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TG vs TnB Vietnam

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  • TG vs TnB Vietnam

    Thank you to the 19th for helping organize this event, the admins, and of course everyone for showing up.

    Please remember to submit ribbon nominations! Squad leaders please get a list of participants in your squads and either post them here or find an admin...

    GG's to all.

    TG victor.

    Ribbon is up. Please PM Ribbons if you participated and are not listed on the post.
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    Re: TG vs TnB Vietnam

    Amazing job everyone! I'm sorry for the god knows how many tk's I had, but the rounds were fun.

    Former TG-21st
    Swift Mobile On Target


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      Re: TG vs TnB Vietnam

      Squad 4 (Delta) did a fantastic job! While on the attack, we ran 3 medics and one assault and got away with very few un-revived deaths. The squad did an excellent job of following orders by any standard. I am recommending all squad members for medic pins!

      # BleedingKnee (squad lead)
      # June2142
      # OldGunney
      # Ratatatomik
      # Luperical

      (5 squad members? How is that even possible? We swapped players out every round.)


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        Re: TG vs TnB Vietnam

        Squad 1 (Alpha)

        |TG-19th|Bear 61

        Our fearless squad before the first defense...

        Bear and I observe the opponents...

        Bear playing grab-ass with a GI. Tsk Tsk.

        The defense on Hastings was intense! Alpha hill was a complete wasteland. I believe the enemy armed Alpha 3 times? All disarmed. There was a really pesky sniper around the ropebridge. I ended up coming in with a flamethrower when we got down to the last 30 tickets.

        Our squad before the first defense on Phu.

        The defense on Phu was pretty awesome. Their team made a huge push on Alpha which caught our team off guard a bit, but we recovered. Our squad held the very left flank. We were pushed off 3 or 4 times but each time with some revives we kept pushing the enemy back from Bravo.


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          Re: TG vs TnB Vietnam

          Squad 3 did a great job with the armor, we ran whatever kits were needed to get the job done.

          Nomad.. - Squad leader

          "Well Jayne, my days of not taking you seriously are certainly coming to a middle."


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            Re: TG vs TnB Vietnam

            Congratulations on the victory guys and gals! I never doubted it for a minute!

            Remember, the scrim ribbon is the only guaranteed ribbon for participating, you have to nominate people so they can get more! So make sure to get those ribbon nominations in!

            Acknowledge your teammates' Outstanding and Distinguished efforts: Submit a nomination!


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              Re: TG vs TnB Vietnam

              hahaha that second picture is when they all blew themselves up with tnt before the first round. The huge explosion nearly crashed the server, and a few of us had to restart


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                Re: TG vs TnB Vietnam

                Great games guys, I had a fantastic time tonight! I look forward to the next scrim, in which of course TnB will dominate....just putting it out there for a bit of kindling....:D


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                  Re: TG vs TnB Vietnam

                  Squad 2 was awesome!

                  |TG-70th| DrBeat
                  |TG-70th| FL1Pmode
                  |TG-70th| Pvt Brokeback
                  |TG-70th| xBadger
                  |TG-70th| Unload

                  Fun all around!




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