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    Hey there,

    Thought I'd introduce myself,

    Only recently got into BC2 about 3/4 months ago, didn't have time for it when it came out... but after being "kicked out" the military I suddenly have more time on my hands ;).
    After Searching for good tips on how to play I came across the your youtube channel and it directed me here. So after lerking for a couple of weeks I decided to post for the first time.

    I like the team play focus you guys seem to have here. It seems 4 out of 5 times I play on 'normal' servers I end up with a selfish team, no team play, spawn camping on rush etc...

    Only thing is the server is populated a bit late for U.K. time, I'm sure I'll get a cheeky game in sometime soon.

    So I'm looking forward to playing with you guys & girls...

    P.S. Any one recommend any other decent servers? Quirky rules, high ticket count and so on?

    Famous Bull. Safe.

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    Re: New to TG

    Welcome to TG Famous Bull.

    The server is often populated at Euro friendly times - I was on tonight for a while with a few other Euro players. Just keep checking, especially weekends.

    There is a Steam group for Euros TGers, you'll find a lot of us there.

    Make sure to read the Primer and forum stickies and your good to go.

    See you on the server.

    We are not apologetic for who we are. What we can do, however, is educate people so that they fear us for the right reasons.




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