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Looking for a few dedicated players...

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  • Looking for a few dedicated players...

    To get straight to the point I am looking for a few dedicated BC2 players who want to elevate their commitment level toward this title. In particular I am looking to add a few more admins to the team that see themselves as being active in game for the foreseeable future. For a while now the admin teams for 2142 and BC2 have been thinning out for a variety of understandable reasons. The impact of the possible 2142 patch continues to make candidate and quantity selection difficult so instead of the normal process I am going straight to the community here.

    To be considered for this role(admin) you must meet the following basic requirements:
    • Be an active player of BC2
    • Be a supporting member

    If you meet those requirements and are interested you may apply with an "application" in the BC2 Contact an Admin forum. I make no promises other than we will thank you for your interest and try to direct it in some fashion. I will only be adding a few admins but that does not mean you can not help the BC2 community in other ways. Setting up scrims, creating events, making TG videos(silver!) or just continuing to be a leader in and out of game have major impacts on community development. Personally I have not played BC2 in quite a while but my impression is we need more of this stuff.

    Note: Besides expanding on the obvious(why you want to be an admin, what you believe the role entails and why you qualify) please note the following in your application as it is important to helping the current team make any decisions.
    • Do you play 2142 and what are your thoughts on how a post-patch rejuvenated 2142 server would impact your BC2 playtime/interest.
    • Timeframe of in game and/or TS coverage


    (thread will be stuck for one week)



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