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Changing Origin ID to include |TG|

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  • Changing Origin ID to include |TG|

    A couple of days after becoming a supporting member, I spent the better part of an evening trying to change by Origin ID to |TG|Cherry or [TG]Cherry. I've seen both flavors of brackets, read somewhere that the || form was preferred, but couldn't get Origin to accept either as valid. I finally came across post in the one of the Origin support forums listing a very limited set of special characters allowed in IDs and neither bracket pair was valid. Wanting to play more than fiddle with names, but still wanting to be recognized in the game as a TG member, I settled on TG-Cherry -- Origin was happy to accept the name and I got back to killing bad guys.

    This evening I was booted from the server and someone suggested that, although I'm a supporting member, not having the properly formatted |TG| meant the privileged wasn't recognized by the server. I'm running Windows and there is a small, orange Origin app in the tool bar. Using "Open Origin" you can get to your account and find a page to edit your profile, including Origin ID. The attachment shows that Origin says "Invalid Origin Id. for the name "|TG|Cherry."

    Surely I'm missing something or trying to change my name in the wrong place. But, I'm frustrated with trying to figure out the problem and hoping someone has a quick answer.
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    Re: Changing Origin ID to include |TG|

    To be recognized as a supporting member by the server you have to put your bf4 player name(minus tags) in your forum profile. Currently you have the below which I believe is an old alias.

    Battlefield 4 Player ID:

    *Note that it may take up to 15 mins for forum changes to be updated on the server.


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      Re: Changing Origin ID to include |TG|

      That was a very quick reply Mantis, thanks.

      For other noobs like myself, who might find this topic in the forum, I finally resolved adding [TG] to the in-game ID. I had assumed it was part of the Origin ID but finally found the TAG field on the webpage. On Battlelog, choose the "Overview" tab and look for the "Customize" drop down box on the right. Select "Portrait" and enter "TG" in the Tag box. Click "Save".


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        Re: Changing Origin ID to include |TG|

        Thanks for the very quick response Mantis. I've matched the TG Forum and in-game names and should be good to go.

        Your mention of "Tag" was the clue I needed to ferret out the [TG] addition. For the benefit of fellow noobs who may be interested:
        - Go to and select Soldier > Overview.
        - Find the "Customize" drop-down on the right side and select "Portrait".
        - Enter "TG" in the Tag field and click "Save"




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