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  • Some Improvement Tips

    Pulled from another gaming forum. Dont know if it will help anyone but its worth a shot. Let me know if it worked for you.

    Go to the BF4 folder in .\origin games\Battlefield 4\ Open ._Installer\directx\redist Right click on DXSETUP.exe and click "Run as Administrator"
    What this does is install the DirectX libraries that were copied to your hard drive but never installed that are needed for DirectX to properly process the game code.
    If your CPU has the option of Hyper Threading, disable it. Don't argue just try it and compare, this shouldn't help with the game crashing but damn will your game be smoother. (This is done in the BIOS, if you are using Windows 8 Google how to restart into your BIOS).
    Create a user.cfg (then edit with notepad) config file in the Battlefield 4 folder and then paste this within the file:
    RenderDevice.Dx11Enable 1
    RenderDevice.Dx11Dot1Enable 1
    RenderDevice.Dx11Dot1RuntimeEnable 1
    RenderDevice.TripleBufferingEnable 0
    WorldRender.TransparencyShadowmapsEnable 0
    WorldRender.MotionBlurEnable 0
    WorldRender.MotionBlurForceOn 0
    WorldRender.MotionBlurFixedShutterTime 0
    WorldRender.MotionBlurMax 0
    WorldRender.MotionBlurQuality 0
    WorldRender.MotionBlurMaxSampleCount 0
    WorldRender.SpotLightShadowmapEnable 0
    WorldRender.SpotLightShadowmapResolution 256
    WorldRender.LightTileCsPathEnable 0
    RenderDevice.ForceRenderAheadLimit 0
    PostProcess.DynamicAOEnable 0
    PerfOverlay.DrawFps 1

    Install .NET 4.5, I had 4.0 then installed 4.5 and found a modest yet noticeable more stable experience.

    This one is optional and applies to nVidia 6xx -7xx cards only and is pure personal opinion. So as many may know the Kepler series cards ramp up and down their clock rates depending on demand.
    Anyone who overclocks knows that dynamic values cause a tiny bit of lag, but when that tiny bit of lag is the speed of your clock-rates then you could imagine that the only benefit to dynamic clock-rates would be extending the life of your video cards/lower power consumption.

    As such using the program known as evga Precision X (evga's version of MSI Afterburner, Riva Tuner Shell) has an option known as KBoost.
    What KBoost does is take these very powerful cards and locks them in at your max boost clock. This is not overclocking and your cards have already predetermined that your boost clock is a safe frequency to operate at, basically what you are doing is the equivalent to disabling Intel Speedstep on CPU but for your GPU's, the difference is staggering in fact my other games are working way better too. Oh and I will say make sure in your nVidia control panel you have power consumption to maximum performance mode.


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