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Hello, a question and a Suggestion

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  • Hello, a question and a Suggestion

    First of all hello!!
    I'm new to TG and BFBC2 (or any BF for that matter) and I have a question about the consoles you guys are playing on: is it only PC or also PS3?

    And I read something on that I found interesting:

    Armor-Support Squad - Engineer, Recon, Assault, Assault. This squad is designed to support a tank/APC acting as artillery. In this situation, the tank should be relatively safe behind enemy lines (watch out for mortar attacks). Have a Recon sniper go out to the high ground and spot for the tank driver (Engineer). As the driver aims at the target-zone (MCOM, chokepoint, etc.), the Recon can relay feedback on the tanks accuracy, and call in mortar support. The Assaults can either defend the tank, or go on offense.*

    A good way to spot for quick tank-artillery-fire is to create names for common 'zones' of the map. Here are the keywords I use for the first section of Atacama Desert. For instance: when the enemy tank spawns, tell your tank-artillery-gunner, "Tank just spawned in the corner by Back Road!" The gunner now knows to fire in that area. After the first salvo make your corrections relative to the direction the gunner is facing. "That was off, aim a little to your left and fire again."

    The first section of Port Valdez demonstrates why indirect artillery is important. Each of these buildings can see the MCOM in the crater and most of the land surrounding it. Any attempts to plant the bomb will likely be over quickly while the enemy controls these buildings. However, if you can sneak a spotter in near the buildings, he can direct tank-artillery fire. If a spotter-artillery team can consistently land hits on these buildings, the two of them can keep a large fraction of the defenders pinned!
    Btw I do not claim that any of this is my work (just in case of).

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    Re: Hello, a question and a Suggestion

    Yes. Though I'm not sure a whole squad is necessary for this. With V Optics it should be pretty easy to gauge your own shots, though the "bombard tank" does need rigorous spotting from the front to be effective, so it can hit targets it can't see. Keep it parked on the crest of a hill so it can retreat when in danger or to avoid incoming rockets, and set it up so it can move fast in case of mortars. Should be a matter of minutes before the enemy strongpoints become dust.




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