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  • Network Issues Related Question


    So let's establish the scenario first : I run a wireless network. If I'd built my house I'd have run hard wires throughout the house to every outlet and had an Ethernet jack at every possible room (with several outlets in every room). But alas I didn't build my house. My house was pre-owned and we've been fixing issues in it ever since we moved in. So that's why I run wireless.

    2 Nights ago we had the Roku streaming netflix and the wii streaming netflix and I was trying to play BF4. My ping was thru the roof in game and it was nearly unplayable. The person who was watching the Roku had fallen asleep so I shut that off and my ping came back down.

    For network connected devices we've got 2 ipads, 2 iphones, a wii, a wii-U, a ps3, a ps4, an xbox 360, a roku, my desktop, my work laptop, and my mother-in-law's mac mini.

    RARELY will all these be on at once. Especially not at the time of day where I'm gaming (after most of the family has settled into bed for the night).

    My main bandwidth hogs during gaming hours is a Wii running netflix (wife), or my son sucking up bandwidth with either netflix on his PS4, or netflix on the roku, or he's playing games on his PS4.

    My router is this : Cisco Linksys E2500 Advanced Simultaneous Dual-Band Wireless-N Router (refurb) running the latest firmware from Cisco (have considered changing to some other firmware like tomato or WRT but don't know how much that will really help)

    I'm using comcast and I should have 50Mbps but I haven't tested it in a while.

    My cable modem isn't brand new but I have no idea what model it is off hand but will post it if someone think's that could be the issue.

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    Re: Network Issues Related Question

    Netflix quotes 5 Mbps for each HD(1080p?) stream. Assuming some level of accuracy that means your service should be capable of what you are trying to do. If you can, try running a cable from your computer to the router temporarily and see if that doesn't resolve the issue. If it does then we can narrow down the cause and possible solutions.
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      Re: Network Issues Related Question

      I'm considering setting up my PC as a wired connection and moving the router & cable modem to my room specifically for this purpose, Not sure what impact this will have on the downstairs connections but it can be done fairly easily (just gotta reroute some coax outside the house)


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        Re: Network Issues Related Question

        ok so last night I noticed a few things and made some changes

        My router is dual band, it supports 5ghz & 2.4ghz : if you are close enough to the router the 5 ghz is WAY faster and has way less people on that channel (across the house you can barely see the 5ghz channel)

        So I'm gonna pickup a 5ghz network adapter for my desktop and that will solve my problems

        I also went ahead and loaded Shibby Tomato firmware on my router and am very happy with that choice. I lost my guest network option in doing so however that doesn't bother me really. The troubleshooting tools that are built into this firmware are amazing. I highly recommend it!




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