if you place your mines on the inside of a turn, perhaps with 1 or 2 on the outside, this works really well. The mines tend to be in the vehicles blind spot if you set them up on the inside.

              Another great place to put them is on a road at the top of a rise were the ground begins to level off. This makes the mines nearly impossible to see.

              In addition, look at the contours of the ground, and try to imagine what the vehicle's driver/gunner will see. The best SLAM placements are next to impossible for the enemy to see. I have often put a single, visible mine on the road and then SLAM'd up the areas on either side of the road that a vehicle would have to take to avoid the visible one.

              I love SLAMs, nothing like setting up a trap, going on to fight the battle, and then having it pop on the screen that your mines got a fully loaded LAV. :D
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                Re: FullMetalDrummer's Guide to SLAMtastic Carnage

                The thing about craters is: placement! I find if you place SLAMs/Mines on the edges between craters, it works wonders. Often times drivers try to avoid the jostle of driving through a crater so they'll try to stick to the edges of one. BLAM! There goes a enemy vehicle. You can smell the glory and smile afterwards. :p
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                  Re: FullMetalDrummer's Guide to SLAMtastic Carnage

                  Craters are effective. You can utilize them similar to how Pale Horseman explained with placing mines on a road at the top of a rise where the ground begins to level off. Simply, put them on the inside edge of the crater, facing whichever direction you're anticipating a vehicle to come from. Even stairs too - like the front steps of A flag on Shanghai. Because of the incline, they never see them until it's too late. I must have nailed 3 or 4 vehicles in a row last night in the same spot, when I was pub raiding with friends.

                  Inside of turns work well too. I've done that on Oman near F flag - where the main road from RU uncap curves off into F at the G side entrance. I've nailed several people there, while holding that flag by putting SLAMs on the inside of that turn.

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