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Speaker Echo & Voice Recongnition = Brain Freeze

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  • Speaker Echo & Voice Recongnition = Brain Freeze

    lol .... what's this thread about you say?

    Ever be in a squad channel and somebody is not wearing headsets and his mic is always being keyed? OldGunney cant handle that. Cant talk and hear myself at the same time.

    I was in game yesterday with Pure_Ox and a couple of others. Someone commented on an echo they were hearing. I looked down and could see that a new player, Killbox, had his mic keyed constantly. We could hear the battle going on in his room. We asked him to turn off mic and he typed in text that he didnt have a mic! Duh! So I pipe up and tried talking to him to reset his settings.

    "Hey kid! You need to change your .... (I hear myself talking in background and have to stop talking because I sound so awesome!)"

    "Change your talk select key to ... (I hear myself again and I respect my elders so I shut up)!"

    "Deselect voice activated and ...... ( I hear myself again and it's like I'm arguing with myself and I know one of us is going to win but not me!)"

    I gave up. Eventually he did manage to turn off his mic (or his speakers). Welcome to our server, Killbox!

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    Re: Speaker Echo & Voice Recongnition = Brain Freeze

    Gunny makes a wonderful point. When you are playing the game, please don't use voice activation if you are using your speakers to hear. I don't have a problem with VA as long as you are taking steps to prevent game noise and people around you and your TV from coming in.

    Really, I like the show NCIS, but it loses something when it's coming through TS over your computer Mic.

    And gunny, that has to be the funniest thing I've read this morning. +rep!




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