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  • IHS TG United Natiions Official Launch


    Announcing the New In House Squad: TG United Nations

    [TG-UN] United Nations
    A Tactical Gamer In House Squad

    Commanding Officer: [TG] E-Male

    The Mission:
    1. Explore the strategic and tactical possibilities of online military games
    2. Document and analyse tactical gaming within the Tactical Gamer community

    The Objectives:
    1. Develop expertise in coordinated movement, precision targeting, effective communication, and leadership
    2. Produce training videos for the Tactical Gamer community
    3. Advance the scholarly study of online gaming

    Membership Requirements

    To participate in TG-UN individuals must:
    1. be supporting members of Tactical Gamer
    2. be equipped with a microphone and Teamspeak
    3. be disciplined, ethical, and mature
    TG United Nations members may be of any age, but must demonstrate maturity, ethics, discipline, and commitment. Being the best or an elite player is not a prerequisite to membership in TG-UN.

    Note that TG United Nations is not designed to suit all modes of play or player personalities and styles.
    TG United Nations players are cautious, place a very high value on their life in-game, and enjoy planning, coordination, and analytical approaches to the game. TG-UN strives to slow down the game's pace and control how and when the enemy is engaged. TG-UN cares more about not dying and less about high K/D ratios. We define our own objectives, goals, and measures of success.

    TG United Nations members will not be required to always play in the TG-UN style, nor will there be just one style of play within TG-UN. Members will not be expected to always play with the squad.

    Contact [TG] E-Male for further details on membership and requests to join.

    The Recruitment Process
    TG United Nations applicants will be vetted through a rigorous process of in-game observation. The in-game performance of applicants will be observed by the CO to determine if there is sufficient fit with the culture and style of TG-UN.

    TG-UN and In-Game Videography
    One of the distinctive features of TG United Nations is the use of in-game videography. TG-UN makes extensive use of in-game videography to achieve the following objectives:
    1) Document TG United Nations itself.
    Members will participate in an entrance interview upon joining the squad and an exit interview upon leaving (resigning from) the squad. Occasional in-game debriefing videos will provide an opportunity to produce video after-action reports. The objective here is to produce a rich video record of the members, history, and activities of TG-UN for training purposes and for use within the scholarly analysis of online gaming.
    2) Document the culture of online gaming among the Tactical Gamer community.
    TG United Nations will document aspects of online gaming at Tactical Gamer, such as in-game interaction and scrims. TG-UN will also produce video documentaries of various members of the Tactical Gamer community.
    3) Create training videos.
    TG United Nations training videos will focus on issues that are applicable across a variety of online military games.
    The Style of Play within TG United Nations
    TG United Nations will explore UN-usual, UN-normative approaches to the online military games played in Tactical Gamer’s mature gaming community. Our members do not UN-comply with the stated principles of Tactical Gamer, but, to borrow a phrase from Kate Bush, we pursue a “deeper understanding” of the possibilities of precision movement, coordination (team play), and communication within online military-style games. We do not a claim to engage in a better way to play. We do seek a different way to play. UN-gamey. UN-gun&run. UN-exploits.

    TG United Nations will engage the enemy on our terms, not on terms set by the demands of the game or the enemy. Out of the usual chaos and parallel-play of online environments, TG-UN brings order, discipline, and tactical movement designed to obtain and hold objectives.

    TG United Nations will provide an UN-normal experience of the game, an exploration of other possibilities of play, arising out of maturity, discipline, communication, teamwork, and tactics.
    The game designers' intentions, the normative approach to the game, nor the embedded objectives of the game will necessarily dictate how TG-UN acts within the game.

    To paraphrase another game designer, the game is made for man, not man for the game.

    TG-UN members will use the environment of the game for exploring the potential varieties of coordinated action, the demands of the game will not dictate TG-UN's actions.

    Winning or losing according to the internal logic of the game will be secondary considerations to the immediate objectives of TG-UN. This game within the game will be played in such a manner to support the team, but done so with the awareness that the consequences of actions and strategies are not as clearly ascertained as is generally held.

