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  • UCAV Tactics

    With over 2700 UCAV kills, and in the top 5% world wide for this weapon, I thought I would share some tactics for this underused marvel.

    1) Launching and flying the UCAV
    The UCAV can be difficult to guide, it launched at a high angle which you often have to steer downwards to hit a target.
    I helps to have a mouse with variable speed, so you can increase the sensitivity before launching.
    Launch your UCAV from a level surface, if the surface is angled then you may find you have to steer the UCAV back further then expected.

    2) Unlock the Airburst!
    The airburst is the secret to using the UCAV effectively. So work to unlock it quickly after getting your UCAV.
    The Airburst is triggered by pressing fire after you launch the UCAV. It greatly increase the spread of the resulting explosion. Allowing for whole groups of people to be taken out at once.
    Even if your hitting a single target or armor, trigger the airburst as close to the target as possible. It almost always causes more damage then a normal impact.

    3) Anti-air:
    This is something I very rarely see others use the UCAV for, but it can be better then a stinger. The chopper pilot will have zero warning about your incoming missile. Often with the pilot asking "What hit me?"

    When using the UCAV against a chopper, your goal is to get an airburst kill against the people inside, not to hit the actual chopper.
    If the chopper is too high then don't attempt to fire, you will spend all your time trying to move upwards.
    I find it best to launch against a chopper that is either far our and heading towards me, or one that just flew over and probably will turn back.
    The UCAV is just about equal in speed to a chopper, so if they stay in a straight line you won't catch them. However, as most choppers only go out a small ways and turn back, they become easy targets.

    The place to trigger your airburst to get maximum effect is right next to the pilot. You don't have to hit the actual chopper, just explode next to the pilot.
    Most of the time this will destroy the whole chopper, but at the least it will take out the pilot. Sometimes you can even kill the guys inside and the chopper will land gently for a steal.
    It most satisfying when launching one into a chopper headed right for you, they can see your not locking on, so they often don't fire until they are close. If you launch your UCAV first, you get the kill and they get egg on their face.

    4) Anti-tank:
    Using the UCAV against a tank is typically only to help out your team. The UCAV does 90 damage most of the time against a tank, not enough to kill it unless it is already damaged. However since there is no lock on, and you can launch from a safe distance, the tank driver will often hang back and try to locate the source of the hit. This can help keep tanks at bay on large maps, they will stick back and either repair often, or quickly die when they try to approach the map already damaged.
    The UCAV however CAN kill a tank in a single hit! Yes, it is true. However it is very difficult and takes a lot of open space to pull off. To get a one hit kill on a tank you need to bring the UCAV straight down like the commander's cruise missile to pull it off.
    When you aim the UCAV down it just arcs slowly, and getting a vertical hit is nearly impossible. The trick is to aim the UCAV slightly to the right or left, then let it go up higher then normal. You then twist the path so that you are tilted relative to the horizon, while at the same time aiming towards your target. Once twisted you can turn harder towards the ground and get a vertical hit. I have had up to 400 damage on a single hit from this method. However, even then I have only pulled it off less then a dozen times.

    5) Anti-boat:
    The UCAV can kill everything on the water with one hit, except for attack boats. It however is a brutal weapon against attack boats. For an attack boat, aim for the back of the boat where the gunners are. With the airburst you can take out the two gunners and repair position, as well as heavily damage the boat. This allows for engineers to finish off the boat without worrying about any left over swimmers. On water maps the UCAV can become a dominating force, and since the water is flat and the boats slow, getting to your target is dead easy. Locating them is just as easy since any boat driver's gunners can't help but fire and give away the boats position on the mini map.

    6) Anti-sniper/camper:
    The most handy use for the UCAV is to take out snipers or other campers. Have your squad mates call our the campers position, or try to locate them yourself. Once you know where they are, find a safe place to launch from, don't become a target for the sniper your trying to kill. Always aim the UCAV towards your target to make it easier to guide the UCAV onto them. While in flight, look for other enemies nearby, or the snipers spawn beacon.
    The UCAV is especially effective against roof top snipers. They often never hear it coming.

    7) Remote controlled spy drone:
    This is very useful when you don't have any intel on what is ahead of you. If you can spare it, launch a UCAV towards the flag you are headed towards, quickly survey the area and look for campers, tanks, or squads on the run. Typically you will find a target to kill with UCAV, and you will know exactly where the enemy is camping out before you head in.

    8) Avoiding the UCAV:
    There is little you can do to avoid a UCAV if you are the intended target. However, it makes a very distinct noise, and can be difficult to turn sideways. If you hear it coming it can be avoided by quickly taking cover away from the direction of the sound. The UCAV shows a black and white image, so it can be difficult to locate targets who are hiding, or in already in cover. Since it is difficult to turn left/right then running perpendicular to its flight path can help keep you alive.

    9) Target distance:
    Because the UCAV launches high and has an arc before you can hit the ground, it is typically only useful for medium to long ranges. Anything closer, don't even try, or walk out further before launching it. It is great at hitting those AA or camping tanks which are sitting near the edge of the map. They get no warning, and while you may not kill them in one hit, you will take them out of the action for a time while they repair, or at least make it easier for someone else to finish them off.

    10) Double trouble:
    If one of your squad mates has a UCAV also, try to get in sync. Launching two UCAV's towards a tank often gets a kill in one (well two) hits.

    11) Being in two places at once:
    On smaller servers where you may not have enough players to cover all flags, the UCAV can be invaluable at keeping control of a map. Check your mini-map often and watch for targets that show up in the same place, or that are firing on your team mates.
    I often launch the UCAV towards a flag which has started dropping and find the enemy right by the flag. They become easy targets as they think the area they are in is completely abandoned. At the very least you can pick up intel on what is there and communicate it to your team.

    12) Other tips:
    Finally, be careful what is overhead before you launch. A single tree branch or wire can sometimes cause the UCAV to trigger and kill yourself, which is just plain embarrassing.
    Ensure that there are no tall buildings in your direct path. The UCAV can barely turn upwards, so ensure you can clear the roof.
    Check the mini-map before launching, once you launch your are now a sitting duck, you can't walk off and hide like you do with a mortar, so ensure no enemies are close by.
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    Re: UCAV Tactics

    I love the ucav :) and I try to do many of these things but I honestly forgot all about the airburst and will work to use it more often

    The other item I would add is that while you are flying your ucav you are super vulnerable, try to find a good launching position away from enemy action. I highly recommend pairing the ucav and the mortar together in a kit. You become long range support. Usually you can do this from a rear flag essentially doing 2 jobs at once. You hold a flag simply by being present. You drop your mortar forward of the flag so that you have good coverage of the battlefield and then fall back away from it so you can't be killed by enemy mortar so easily.

    Before spawning check your map for clusters of enemies.
    Spawn on a flag that's 300-ish meters away from enemy action.
    Move forward about 250 meters (this is a good range for the ucav as you have enough distance to zero in on your target without worrying about running out of range)
    Check the map 1 last time to verify safety of your position as well as enemy movement
    Launch the ucav and try to hit the biggest cluster of enemies you can
    Immediately move away from that position, enemies who were watching radar will have seen where the ucav launched from and will often start mortaring you if they can
    After moving drop your mortar (while facing enemy direction - this is important as the mortar while CAN fire 360 degrees doesn't like to)
    KEEP MOVING and get hidden away in a safe position, preferably on a flag as you get more points while defending a flag
    bring up your mortar handheld controller and launch away death from above, but be mindful that the mortar WILL draw enemy attention, take your time and make your shots count (again aim for clusters of enemies)
    After a little while (faster than you realize) your UCAV will reload and you can fire it again




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