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    I just recorded some pretty good stuff with Shadowplay, but when I went to compile it the videos were all pixelated and stuttery. Anyone have any ideas on what I can use to record? Or a proper Shadowplay setup?


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    Re: Video Recording

    I use ShadowPlay also... works great for me because my settings are HIGH, so it matches the games resolution and settings. Also I have discovered the longer the video capture the more problems, IE: if you have it set to save the last 30 mins, or even 10 mins then their will be stuttering and pixel break up... I have it set for 1 min captures, that way whenever something great or cool happens, I have a smaller clip of it, better for video editing, and less boring videos. So I would play with the settings.

    You need a monster machine to use FRAPS, I've been using fraps for year, got a high end PC, and even this high end PC freezes or crawls to 5 fps when I try and record with fraps.

    The best way, resource free, to capture video is actually a internal or external USB capture card... OR... a 2 screen split to a camcorder if you got one.
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