    TG United Nations' Commander
    TG-UN was founded by Dr. Strangelove (a.k.a [TG] E-Male) in February 2011. E-Male was trained by John CANavar, the founder of the in-house squad, TG 1st-MIP (2005-2007). TG-UN carries on the spirit of the 1st-Mechanized Infantry Unit.

    Dr. Strangelove is a part-time professor at the University of Ottawa, author of a variety of books about the Internet, and has played video games since the mid 1970s.

    TG-UN is not affiliated with any university. Dr. Strangelove's study of online gaming is not funded by any university or organization.


    The following outlines some of the general principles and standard operating procedures of TG-UN:

    1) All members of the squad operate in the same field of action
    This ensures that we all have the same immediate points of reference for calling contacts, and that we can bring collective fire on an enemy contact.

    2) Die less, kill more
    TG-UN members play as if their life counted. Every death is an interruption in situation awareness, and is usually the result of "player error". We will force the enemy to make an error.
    3) Coordinated Re-engagement
    Usually we see people die, respawn, and immediately rush in. While this is sometimes appropriate, TG-UN squad mates move as a collective to the target. The squad leader will often call upon men to spawn in on him and wait. When all are spawned in, then they are sent out with a fireteam leader (whomever is designated as being on point). This dramatically increases the force ratio and increases the team's odds of success.

    4) Fire discipline
    Fire only when there is something to kill. Don't shoot at tanks or helos that you cannot take down. Don't engage enemies that do not need to be engaged as we move to a target.
    5) Retreat and Regroup
    Rarely used, but highly effective for regaining control of a situation.

    6) Pick your battles (assess force ratios)
    The squad leader will hold the squad in position if we are unsupported at the front lines, or faced with overwhelming enemy forces. This is the "first principle" -- fight on our terms, not the enemy's. It is usual only a matter of moments before reinforcements arrive.


    I posted this in the BC2 forums as TG-UN will be focused on BC2 until further notice.
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    Re: IHS TG United Natiions Official Launch

    Good luck on the battlefield TG-UN!


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      Re: IHS TG United Natiions Official Launch

      Good luck with the new IHS Emale. Great concept...I know you'll have a blast.
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        Re: IHS TG United Natiions Official Launch

        Grats and good luck...


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          Re: IHS TG United Natiions Official Launch

          Ethics and warfare? Yeah, good luck. :)


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            Re: IHS TG United Natiions Official Launch

            Originally posted by SnappingTurtle View Post
            Ethics and warfare? Yeah, good luck. :)
            Indeed. A bit like ethics and law, ethics and commerce, ethics and banking . . .


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              Re: IHS TG United Natiions Official Launch

              Well good luck with TG-UN.

              I am looking forward to you guys setting up a base camp on one end of the map with your tanks and AA pointed at the enemy as a "show of force", preferably in front of the favellas on heavy metal :)

              All kidding aside, good luck, and make the most of it.
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                Re: IHS TG United Natiions Official Launch

                Good luck. I like your ideas and goals. I hope to see your IHS spread and succeed in the coming future.


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                  Re: IHS TG United Natiions Official Launch

                  Best of luck to you, E-Male! Make us proud!



                  Originally posted by Lien View Post
                  favellas on heavy metal.
                  Are those meant to be favelas? They look nothing like them...

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                    Re: IHS TG United Natiions Official Launch

                    Best of luck!


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                      Re: IHS TG United Natiions Official Launch

                      Good luck, TG-UN :)


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                        Re: IHS TG United Natiions Official Launch

                        Good luck on the battlefield United Nation Peace Keepers :)

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                          Re: IHS TG United Natiions Official Launch

                          Good luck with this one!

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                            Re: IHS TG United Natiions Official Launch

                            Good luck!


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                              Re: IHS TG United Natiions Official Launch

                              Do we now also have little blue caps to shoot at? Yay :)

                              Good luck E-Male. Have a blast!
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